High Resolution Digital Imaging

  • Uses 3 dimensions to visualize scalp surface with micron level precision

  • Digital image maps direction, angle & orientation of each follicular unit

  • Determines density of follicular units

  • Updates each follicular units parameters 60 times per second

  • Harvests follicular units with intelligent algorithms for depth & alignment


Using the ARTAS technology high resolution digital imaging while harvesting, the interface clearly displays previous, current and next follicular units.

Image Guided Robotic Alignment

  • High resolution cameras provide input to dynamically maneuver the robotic arm

  • Robotic arm can approach follicular unit at any angle

  • Compensates dynamically if patient moves

  • Intelligent algorithms maintain natural appearance of donor area

Intuitive User Controls

  • Simplifies operations; reduces training complexity to get practices running smoothly, faster

  • Clear options and multiple view give users the ability to adjust dissection settings

  • Key controls allow adjustments without interrupting the procedure

  • Two options for operating; patient side or by keyboard


ARTAS technology – The user interface displays multiple harvest views and intuitive controls

Minimally Invasive Dissection

The ARTAS technology includes a proprietary dissection system that yields healthy grafts with low transection rates.

  • Consists of a sharp, bi-beveled inner needle nested inside an outer blunt dissection punch

  • Small inner needle scores the skin’s surface

  • Blunt outer punch then enters into the skin to separate the follicular unit from the
    remaining tissue

  • Delivers a healthy, intact graft with harvest site limited to size of the inner needle

  • Aided by a SKIN TENSIONER to keep the skin taut and provide fiducial markers for precision targeting

Animation of the ARTAS Robotic System’s minimally invasive dissection process

State-of-the-art robotic hair restoration is driven by ARTAS technology. It is the only system to use micron level precision to control density, placement and angle.