Breast Reduction

Although we hear plenty of discussion about breast augmentation and breast implants in the cosmetic industry, Toronto breast reduction surgery is very much in demand and more common every year.


Macromastia is a medical term used to describe enlarged, or, hypertrophic breasts. It is considered to be a form of abnormal development which sees breast tissue growth that is disproportionately excessive and problematic. The breasts consist of glandular tissue and fat cells which may both proliferate to result in uncomfortably sized breasts. Breast reduction surgery describes a procedure that decreases size while reshaping the breasts.

How common is Breast reduction in Toronto?

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With procedure techniques advancing and recovery times significantly reduced, this effective treatment option has never been more accessible. Ariel Winter, Amber Rose, Janeanne Garofolo, Queen Latifah and many others have talked openly about changing their lives with this Surgical proportion adjustment. While this issue can have a severe impact on a person of any age, it may be especially difficult for young women who develop rapidly during puberty and find their bodies changed, seemingly overnight.

Now that more well-known women and celebrities have begun to share openly about their journey through this life-changing procedure, a growing number of people realize the benefits and that they don’t have to suffer. A literal, ‘weight off the chest,’ it really can drastically improve one’s perception of their body, how they move and carry themselves in the world, and ultimately, improve quality of life.

This body reshaping surgery involves removal of glandular and fat tissue from the breasts as well as skin. A breast lift, or, mastopexy, is also part of the procedure, naturally. Because skin must be reshaped to create a new, smaller breast, the areolas are also resized and repositioned while the excess skin is removed.

Women of all ages and backgrounds can experience physical and emotional concerns related to large, heavy breasts. If this describes you, read on to learn more.

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Breast Reduction surgery- What’s involved?

There are scars associated with a reduction which are unavoidable. Without them, there would be visible excess skin and nipples would be left in the wrong position. The extent of your scarring will depend on the amount of breast tissue to be removed and the level of drooping present. A youthful lift and repositioning results in a thin scar surrounding the areolas and vertically downward below the nipple. As well, a horizontal scar is often created under the breast, but this hides very well in the inframammary fold. The procedure is completed under general anaesthetic and usually requires between 2-3 hours in the OR.

Your First Appointment

Your body fat is also a factor since the breasts contain varying percentages of fat, and when someone loses weight, their breasts will often decrease in size as well. That is why it’s essential that an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon take into account all of your physical factors when planning the ideal cup size and surgical tissue removal. Your surgeon will take some measurements of your chest and show you an outline of the plan to explain what changes could be made. They’ll describe risks with you and talk about reducing them.

At your first appointment with us, you’ll also meet with our experienced surgical consultant who has been working with Dr. Kolenda for ten years, is very knowledgeable about his approach and everything that goes into creating great patient experiences and outcomes at Verso Surgery. Our detailed pre-& post-surgical instructions before the surgery day give each patient everything they need to relax and heal worry-free. We are also unique in that we provide 24/7 care after surgery. You’ll be given the personal contact number for a registered OR nurse- just in case you have any urgent questions.

Why do women develop hypertrophic breasts?

Causes of this common condition include hormonal influences during puberty, pregnancy, menopause or weight gain. Ample breast tissue is often expected by women whose mother and other female relatives have the same characteristic. There are levels of severity measured by size, though anyone may feel their breasts are too large for their personal comfort level. Typically, 300 grams more than average size for their body type will be considered a mild case, while 800+ grams oversize is viewed as severe macromastia.

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What can a Breast Reduction do for you?

Do you experience any of the following related to your breasts?

  • Daily discomfort or embarrassment
  • Shoulder pain or grooves in your shoulders due to bra straps
  • Chest/breast pain while running
  • Backaches
  • Aching breast tissue
  • Difficulty finding/fitting into bras
  • Hunched posture
  • Rashes, sweating or broken skin under your breasts
  • Difficulty sleeping comfortably
  • Dissatisfaction with the size and appearance of your breasts

What problems can large breasts create?

