Men and women alike want to look good and feel at ease in their skin. However, for men with overdeveloped breast tissue, struggles with confidence and self-esteem are common.

What is Gynecomastia?

The simplest definition of gynecomastia is excess breast tissue present in males. In our practice, male breast reduction is often chosen by men who are otherwise fit, but who have persistent, enlarged breast tissue. The easiest way to tell if male breasts are a result of excess fat or glandular tissue is that glandular tissue is firm compared to fat, and it is often concentrated under the Nipple Areolar Complex. Excess tissue concentrated under the nipples can result in enlarged or puffy nipples and is a common indicator of true gynecomastia. For some patients, the enlarged tissue can present even beyond the nipple, and the expert plastic surgeons at Verso Surgery Centre can assess whether your aesthetic goals will best be achieved with gynecomastia surgery or another treatment option.

What causes Gynecomastia?

It’s estimated that up to 60% of men can experience this physical characteristic, so if you suffer from this issue, you’re not alone. Puffy nipples and excess breast tissue are most common for young men during puberty, but in many of those cases, it resolves by itself naturally into adulthood. However, when enlarged breast tissue does not seem to subside over time, surgical options can provide the best results to restore a masculine contour to the chest. This straightforward procedure is well-tolerated and common.

Hormones and other factors

For some men, dropping testosterone levels can cause the condition to persist past puberty, or breast tissue can appear during adulthood. Regardless of the time of life when gynecomastia presents, the effects can be challenging for men who feel that the masculine shape they desire is unattainable. This condition can be triggered by hormonal shifts that cause a higher ratio of estrogen to androgen. In most cases, the cause of the hormonal shift is unknown, but certain medications can play a role. Users of anabolic steroids and marijuana may find themselves at a higher risk, as will those with a genetic predisposition toward developing male breasts. Less commonly, gynecomastia can result from medical conditions such as liver or kidney failure, or testicular cancer.

In some cases, exercise or weight loss can reduce the appearance of “man boobs”, but for others, surgery will provide the best results to reduce the feminine appearance of this excess fatty tissue. Male breast reduction in Toronto can sculpt the chest and improve overall confidence with ideal results. Verso surgery Centre is proud to offer an elite level 3 OHP surgical centre and expert plastic surgeons who specialize in body contouring, so you’ll be advised on multiple treatment options to target the unwanted tissue and reach your aesthetic goals. learn more.

Male Breast Reduction Toronto

Glandular and fat tissue

For men who are overweight or obese, breast fat may increase along with fatty deposits throughout the rest of the body. Even if the development of fat in the chest seems disproportionate, this does not always indicate true gynecomastia. The difference rests on the presence of hypertrophic (enlarged) breast tissue, which is consists of significant glandular (breast) tissue with or without excess fat. Fat without enlarged breast tissue may be treated with liposuction, but depending on your overall health and physique, your surgeon will be able to make a professional recommendation on the treatment method that will be most effective and healthy in the long term, ensuring your satisfaction.

Treatment options for male breast reduction in Toronto

Depending on the amount and type of excess tissue, smooth, masculine chests can be revealed with liposuction, tissue excision, or a combination of both. In most cases, gynecomastia is non-cancerous, and although the chest area is often sensitive to touch, patients do not typically report physical pain associated with the visible signs. This means you can take your time to consider treatment and compare various options with your surgeon to meet goals and feel great about your transformation.

During your private consultation, your plastic surgeon will examine you and listen to your concerns, then explain procedure details. We offer medical financing arrangements and a highly flexible surgery booking calendar to accommodate most schedules and budgets. You’ll have a dedicated and caring Verso surgical coordinator walk you through next steps and ensure all questions are answered so you feel great about proceeding when ready.


This popular fat-reducer allows for the targeted removal of fat and glandular tissue cells to create a firmer and flatter-looking chest. Thanks to modern technology and advanced liposuction methods, this process is conducted with minimal scarring. In fact, the incision used can be so small that it is virtually invisible once healed. Conducted under general anaesthesia in most cases, the procedure typically begins with an injection of salt water and anesthetic solution. An ultrasonic probe may be inserted into the chest because the ultrasonic vibrations assist with liquifying fat and breast tissue in the area. A medication which reduces bleeding is also diffused in the area so that minimal bruising or tissue trauma is noted. A hollow long, hollow tube called a cannula, is then inserted through a small incision, and the precise amount of tissue is vacuumed out.

