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At Verso Surgery centre in Toronto, facial implants represent an effective and popular solution for reshaping and enhancing facial features.

Discover Facial Implants in Toronto

What are facial implants made of?

Implants are typically created from a few different materials. The most common are solid silicone or porous polyethylene. Medical-grade silicone is inert and safe for use in a variety of applications including cochlear implants and permanent shunts placed in the body. The polyethylene is porous to allow the body’s tissues to mesh with it and fuse it in place. They each serve different purposes and facial areas very well.

What can facial implants do for your appearance?


Mid-facial implants are placed in the cheek area and can be customized to sit toward the centre, smoothing away nasolabial (laugh) lines, or under the apples of the cheeks. Cheekbone enhancement is a common request due to fashion trends and the way that prominent cheekbones dramatically restructure a face. These are placed further laterally and higher in the cheek area to enhance the existing bone and create a more sculptural look.
The fat pads and musculature in a person’s face will naturally diminish as they age. Everyone experiences this a bit differently, but for many people, there is a seemingly sudden decrease in cheek fat and midface fullness which occurs between the mid 30’s-mid 40’s. The decrease in size and volume in one feature has the unwanted effect of making other features appear larger or out of balance.

A person whose naturally youthful cheeks have flattened, may find their lower face appears heavier or their nose, gradually larger. Your expert facial plastic surgeon knows how to use meticulously customized midface implants to permanently restore your facial balance, youthfulness, and harmony of features. We also offer facial fat transfer procedures which utilize the body’s own fat stem cells to fill sunken areas. Ask Dr. Kolenda which option will help you reach your goals.

Are you a candidate?

Facial implants for Toronto patients solve numerous issues. Whether you have a small, recessed chin or hollows and facial sagging, the enhancements of a custom implant can transform the face while remaining natural and proportionate. If you’re wondering whether you’re a good candidate, booking an in-person meeting with a facial plastic surgeon will be essential to receive personalized feedback and learn about your options. There are also a few basic questions you can answer to determine if an implant is right for you.

Toronto facial implants restructure your features

Does your face lack strong bone structure? Good candidates for implants have naturally weaker, smaller bones around the eyes, cheekbones, jawline, or chin. Without prominent, balanced facial bone structure, sagging, ageing tissue takes hold more rapidly. As well, overall facial proportions may appear imbalanced.

Do you have asymmetry?

Facial asymmetry is common but can be improved through facial implants.

Are you in good health?

Good candidates for facial implants in Toronto have a healthy immune system, no uncontrolled medical problems or infections. The recovery after this type of implant surgery is typically straightforward and relatively quick; however healthier patients can minimize risks.

Have you stopped growing?

While there’s no set age for facial cosmetic surgery, surgeons will ensure you’ve stopped growing and that your facial bones are fully mature before planning implant surgery.

Do you have realistic expectations?

Facial implants in Toronto can achieve dramatic transformations. The possibilities are impressive; however, they are limited. Ideal candidates should have a realistic understanding of the risks and limitations of the procedure. Improvement rather than perfection should be the goal.

Do you have a plan for recovery?

Facial implant patients typically take 1 to 2 weeks off work and may require additional time away from regular activities like sports or working out. Luckily, the recovery process isn’t described as very uncomfortable, and many light activities can be resumed shortly after surgery.

Do you want to find out what your options are for facial enhancement?

You’re welcome to book a personal consultation free of charge with our cosmetic surgery specialists. Your consultation will allow you to discuss your goals, concerns and questions. Your facial surgeon will examine your face and explain how facial implants can improve your appearance. Digital imaging software further helps the patient and surgeon to visualize potential outcomes. The information session is free of charge and often reveals exciting possibilities.

The subtlety and precision with which today’s medical cosmetic implants compliment a person’s features make them a desirable, permanent option. Find out more about facial implants.

Facial Implants Toronto


Each patient has a unique nose and issues to address. Sometimes, in conjunction with a facelift or other procedure, implants are inserted to the nose to provide a new shape or look. The structural support and balance a nasal implant can offer are just as important as the visual changes they create. Today, modern nose implants are customized to precisely fit a person’s existing anatomy and may be derived from a number of different materials.

