Facial harmony and attractive proportions are greatly influenced by the size and shape of one’s chin. For men and women, the ideal dimensions of their jaw may not be what they were born with. Today, there are a variety of ways to alter this facial feature and mentoplasty in Toronto is a sought-after cosmetic procedure.

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At Verso Surgery centre we see many patients of all ages and backgrounds who want to adjust their appearance through augmentation of their chin. When people have what is commonly known as a ‘weak’ chin, or if the chin is large and projecting, it can significantly characterize their look, drawing attention or causing them to be self-conscious. A chin which is disproportionately small or recessed can make the mouth and nose appear larger and cheeks fuller than desired. Though facial implants are typically inconspicuously sized and very finely crafted, they have a major impact on one’s appearance and can completely revitalize a person’s face. Alternately, reducing the bone to sculpt, soften and decrease the size is also quite popular and creates dramatic, positive changes. Women in particular request reduction of the chin more often, though everyone’s features are unique and each person’s surgical plan will be customized for his or her goals and existing anatomy.


Toronto mentoplasty—What are the methods available?


When the facial plastic surgeon moves part of the bone itself forward and locks it into a more projected position, this is often referred to as a genioplasty or sliding genioplasty. Small surgical screws are utilized to secure a section of bone which is first separated, then gently moved forward by mere millimeters. A slight modification using this technique can create a significant impact, changing the facial structure, and balance of nose and forehead, or even lifting and tightening loose neck tissue. Incisions are usually made inside the mouth for this procedure and will heal invisibly.

Chin reduction

Conversely, bone can be removed to decrease an overly projecting chin. Reduction of the chin is often performed for people with very prominent jaws. Orthodontic considerations are discussed and will sometimes collaborate if there is an underbite present. This is medically referred to as orthognathic surgery. During reduction procedures, incisions are typically made inside of the mouth where the lower lip attaches to the gums. They heal quickly in the mouth and will be invisible to others.


Chin surgery is known medically as mentoplasty and describes a procedure designed to enhance the chin by reshaping, reducing or adding volume and projection to it. learn more.

Chin surgery in Toronto

Chin implants

Chin implant technology has come a long way. Facial implants can achieve long-lasting, transformative results that don’t show any outward sign of surgical alteration. After years of working with different implant materials, the two which have emerged as resilient, low-risk and effective are porous polyethylene (known as Medpor®) or solid silicone. After images are taken of the patient’s jaw and chin bone, a customized implant can be created, or a near approximate shape may be selected from pre-existing sizes and fitted during surgery with minor adjustments. An implant designed to enhance the chin is usually somewhat hard. The added benefit of a porous material is that the tissue and vasculature will grow into it, making it extremely strong and fused in place. This is essential for an implant in a facial area that is likely to receive a hit or daily pressure and contact.

Non-surgical options

In Toronto, mentoplasty isn’t the best, or the first choice for everyone. Some people will meet with their facial cosmetic surgeon to discuss possibilities to improve their chin and learn that there are non-surgical methods for creating subtle change through the injection of fillers. Those these do not create a strong, firm implant effect, nor can they produce dramatic, structural changes, but highly cohesive dermal fillers can add volume and temporarily alter the shape of a chin. Filler placed deep along the jawbone may last up to a year, and for many people, this is a desirable option which avoids surgery and allows them to ‘test drive’ the changes they want to see. Results will be instantly apparent; however, filler will slowly be broken down in the body and reabsorbed throughout the year following treatment. Benefits include the entirely natural and safe material, as well as the minimally invasive, scarless result. Patients who receive non-surgical chin augmentation do not require general anaesthesia and can be treated quickly, in-office.

Are there other procedures that Dr. Kolenda recommends alongside mentoplasty?