Will I have scars?

The scars that result from liposuction are quite small and barely visible, particularly because your surgeon can place the incisions discreetly near the armpit or within the natural contours of the chest so that they become almost completely hidden as they heal. This treatment is very effective, and it results in minimal bruising or swelling, especially when post-surgery support garments are worn to help with compression.

Excision improves results for men where liposuction alone may be insufficient. When a significant amount of excess tissue or breast skin is present, excision can remove the laxity to sculpt a more natural male contour. This approach for breast reduction is also effective for men with skin that is less elastic due to age or to dramatic weight change. Excision is beneficial for patients who require reduction or repositioning of the areola (the darker pigmented skin around the nipple). Excess skin or breast tissue will be removed through an incision where the base of the pectoralis muscle will lie after surgery, resulting in a very discreet scar. We’ll offer you detailed advice and options for treatment to further help reduce any sign of scarring.

This surgery is generally quick- lasting only 1-2 hours depending on your unique needs.
You may be an ideal candidate for Toronto male breast reduction treatments if you are

  • In good general health
  • At or near your target weight – gynecomastia surgery is not a replacement for weight loss
  • Dissatisfied with the appearance of your chest due to excess breast tissue or puffy nipples
  • Able to follow pre- and post-surgery instructions from your plastic surgeon
  • Prepared for a recovery period of a month or more. Many patients can resume daily activities and return to work within 1 week, but restrictions on other activities including vigorous exercise may be recommended for 4-6 weeks.

Can gynecomastia surgery treat puffy nipples?

Puffy nipples can be a source of embarrassment even when the overall shape of the chest is relatively flat. However, targeted treatment of the excess tissue under the areola must be handled carefully to avoid removing too much and leaving the nipples inverted. Verso’s expert surgeons can precisely treat puffy nipples to effectively flatten them and give a more masculine appearance.
For patients who have puffy nipples along with excessive breast tissue, gynecomastia surgery is usually an ideal solution since the procedure can treat both issues at the same time.

What can I expect after male breast reduction in Toronto?

This is an outpatient procedure, so you can return home the same day as your body contouring once you recover from the anesthetic. It is normal to experience some tenderness or minor bruising after treatment, but you’ll be prescribed medication to help manage any discomfort you have in the first few days.

We care deeply about your post-op experience too!

At Verso, we provide all our patients with the direct contact number for an OR nurse in case of any after hour needs and we’ll be in touch regularly to assess you, encourage you and ensure you’re on track. You’ll have a series of follow up appointments booked with us, but you can request to see your surgeon or a nurse at any time.

You’ll be permitted to shower on the second day after surgery, using gentle soap and patting incisions dry after washing. As the small incisions heal, massage of the treated areas will help reduce swelling and smooth out the remaining tissue. Your surgeon will let you know when it’s the right time to go ahead.

It is normally recommended to wait 4-7 days before returning to work. During this initial recovery period, you are encouraged to be up and about, and you can take leisurely walks. More strenuous activities and exercise should wait 2-3 weeks to ensure you don’t see any unnecessary swelling or other problems.

Will my results be permanent?

Liposuction re-shapes the body’s contour by reducing the number of fat cells that are present. Removing those cells is permanent, and the size of male breasts can be predictably reduced. Scars are discreet and can even be nearly invisible once they’ve fully healed.

If a significant amount of weight is gained after your male breast reduction in Toronto, the remaining fat cells can enlarge. This might result in a chest size increase and detract from the results of your procedure, although the overall contour will remain improved.

You will be provided with a support garment to wear for 6 weeks post-surgery. The garment will help to decrease swelling, and it will help your skin conform to the new shape of your chest. For the first three weeks, the garment should be worn day and night, and then for the next three weeks it can be worn daily and removed each night.

Most patients are very happy with the results of their treatment and enjoy greater confidence as a result of having a flatter, more masculine shape to their chest. We’re always happy to see the way this simple transformation helps our patients experience a new lease on life, feel more attractive and enjoy wearing a whole new range of clothes- or even finally go shirtless! We welcome you to contact us and take the next step toward an improved physique you feel great about.

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