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Cellulite Reduction ReFit Body Contouring by Viora

reduces wrinkles, treats brown spots & improves skin irregularities
Awhole new dimension in skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatment that combines two mechanisms of Radio Frequency (RF) energy and vacuum therapy that works with the body’s natural regeneration processes. Going deep under the skin, the RF energy targets enlarged fat pockets to reduce fat cell volume and increase the metabolism while the vacuum manipulation increases local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

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  • Individual results may vary

  • NEW!
    Endor Celltense is an adjuvant care serum for aesthetic radio frequency (RF) body treatments to improve skin firmness and the appearance of cellulite, revealing younger, healthier-looking skin.

    Celltense Serum used in combination with the Viora RF boosts and accelerates cellulite volume reduction and skin firmness. Results can be visible after just one week of the last session.

Botox Oakville - by Facial Plastic Surgeon
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