The chin and nose are often operated on in tandem. While this is not a rule by any means, patients will often seek surgery to alter one or the other, and discover that the proportions of both work in harmony together. The size of the chin can either magnify or minimize apparent nose size. Experienced facial cosmetic surgeons work with a deep understanding of head and neck anatomy as well as aesthetically ideal facial proportions. When you see an expert in this field for your consultation, they will be able to tell you how your chin relates to the features surrounding it and what can be done to create overall effects that you love.

Another recommendation that Dr. K often makes is Mentoplasty along with a facelift as we loose projection with age.

How should you select an Toronto, mentoplasty surgeon?

Choosing to permanently or temporarily alter your appearance can be a little intimidating. You’ll have a series of decisions to make, and the first is, which facial cosmetic surgeon will you schedule your consultation with. It can be helpful to select more than one who meets your requirements and provides impressive examples of their work. When you speak with them in person, you’ll decide what plan aligns with your goals and where you feel most at ease.

Selecting a leader in their field who is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada is a crucial starting point before discussing any surgical procedure. Dr. Kolenda is double board certified, with not only the Royal College but the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) as well. That means he meets the rigorous standards that each regulatory body has for its members including extensive years of training, comprehensive exams and ongoing competency testing with requirements of continuing training advancement.

What will my consultation be like at Verso Surgery centre?

At Verso, we feel strongly that people should never feel pressured or anxious about the procedures they choose to have. We strive to create a positively different experience for you; whether you see us for a medical or cosmetic procedure, we’ll put you at ease and welcome your questions. Our practitioners and plastic surgeons are open and honest with patients about realistic possibilities and procedure limitations, and we never pressure our guests to make a quick decision. We know our patients are happiest when they’re well-informed and confident in their choice.

At your consultation appointment, you’ll meet with Dr. Kolenda who will examine you and explain procedure considerations. He and a registered nurse will listen to you, ask you questions and together, discuss an ideal plan. You’ll receive a comprehensive surgical quote, and we also offer private medical, financial assistance for your convenience.

Where is mentoplasty surgery performed?

Verso Surgery centre is proud to offer beautiful, boutique surgical facilities. We’re fully accredited with a superior, level 3 OHP rating. Our valued patients have the flexibility of choosing from a variety of accommodating procedure times. We’ll ensure peace of mind as we guide you through the next steps when you’re ready to go ahead with your treatment.

Verso Surgery centre operates under the safest and strictest medical standards, offers full anaesthesia including general anaesthesia, and we’re staffed with fully licensed, experienced medical personnel. Many of our guests say they appreciate the extra attention and care that comes with a private, high-end hospital.

What is the recovery like after chin augmentation?

Each person’s facial cosmetic surgery is unique and will vary in recovery details and considerations. Once your procedure is complete, you’ll be gently awakened in our comfortable recovery area with registered nursing staff and Dr. Kolenda to talk with you before you go. Accompanied by a family member or friend, you’ll be able to leave as soon as you feel up to it.

All our patients are provided with contact information for a registered OR nurse so they can reach someone immediately after hours if they have concerns.

Depending on your facial procedure details, your surgeon may advise you to eat soft foods for the first few days to 1 week and avoid contact/strain on the area. After mentoplasty, aerobic exercise, heavy lifting and bending over are not advised so strenuous activity and going to the gym will temporarily be put on hold. Because increased blood pressure and gravity can cause more swelling and discomfort in the face, you’ll also be asked to keep the head up and sleep with head and shoulders elevated somewhat. For 1-2 weeks, you’ll need to take it easy, and a compression garment may be advised depending on the individual case. Most people can return to light work within one week while more active jobs will require modification for two weeks or more.

We see chin augmentation patients again in the office within 7 days for suture removal and a checkup. We’ll share instructions, ensure you’re on track and always be available for additional discussion if you have concerns. After the first 14 days, most swelling and bruising will be resolved, and you can see your exciting new look taking shape in the mirror. By the two month mark, you’ll have very little healing left to do, but may experience some normal, residual sensation changes due to nerve pressure. We’ll assess your final results with you at 6 months and celebrate your transformation.

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