What Is Facial Fat Transfer?

Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your cheeks, jaw, and lips over the decades. Learn more about fat grafting!

Your Guide To Fat Transfer in Toronto

The fat and muscle volume naturally located in the deep layers of facial tissue will diminish or shift downward over time. We have 57 muscles in our face and fat pads which provide soft, structural support to overlying tissues. Collagen and a secure network of fibers create the smooth and firm surface youthful faces display; however, after the age of 30, these natural tissues qualities begin to break down and to slow in production. The result is thinner, weaker skin with less elastic tone and hydration.

Gravity inevitably pulls facial skin down and during the middle-aged years is when people commonly start to see loss of definition in the jaw, deepening nasolabial folds, bags under the eyes and flattening cheeks. Lips become thinner and small lines may form around them as well.

What is Facial Fat Grafting?

The ideal cosmetic facial solution for each individual is as unique as people are. While for some with advanced age and excess skin, a facelift will offer optimal revitalization, others only need to replace the supportive, foundational volume and softness under their surface to achieve a smoother, lifted look. Today, we can replace fat stores in areas like the cheeks or lips using a person’s own, purified fat. This is called an autologous procedure because it utilizes the 100% natural material found in your own body. Fat is a completely natural filler, and when it comes from your personal safety, you can eliminate the concern of product rejection, allergic reaction or disease transmission.

In Toronto, facial fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, offers a permanent, natural-looking option for restoration of youthful contours. Read on to learn more.

Facial Fat Grafting Toronto

Fat grafting consultation

At Verso Surgery centre, we strive to relieve all apprehension and ensure our patients are fully informed about their chosen procedure. Our dedicated and caring staff take time to listen and discuss all concerns and questions, so our patients feel confident they know exactly what to expect.

At the initial consultation, you’ll meet with Dr. Kolenda and a registered nurse who has been working alongside him for 10 years. They’ll examine you, discuss your goals and show you what can be achieved through this method of facial surgery.

We’ll never rush you and we always make sure patients have realistic expectations and understanding of procedure limitations. We are pleased that our state of the art, level 3 OHP surgical centre is fully accredited, luxurious and allows our patients flexibility in booking. Many people are uncomfortable in large, public hospitals.

At Verso Surgery we have outfitted our operating facilities with the industry’s most advanced equipment and protocols. You can trust in our high standards and feel welcome and relaxed in our surroundings. We offer private medical financial assistance options to help make your planning smooth and stress-free.

Procedure details for facial fat transfer in Toronto

Replacing the fat in one’s face requires that it be extracted from somewhere on the body where excess stores exist. Typically, locations where body fat is abundant include the abdomen, hips, thighs, and back of the arms.

The fat is drawn out using liposuction and then purified to separate the healthy fat stem cells for reimplantation. Both the harvesting of fat and the grafting of fat to the facial tissue will be done during the same procedure session.

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Fat transfer for facial features

Fat transfer for facial features is done under general anesthesia or IV sedation. You will be asleep and completely comfortable, but Dr. Kolenda is also an expert in the area of pain management and prevention and uses advanced techniques to reduce tissue trauma while ensuring long-lasting comfort in the face after surgery so the recovery process is as pleasant as possible.

Your fat grafting procedure will take place in our beautiful, boutique surgery centre where our staff is fully licenced, well educated and experienced in their fields. Everyone from our renowned plastic surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses to aestheticians are pleased to be a part of a dynamic, elite team at your service.

Dr. Kolenda begins by harvesting fat with a small, blunt needle and suction technology. For facial enhancement, only a small amount of fat is required: 2-3 ounces. It is processed through a delicate purification and separation procedure that allows the healthy fat stem cells alone to be drawn into syringes for reimplantation. Tiny, micro -injections reintroduce the liquid fat to various places and depths in the facial tissue. This part of the process is time consuming but key to achieving a uniform, realistic effect. Once the result has been slowly sculpted, you will be gently awakened in our comfortable recovery room.

