Meet our expert facelift specialist, surgeon Dr. Kolenda at Verso Surgery Centre. He has decades of experience in facial surgery and extensive training in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. His immense amount of expertise has enabled him to master and create a uniquely particular insight in head and neck anatomy to create flawless results for his patients. He utilizes a distinctive approach that is minimally invasive to extensively transformative procedures to remove the signs of aging while aiming for a long-lasting natural effect.

Our facelift and mini facelift procedures at Verso Surgery in Toronto are highly recommended if you’re looking to address areas around the mid and lower face and neck to remove the initial signs of aging. With the state-of-the-art clinic and incredibly skilled surgeon, you’re on the right track to flawless results.

What is a facelift?

At Verso Surgery Clinic we offer full facelifts, neck lifts and mini facelifts that are performed to tighten and rejuvenate your facial features. These procedures are utilized to remove excess skin, refresh the midface and jowls. In addition to the facelift surgery, often a brow lift and neck lift will be combined with the procedure.

Most patients looking to target multiple facial regions will opt for the facelift procedure as it increases the reversal of wrinkles, lax skin on lower face and neck and greatly improves the overall aging appearance of the skin and facial features. In some occurrences facial fat will be removed or repositioned to help contour and sculpt underlying tissues to create a fresh youthfulness to the face. You can expect this process to be more invasive and complicated if you’re looking for more drastic results which may require a longer operation and recovery. When it comes to this facial procedure the best reward you can expect from this treatment is a beautiful rejuvenation overnight ending with flawless results.

Facial surgeries do vary per patient and will require a consultation to determine what your overall goals are for the procedure and which treatment will be most effective for your case.

In short, the facelift procedure is a very complex procedure that requires an extremely skilled surgeon to create the optimal result you’re looking for. What you can expect during your full, deep plane or SMAS facelift is the adjustment of multiple layers of facial tissue in more than one facial area which is targeted for greater improvement. Most full version facelift procedures usually treat regions starting at the eye-level down.

The surgery itself will be performed by your surgeon which will entail surgical instruments inserted through three or more small incisions at the hairline and around the ears. At this point in the surgery, excess fat on the lower face and neck also including any redundant skin and loss muscles are altered. Once those adjustments have been made, the skin will be trimmed and redraped then sutured closed. The incisions are normally hidden within the hairline and natural creases for a clean and fresh look.

The recovery process usually requires at least two to three weeks of resting at home. Ordinarily this surgery will create results that will smooth away and remove any signs of aging. This procedure is known to be the best facial surgery to remove 10 years or more of apparent “age” on the face. Typically you can expect your results to be long-lasting and usually will last up to a decade or more. Costs vary on case by case basis.

The recovery will usually require two weeks resting at home. Incisions will be hidden as much as possible in the hairline and natural creases. On average, people can expect to smooth away, removing signs of aging, 10 years or more of apparent “age” on the face as shown by sagging and wrinkles. The results are long-lasting after a full facelift as well- typically a decade or more. 

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If you’re interested in this facial procedure, and looking to find out if you’re a good candidate for a facelift, neck lift or a mini facelift procedure there are necessary qualifications that need to be followed to make the determination. Facelift surgery also known as rhytidectomy is the method used for both man or woman. This surgery is both performed to adjust skin appearance and for those looking for a refreshed new glow.

Considering facial cosmetic surgery does require a few necessary factors to ensure this is the proper treatment for you. Your initial consultation with our specialized facial surgeon will allow for a full analysis and procedure development. Things to note during your consultation for the ideal candidates are the ones that fall within these standard qualities:

All of our facial procedures do require optimal health with a robust immune system to ensure that the surgery goes safely and enables a smooth postoperative recovery. Good physical health also involves considering the patients age, past medical history and pre-existing medical conditions. It’s important to always advise your surgeon during the initial consultation in order for the proper care and procedure to take place. If you’ve experienced problems with healing, bleeding or possible infections in the past this may possibly rule out elective surgery as it’s not a safe procedure to undergo. In most cases, recovery from a facelift or mini facelift surgery can require up to a couple of weeks off of daily activities. As the patient it’s important to be aware that you will need to adapt to a different lifestyle during the healing process to ensure that no infections occur and to achieve the most optimal results from your procedure.

Another important factor that will be reviewed during the consultation and prior to the surgery will be your overall facial skin condition. Ideally most patients must have excellent skin flexibility and elasticity. An example of skin flexibility would be for instance when the skin is pinched it would bounce back in place quickly. In some patient cases if you are ill, malnourished, a smoker or at an advanced age the skin elasticity and general suppleness may not exceed the ideal needs for the surgery. This factor does vary per patient and will be reviewed by the surgeon during the consultation.

