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[ Eyelid Surgery ]
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Eyelid surgery can dramatically improve your facial appearance by reducing puffiness, bags, sagging and other features that result in a tired or sad appearance.

Eyelid skin that creates extra folds or droopiness is removed. An incision is made in the natural crease of the eyelid. Fat may be maintained, partially removed or it may be redistributed. The goal is a youthful, more alert appearance. Peripheral vision may be improved for some patients.

The upper eyelid incision allows access to the corrugators “frown” muscles that make the vertical furrows between the eyebrows. Removal of some or most of these muscles will improve the appearance of these lines and reduce the ability to frown.

Puffiness and bags in the lower eyelid can be improved through an incision hidden in the lower eyelid. Through this incision fat may be reduced, redistributed or grafted to improve a hollow appearance or puffiness beneath the eyes.

An incision just at or below the lower lash line allows for the reduction of excess lower eyelid skin (below the lower eyelid). This incision can also be used for access to the lower lid fat.

An incision that extends just beyond the outer corner of the eye can provide access to tighten or reposition the ligaments of the lower eyelid. This improves lower eyelid laxity and maintains a natural look.

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