Patients who seek breast reduction in Toronto often suffer myriad problems ranging from back pain to self-esteem issues. The adverse effects can influence many aspects of life, affecting activity levels and even mental health. Large breasts will often sag because of their weight. This is referred to as ptosis. Other related issues, whether health or emotional include:

Back breast and neck pain, Irregular spinal curvature and poor posture, dents in the shoulders caused by bra straps bearing weight, physical restrictions such as impaired exercise and running, rashes or skin breakdown under the breasts, difficulty fitting clothes over the chest, embarrassment and social avoidance.

Are you a good candidate for a Breast Reduction in Toronto?

If you answered, yes, to any of the above, it will be well worth your time to schedule a consultation and talk with an experienced plastic surgeon who understands. A disproportionate body contour can lead to daily confidence barriers.

As well, when a person’s breasts are very large, they may feel that they present as heavier than they are, even overweight. Aside from appearing “matronly” or obese, it can be more challenging to lose weight when breast tissue impairs easy mobility, making real weight gain a problem.

During the breast reduction consultation

Some women prefer a full C or D, others who are more athletic may request even more reduction, but your specific situation and requirements will be discussed in detail during this appointment.

State-of-the-art surgical centre

We’re also happy to see patients any time they request, aside from our scheduled follow up appointments. We believe that your peace of mind is integral to an excellent surgical experience. We’re pleased to offer our very own, state-of-the-art surgical centre with a level 3 OHP rating which means that we not only operate the facility to meet and exceed hospital standards, but we can accommodate very flexible surgery booking times and find a date that suits each of our clients.

We also offer financial and private resources for patients who want additional help in arranging payments or with recovery at home.

Incision options for an Toronto breast reduction

Short scar or, lollipop technique: This method produces the least amount of scarring possible for a reduction procedure and is often suitable for those removing a small to moderate amount of volume. It utilizes an incision surrounding the areolas and then vertically underneath, to the fold. Once tissue and necessary skin are excised, the areola is repositioned and sutured at the edges in a higher location on the breast mound. The vertical incision is likewise sutured closed.

The anchor

This incision type differs only in that it requires a horizontal scar as well in addition to the vertical and areolar one. When there is significant tissue removal taking place, this line is often necessary to ensure a natural and aesthetically pleasing breast shape, without excess skin rolls or irregularities left behind.

During either approach, liposuction can be used to remove problem fat deposits from the sides of the breasts, commonly referred to as ‘bra rolls.’ This body area is often a problem-spot for stubborn fat, so additional shaping and sculpting are possible through liposuction technology. At Verso Surgery Centre, we offer scar treatments with specialized ointments and lasers as well to help ensure that your incisions are as subtle as possible and fade away over time.

What can you expect from breast reduction recovery?

The vast majority of breast reduction patients are pleasantly surprised by the minimal pain involved with their recovery. Perhaps because there’s significant weight absent immediately, or perhaps because there is no stretching of tissue and muscle the way there often is after a breast augmentation, the post-op experience is not described as overly painful.

What you can count on is some temporary swelling and bruising in the breast area and dressings covering your incisions for the first week or two. Once your incisions are closed with permanent, internal stitches, they’ll be covered with sticky, medical tape and wrapped with gauze bandages as well.

You’ll be able to walk around as usual and partake in light activity as soon as you go home, the same day as your procedure. Anything strenuous is to be avoided, and this includes vigorous use of your arms, aerobic activity, jogging or sex. No heavy lifting is permitted for three weeks as well because this increases blood pressure which could, in turn, put you at a higher risk of bleeding. You’ll need to take between 1-2 weeks off work, depending on the nature of your job.

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If you think it’s time to take the next step and change how you feel about your body, you’re not alone. Our caring and experienced medical experts would love to meet with you and talk more about your transformation. We’ll be happy to arrange your consultation for breast reduction so you can imagine the possibilities.
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