Another important quality for a successful facelift procedure relies on your facial bone structure. In order words, facial bone structure is the part of the face that lists and supports the tissue. Having weak orbital bones, cheekbones and chin will mean that a facelift procedure may be affected in the outcome of the results. If you require additional bone structure, your surgeon may recommend facial implants to help harmonize those features to promote more long lasting results from your facelift procedure.

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Recovery Time After A Facelift

Recovery Timeline (1-30 days)

Most patients looking for a facelift, neck lifts and mini facelifts with our Toronto surgeon are looking to rejuvenate the mid-face, lower face and jawline/neck area. The surgeon uses numerous unique techniques to achieve the appropriate and desired results. Most of the techniques that are used are extremely popular to remove signs of aging and receive a youthful refreshed look. That being said, recovery times will vary on the individual and may last from 1-30 days post surgery. Your surgeon will provide you with the appropriate detailed post-operative instructions to follow to ensure you have the safest recovery possible.

Expectations for the first week post surgery will include rest after the initial surgery and incision care. Since you will be receiving general anaesthetic, you may feel drowsy or nauseous during the course of the first few days as your body readjusts. Prior to your surgery you should prepare support to help with any errands or general tasks that you may need during this time. After the surgery your surgeon will prescribe general pain medication to manage pain and to avoid infection and this normally will be for at least the first few days after the surgery.

Your followup appointment typically takes place on the second day after your surgery. This meeting will be to monitor and track your progress after the surgery and assess the incisions. It’s a normal occurrence to experience swelling and bruising the first 2-3 days after the surgery. During your healing process you should avoid bending over and should sleep with the head of your bed elevated to minimize swelling and discomfort. While you’re undergoing the recovery process you will not be permitted to work out or lift anything heavy but you will be able to walk and alternate relaxing activities every few days. You can expect your sutures to be removed around the first week mark after your surgery which will be determined by your surgeon. Please note that you will have the direct contact information to reach your nurse or surgeon throughout those days if you have any concerns or questions during that time.

Normally after around 14 days after the surgery most people return to work and continue their daily activities. If you’re looking to go back to work, you should make your surgeon aware. They will determine certain factors and requirements to ensure that you can return to your regular lifestyle and to also avoid jeopardizing your end results.

Most patients can expect the bruising and swelling to have disappeared by that point and your incisions should also be closed at this time. Depending on certain patients you may still be experiencing some bruising which can occur. If you have any additional concerns at this time we would advise to contact your surgeon or nurse directly.

Once you reach three weeks after your Toronto facelift procedure you should expect no signs of the surgery. It’s expected that your results will settle and take time to shape properly but at this point you can already take advantage of your new appearance.

A few things to note during this time is that there may still be some swelling in specific places, pink incision marks and may have another few weeks to avoid any strenuous activity. In your healing process and also shortly after this period you should use facial sun protection to avoid any complications.

Generally after the first month or two, most people will be completely healed and will not have any restrictions placed around physical activity or heavy lifting. It’s a normal occurrence to feel residual sensations such as nerve regeneration and sensitivity. If you’re experiencing tingling, numbness or intermittent buzzing in certain areas it will most likely be completely healed around the 6 month mark after your surgery. If your surgeon has provided detailed instructions to follow during this time we highly suggest you follow them accordingly.

Results Of A Facelift Procedure

The results from a facelift, neck lift and mini facelift in our Toronto clinic will give you a permanent solution to your facial needs. There are many non-surgical methods to improving your skin tone and texture but if you’re wanting results that will last for a decade or more you can expect these types of procedures to add more youthfulness and a fresh glow to your facial appearance. When considering a facial cosmetic procedure you’re ultimately looking for long-lasting results that will smooth away wrinkles and remove excess skin and fat. A facial rejuvenation surgery is customizable to your goals to ensure that we create beautiful flawless results. These types of procedures are highly beneficial than most realize and are the leading procedure when looking to redefine your facial appearance and features. Here are some of the few benefits that you can achieve with our expert Toronto facial surgeon.

Most patients that are considering a facial cosmetic procedure are looking to reduce and minimize the signs of ageing in the face and jaw area. Our facelift, neck lift and mini face lift surgeries target exactly those areas to create a beautifully contoured jaw and neck area while also refining your facial tissue to reduce the appearance of aging. Facial skin usually loses natural elasticity as you age and can result in making the skin form into “turkey neck” bands and fuller jowls under the mouth corners. Men and women do suffer from this and can in some cases become an issue that makes them feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. This type of surgical procedure is perfect if you’re looking for a permanent rejuvenation to the lower face.