What are the most common treatment areas for Toronto facial fat transfer?

  • Oral/lip area
  • Laugh lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Corners of the mouth, (marionette lines)
  • The area surrounding the eyes (upper lids, crow’s feet and tear troughs)
  • Temples
  • Cheeks (apples of the cheeks)

The procedure is ideal for natural facial rejuvenation

The surgical treatment is ideal for many people who want dramatic results with minimally invasive techniques and virtually no scarring. It is one of the least invasive surgical procedures we offer because it requires only very tiny incisions through which the fat is extracted or grafted in again.

Sometimes referred to as micro fat grafting, this type of facial fat transfer allows our surgeons to use cells from one area of the body to fill and enhance another area, naturally. The results are permanent, as grafted fat stem cells will live and thrive where they are placed with a reasonably high success rate. Some of the implanted fat may not take, and touch-ups are often utilized to achieve final, uniform results, however, a skilled injector will place enough material to account for an expected percentage of loss.

What makes a great candidate for facial fat grafting?

There are no age restrictions for this treatment, though most clients range between 30-60. Younger patients will often look to this option for permanent lip augmentation, especially if they’d been using temporary lip fillers for some time, love their results and want to keep the look consistently.

Toronto Facial Fat Transfer- What are the benefits?

– More men and women are choosing facial fat transfer in Toronto to get the permanent, younger and vibrant boost they’re seeking. There are good reasons for this treatment’s increasing popularity.

– Results are long term and improve over time, but they are also instant. The lips, cheeks, mouth, jaw and other areas can be filled with just the right amount of a person’s own fat during one procedure and they see the positive changes instantly. Over time, results settle in and will feel and appear as natural as their younger self.

– A surprising effect of fat grafting has been that the health and quality of skin improves over the area where fat stem cells have been grafted. The reasons for this phenomenon aren’t completely understood but theories suggest that fat stem cells also give a health boost to surrounding tissue cells.

Advantages of a Facial Fat Transfer

– Facial fat grafting can be done alone, or in conjunction with a facelift and other facial cosmetic surgery. Re structuring and sculpting facial features involves great artistry, subtely and a combination of techniques. Dr. Kolenda is an extremely experienced facial surgeon who specializes in the customized, innovative combinations of techniques which give his patients the best possible results. In fact he was one of the pioneers to introduce this procedure to Canada over 15 years ago.

– Both the fat harvesting and grafting steps require only minimal punctures in the skin, so the procedure is atraumatic and reduces the chance of scarring. With incisions less than 1mm long, no one will know that you’ve had a facial procedure to revitalize your good looks.

– Autologous materials reduce the risk of allergic reaction, rejection or transmission of disease. This is incredibly important for us and for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of foreign material being implanted. Though implanted medical devices and HA facial fillers are also safe and can appear completely natural, transferring your own fat is a concept that sits well with many of our health and beauty conscious clients.

Fat Grafting

Younger patients request fat grafting for:
– Fuller lips
– High cheekbones
– Tear troughs
Older patients use Toronto facial fat grafting to reverse signs of aging such as:

– Deep laugh lines
– Marionette lines
– Hollowness around the eyes
– Indented temples
– Loss of volume in the cheeks/midface
– Thin lips

About Dr. Kolenda

At Verso Surgery centre, we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns and ensure that you feel welcome. We know that taking steps toward self improvement through facial cosmetic surgery or other interventions can be intimidating. We’ll walk you through the process and provide clear, honest information. Dr. Kolenda is a valued member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and certified with the American Board of Otolaryngology.

He’s completed training with the most prestigious universities in the world and acquired multiple, advanced levels of education and practice experience in Head and Neck Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Medical Cosmetic Aesthetics, and Robotic Hair Restoration. Dr. Kolenda has a truly artistic touch that his patients value. As an inventor and pioneer of minimally invasive surgery, he is a leader in facial cosmetic surgery and he’d like to meet you.

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