At Verso Surgery centre in Toronto, facial implants we use are rigorously tested and monitored by Health Canada and by the U.S. FDA for rhinoplasties. They are made from medpor silicone, Gore-Tex, and various types of natural cartilage provided by the patient themselves. A minimal amount of rib or ear cartilage, for instance, can be used in multiple ways to sculpt the nose with autologous material that carries less risk of certain complications.


Chin augmentation, also referred to as mentoplasty, is often done with the help of an implant created for this particular facial area. The cosmetic issue known as a ‘weak chin’ is usually passed down through family members as an unavoidable hereditary facial feature. For men in particular, having a weak/small chin can create the impression of passivity, and affect his confidence. The proportional problems it causes for both genders involve imbalanced facial feature harmony and a nose that appears more substantial than it is.

A chin implant is a relatively simple way to instantly correct a weak chin and bring facial features into proportion. Also, the material placed may be relatively small, yet the impact is often massive with patients appearing not only more healthy, strong and confident, but their nose and other features may look transformed as well. An expert facial surgeon works meticulously with mere millimeters of adjustment and artistry to reveal impressive and natural-looking results.

Advantages of Facial Implants

Facial Implants in Toronto solve numerous aesthetic issues. For men and women of all ages and backgrounds, the use of a chin implant, nasal, cheek or jaw angle implant can achieve powerful effects. The options today are more diverse than ever with advanced materials and techniques broadening the scope of what implants can achieve. While facial injectables also suit many people, it’s essential to compare benefits when determining your own best approach.

When precisely placed by a skilled facial plastic surgeon, here are a few of the advantages achieved with facial implants in Toronto.

1. Toronto facial implants can create dramatic structural changes for the face without requiring extensive cosmetic surgery. For many, the faster, less lengthy recovery and reduced surgical risks are appealing.

2. Facial implants can add definition, lift and balance your facial features while smoothing your skin. Mid-face volume often depletes with age so restoring that fullness will smooth out wrinkles to some degree.

3. Inserting implants to add volume to the midface may impart a younger-looking appearance and soften the face.

4. Implants are permanent. Unlike injectable dermal fillers, implants require just one simple surgical procedure, with one recovery period.

5. Without extensive incisions, healing time and discomfort are minimal.

6. Toronto facial implants can be useful for patients with facial asymmetry.

7. Implants can revitalize the facial appearance after significant weight loss.

8. This procedure is performed quickly and can be done with just local anaesthetic. That reduces risks and side effects associated with a general anaesthetic.

9. You can improve the contours and youthfulness of your neck through the insertion of a jaw or chin implant. Those who have a chubby neck area or double chin along with weak lower jaw find insertion of implants fills out and smooths the area, which has a slimming effect.

10. Facial implant surgery is often more cost-effective than dermal fillers or other non-surgical treatments. If significant volume or facial structuring is desired, the amount of filler and repetition of non-surgical treatments can add up to high costs. A one-time implant delivers lasting effects that don’t require maintenance and repeat payments.

11. Improve your profile by enhancing and balancing the key angles of your face.

12. You can achieve a natural result that does not “give away” a surgical procedure. The newest anatomic chin implants follow the contours of the jawline and feel like real tissue. Available in numerous shapes and sizes, they can be completely customized for each patient.

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Jaw Angle Implants:

The jaw, just like the anterior chin, can play a key role in the facial appearance. Typically requested by men, but also some women, the narrowing of a lower face or undefined jawline can get a complete makeover with simple implants. One’s neck may appear smoother and the skin tighter, features more angular and chiseled, and nose, cheeks, and upper face adequately balanced with a stronger jaw.

Our facial cosmetic surgeons pride themselves on the careful consideration and adjustment of each person’s unique face for the improvements and enhancements they want. Understanding well not only ethnically harmonious characteristics but the importance of variation between male and female proportions helps them to create adjustments that suit each person perfectly. Facial implants in Toronto are not one size fits all by any means, and should never appear visible or obvious.