Dr. Kolenda’s unique approach and surgical techniques are all about creating natural looking results that are done with carefully placed incisions and adjustments to the underlying tissue. The appropriate skin is targeted and removed to allow for a soft and subtle result, ultimately leading to a new refreshed look.

Another great benefit of the mini or full facelift procedures is the reduced jowls on the lower cheeks. This is also known as excess fat and skin protrusion below the mouth on either side. As a result from these cosmetic surgeries you can expect a smooth and toned area by removing and repositioning fat and redrape the skin.

Most of the time when patients are looking to fill facial wrinkles and folds they turn to injectable dermal fillers. These fillers are great temporary solutions to these issues but don’t reach their full potential for optimal results. Facelift procedures are able to remove deep wrinkles and lines that are affecting the appearance of your skin and create lasting smoothing effects.

Our expert Toronto facial surgeon is skilled with decades of experience with placing incisions in your hairline and natural creases to ensure they are not noticeable to the eye. You can expect undetectable scarring after your facelift procedure.

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What is a mini facelift?

A mini facelift procedure is typically a cosmetic surgery that is done with a combination of a lower facelift, neck lift or cheek lift. This type of surgery minimally targets areas of the face to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. In most cases, younger patients will opt for this option as the results from the mini facelift are equally as satisfying but offer a more subtle result as opposed to a dramatic change in appearance. Our patients are highly satisfied after their mini facelift, and/or neck lift as it provides great results while being very discreet.

The mini facelift is a less invasive option that is extremely helpful for people who are only experiencing minor sagging concerns to the midface or jowls. Results from this surgical process are long-lasting and a permanent solution that is customizable to the goals that you’re looking for. Whether it be a drastic change to very minimal changes and adjustments, the mini facelift is the absolute best option if you’re looking for great results without the dramatic difference that a full face lift would provide. Nonetheless, the mini facelift procedure will still provide a more youthful appearance and contoured look.

While the mini facelift and necklift are less-invasive options for a facial surgery, it will accomplish targeting the lower face and jawline in most cases. The mini facelift surgery is normally performed to focus on the area around the mouth and use short incisions in front or behind the ears for a minimal but effective result. This type of procedure can also target deep nasolabial fold lines called smile lines and lower face heaviness.

As the mini facelift cosmetic procedure is considered minimally invasive the recovery time will usually be much faster and may only require 1 week off of work. You can still expect discomfort along with minor side effects which are a normal occurrence after a facelift procedure. Some of these effects include redness, minor swelling and some bruising. Your surgeon will provide you with aftercare instructions to follow during your recovery to promote a smooth recovery and healing process.

While most mini facelift procedures only require around one week of downtime, it’s typical for some patients’ healing time to take longer than others. Most side effects will start to wear off after the first week but it’s normal to experience some swelling or sensitivity in specific areas. The mini facelift procedure is often a great permanent solution for younger clients who are between 30-45 years of age who are not showing severe skin ageing. By using this approach most of the layers of fat and muscles under the skin are slightly adjusted to create the desired results. As each individual case varies, your surgeon will be able to appropriately price your surgery based on the surgical requirements during your consultation.

mini face lift toronto
face lift toronto

Mini facelift vs facelift

Choosing between a mini facelift or a full facelift procedure whether you’re a good candidate for either of these cosmetic surgeries ultimately depends on the results that you’re looking for. They can also depend on the amount of sagging skin or underlying facial muscles and tissue that you have. If you’re leaning towards a full facelift procedure you are most likely looking for a more dramatic result. The full facelift usually involves a few more incisions to fully create the optimal results.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for minimal change and looking for some of your concerns to be addressed above the neck, the mini face lift procedure is the ultimate surgery for you. This minimally invasive surgery has less scarring and focuses more on the areas around the mouth. An important factor to take note of is that the mini facelift does not address sagging around the midface but this can ultimately be addressed by a deep-plane or bi-planer facelift.

At Toronto facelift, our surgeon Dr. Kolenda has artfully and uniquely performed facelift procedures with incisions that are hardly detectable. The decades of experience and surgical practice has benefited him greatly over the years which has allowed him to be the skilled and talented surgeon he is today. Whether you’re looking for dramatic results or simply looking for a minimal change to facial features, facelift Toronto is dedicated to creating beautiful and flawless results for our patients.

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