Consultation process

We at Verso believe that you should never feel pressured or confused about your chosen procedure. We are open and honest with each client about the realistic possibilities and limitations, and we endeavor to ensure people feel at ease and entirely free to ask questions or schedule additional appointments if necessary. You’ll meet with Dr. Kolenda and a registered nurse who has been working at his side for 10 years.

We will examine you, ask questions and invite you to discuss your goals, concerns, and expectations. We’ll provide you with a recommended plan, complete surgical quote and let you know how to take next steps when ready. We are pleased to offer private financial assistance to help offset the cost of medical procedures for those who prefer this method of payment.

Cost of Facial Implants

One of the priorities when planning Toronto facial implant surgery is to consider the costs. Understanding the price of implants means receiving a personalized surgical quote and comparing the cost of long term repeat facial injections. Verso Surgery Centre partners with medical financing companies that help make covering the cost of facial surgery more convenient. It may be possible to move forward with facial enhancements more quickly than you think.

The average cost of facial implants in Toronto

Various implants are made from resilient, high-performance materials like Gore-Tex or silicone. Their individual prices do vary.

The average implant fee will also have various surgical costs added to it. These include anesthesia fees, operating room fees, licenced staff, pre and post-operative appointments, compression garments to be worn following surgery, and other related expenses. Prices are subject to change over time. The best way to learn your total cost will be to receive a complimentary surgical quote during your consultation. Feel free to ask plenty of questions about each item included, so you understand what you’re paying for.

A surgeon’s fee will be based on their expertise and on their overhead costs. The geographic location of a medical practice often influences prices, and the demand for a particular surgeon’s results also drive the price. Toronto facial implant costs might include:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Any necessary medical tests
  • Prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics
  • Surgical facility fees
  • The facial plastic surgeon’s fee

When choosing a Royal College certified facial surgeon, keep in mind that your communication, your comfort and overall satisfaction with the plan are imperative. While you’ll want to consider costs, the expertise and great results are valuable and worth the investment.

Will OHIP cover facial implants in Toronto?

In most cases, implants used to enhance facial features are not considered medically necessary, so they aren’t covered by medical insurance. Verso Surgery offers elite cosmetic industry professionals and the industry’s latest professional equipment, and products. If you’re interested in learning more about facial implants, you’re invited to book a free consultation. You’ll receive a personalized surgical quote that outlines all your costs to help you plan. We’ll also be pleased to connect you with financing resources to help offset the expense and make payments easy. Just ask for more information when you visit us at Verso.

Where will your Toronto facial implant surgery be performed?

Verso Surgery is home to a beautiful, boutique surgical centre with a superior, level 3 OHP rating. That means we carry out all our surgical procedures with the industry’s safest and strictest standards, full anaesthesia including general anaesthetsia, and a complement of fully licenced, experienced staff. We’ve chosen nothing but the very best equipment and materials for our facility, so we meet and surpass hospital requirements, yet we are comfortable, warm and inviting. One of the many benefits that running our own, private surgical centre offers clients is they have flexible procedure booking and overnight stay accommodation.

How are facial implant procedures performed?

Our implant surgeries are done under general anesthesia or IV sedation. Dr. Kolenda will spend considerable time with you in assessment and planning stages to develop a personalized, fitted implant and ideal material to achieve your goals. During the procedure, he’ll make a small incision either entirely hidden within the mouth, or hidden within the nose or under the chin. One of the perks of facial implantation is that the incisions can almost always be completely hidden. The surgery is as atraumatic as possible, with minimal bleeding or tissue trauma and minimal discomfort during recovery. Once the implant is in place, incisions will be closed with dissolvable sutures, and the patient gently woken up in the recovery suite.

Accompanied by a friend or family member, you’ll be allowed to go home as soon as you feel up to it when you wake. The entire process may be as quick as a couple of hours for this simple procedure. Dr. Kolenda will see you and speak with you before you leave, reassuring you about what to expect and the next step.

Next Steps

Once you’ve researched facial implants in Toronto, what are the next steps? If you’re interested in planning a facial cosmetic surgery, finding an experienced surgeon and preparing for an optimal experience is next on the agenda. You’ll need to consider the surgeon’s credentials, learn about what your operation involves, and plan for a smooth recovery. Luckily, during your initial consultation and subsequent pre-operative meetings, you’ll receive detailed instructions and can ask plenty of questions. Here are some questions that you can expect the surgeon to ask you:

  • What are your goals for facial implants in Toronto?
  • Do you have any medical conditions or allergies?
  • Do you take any medications, herbal formulas or other supplements?
  • Have you had any surgeries previously?

During the initial consultation, you can expect your surgeon to describe the procedure, risks, potential complications, and what the normal recovery process is like. They’ll examine your treatment area and possibly take measurements. Photographs are often taken at this point as well to provide a visual record and to assist with planning. Once the details of your Toronto facial implant surgery have been discussed, you’ll receive a surgical quote and guidelines for payment.

What questions should you ask your Toronto facial implant surgeon?

You can ask whatever you wish! Keep in mind that your consultation is designed to help you feel informed and comfortable with the whole process. A few examples of common questions include:

  • Are you certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada?
  • Are you experienced in the field of facial cosmetic and plastic surgery?
  • What hospital privileges do you have and where will my procedure take place? Are you accredited and fully certified as an OHP surgical centre?
  • How many facial implant procedures do you perform each year?
  • May I see additional pre and post-operative facial implant pictures?
  • Am I a good candidate for facial implants?
  • What type of implant will I have?
  • Which incision site and placement of implant are recommended for me?
  • How long will I need to avoid some of my favourite activities during recovery?
  • What risks and complications should I be aware of? Also, how do you recommend I avoid them?
  • What are the options if I’m dissatisfied with my facial implant surgery result?
  • Do I need to discontinue any vitamins or medications that I take?
  • Is there any lab test I need to complete before surgery?
  • Should I stop smoking or drinking alcohol?
  • When will I leave the facility to head home after the procedure?
  • What incision care will I need?
  • When should I return to your office for my first follow up appointment?
  • How can I make my recovery comfortable, safe and quick?

You can visit the learning centre on the Verso Surgery website to gather more answers to FAQs and feel free to ask us questions at any time.

What is the recovery like after facial cosmetic implants?

Though it is one of the most straightforward recovery experiences, there are a few guidelines and temporary restrictions, nevertheless. Most patients report pain to be only minimal to moderate, and strong medication will be prescribed to help keep you comfortable for the first 3-5 days.

Recovery process

Swelling will usually peak around day three then begin to diminish, but the majority doesn’t resolve until the 14-day mark. Other expected but temporary sensations could include numb or tingling facial skin or lips as the nerves will be adjusting to pressure, but rest assured this too resolves as the inflammation slowly leaves the area. All of our surgical patients are provided with a registered OR nurse’s contact numbers for after hours and immediate guidance, any time day or night.

Tracking your recovery

If you must eat soft foods for a week or avoid other activity, your surgeon will let you know. After any facial procedure, it is not advised for patients to engage in aerobic exercise, heavy lifting or bending over as this can increase swelling and pain in the head region unnecessarily. For the first 1-2 weeks, you’ll want to take it easy and treat the area delicately. Most people can return to light work within one week.

You’ll come back to see us within 7 days for a checkup and suture removal if required. We’ll provide ongoing instructions and track your recovery with you to ensure everything excellent. Additional visits a few months on and later are booked at your convenience. Though personal experiences are expected to differ somewhat, after the first few months, the last visible traces of swelling are completely gone and patients feel at one with their implant. It is not seen or felt, and the result is beautifully natural.

Schedule a consultation today!

If you have more questions about cosmetic facial implants in Toronto, please feel free to contact us today. We’ll be happy to tell you more about this exciting treatment area and to set up a private consultation, so you can discuss your options with Dr. Kolenda, facial cosmetic surgery specialist. We look forward to meeting you!

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