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In Toronto, neck lift at Verso Surgery is a specialty of ours, and many of our valued clients see our renowned facial plastic surgeons to rejuvenate the neck area and the entire face.

What happens to the aging neck?

Our bodies begin to produce diminished amounts of natural hydrators like hyaluronic acid and less collagen as we enter middle age. The rate of skin degradation accelerates as we age and for some, this can mean visibly sagging skin and lax neck muscles by the time they are in their 40’s.

If you’re dreaming of the tight, youthful neck and décolletage you used to have, you’re not alone. Many people just like you find themselves with suddenly sagging neck skin and muscles, or visible, permanent creases.

When the goal is to achieve a more defined jawline, tight neck muscles and skin, having a neck lift procedure alone or in conjunction with a facelift can erase years from your apparent age and give you a profoundly revitalized appearance.

What can a Neck lift do for you?

Many of our clients appreciate the expert skin care advice and products our experts provide because they are powerful skin protectors and youth-boosters. We also offer skin tightening and laser treatments along with effective medical facials and injectables. All of these incredible non-surgical treatment options work exceptionally well which is why we’re happy to provide them. Unfortunately, no matter how well-cared for the complexion may be, most people will eventually see muscle atrophy and skin laxity that cannot be helped except through non-surgical means.

A surgical neck lift procedure can be customized for you and may be minimally invasive and mini, or more complex and combined with overall face-lifting. Whatever you choose, if you want dramatic and permanent solutions for the aging neck, this procedure is your answer.

What procedures are often combined with a Neck lift in Toronto?

At Verso Surgery Centre, we see people of all ages who wish to eliminate wrinkles and excess skin, not only from the chin down, but elsewhere too. Facelift, mini facelift, chin augmentation (mentoplasty) and neck liposuction are all, often combined due to their mutual benefits. While a facelift procedure will tighten the skin and underlying tissue of the mid and lower face, the skin on the neck is not technically included as a facial area. If a person is undergoing this transformative facial procedure and they also see signs of aging such as muscle laxity n the neck, they’ll likely want to extend the rejuvenation below the chin. Likewise, a combination of chin implant and neck lift can create more dramatic effects than either of these procedures alone. Some people develop submental fat pockets as they age which lead to the appearance of a double chin. The small pocket of fat is often hereditary and can be nearly impossible to remove any other way except through liposuction or direct excision. Our facial cosmetic surgery experts are skilled in creating seamlessly blended aesthetic results. They will customize extremely personal and complementary procedures to give each patient the outcome they really want and a completely natural appearance.

Neck Lift

Neck Tightening Toronto

People often feel self-conscious about the vertical bands that form under chins and hanging skin referred to as “turkey neck.” It may be especially discouraging if you take great care of your skin, yet your neck appears older than your face. Each person’s skin changes uniquely as they age. For some, skin integrity, firmness and elasticity will break down faster in some areas and lead to unwanted signs of aging. learn more.

How about a mini neck lift?

This less invasive option helps reshape the neck for those who do not have a significant amount of excess skin and sagging.  Dr. Kolenda can make the neck skin appear smooth and tight through the removal of excess fat and platysmal muscle band repair. A layer of muscle under the chin may become loose and separate into ropey looking strands over time. With a small, zigzag incision well-hidden under the chin, these bans are repaired (plicated) and any sign of a double chin removed. The mini neck lift incision is usually 3 cm long, and located in a natural, ‘double chin’ fold. That makes it difficult to see because of the location and removes concern about possible visible incisions at the lateral neck and hairline. Younger patients between 30-50 who have relatively good neck skin tone may choose this quick recovery option. The noticeable improvements are subtle but can create a significant impact and boost confidence.

Jack mentioned that this is a perfect procedure for male clients as it requires very little down time.

What should I expect from my Toronto neck lift consultation?

At Verso Surgery centre we aim to ensure that each person who walks through our doors feels truly welcome, relaxed and never rushed. When you call to schedule your first meeting with us, count on spending between 45 minutes to an hour meeting with Dr. Kolenda and our registered nurse. She has worked alongside Dr. Kolenda for over 10 years and can explain every detail or the procedure preparation, recovery and results. You’ll be examined and asked to share what your goals and expectations are for the surgery. Dr. Kolenda will let you know what can be accomplished and explain considerations for the treatment, plus provide you with a comprehensive surgical quote. When you are ready to proceed, you’ll be happy to know that we offer private medical, financial assistance as well as very flexible procedure scheduling. Because Verso operates its own fully accredited surgical centre, we have the luxury of accommodating guests in a warm, welcoming setting, and providing overnight stays while never compromising on safety or quality of care. We are a level 3 OHP facility, held to the highest standards and outfitted with fully licensed and experienced staff.

Who is a good candidate for Toronto neck lift surgery?

When considering this anti-aging procedure, patients should be in good general health. During your consultation, we’ll examine your skin and ask you questions about medical history, lifestyle and goals to ensure you are well-suited and will get the most optimal results from the procedure. Patients who smoke or use nicotine products are asked to stop at least two weeks before surgery and for a minimum of two weeks post.

Although neck lift surgery in Toronto is a relatively low risk and the recovery is straightforward, patients should be fully aware of the potential issues and considerations that can arise such as infection or results that do not meet their expectations. We endeavor always to present an honest and realistic picture of what facial cosmetic surgery can achieve. While our plastic surgeons are incredibly talented and sought after for the results they deliver, each procedure has inherent limitations, and the happiest clients are those who understand what improvements to expect. 

What is the recovery like?

 When you are gently awakened in our comfortable surgical recovery suite, you’ll be with a registered nurse, and Dr. Kolenda will visit to speak with you before you leave. Patients are free to go fairly soon after this quick procedure. A neck lift alone isn’t a lengthy operation. When you feel up to it, you may return home to relax, accompanied by a family member or friend.

All of our cosmetic clients are provided with a direct contact number for a registered OR nurse should they need it. We’ll let you know when to shower, what you should avoid and when to come back. Your first return visit will be within one week.

Most patients find the recovery from this treatment is relatively comfortable with minimal pain and swelling. You’ll need to care for your incisions as instructed and avoid aerobic exercise or bending over and laying down flat for a week or two. Gravity and increased blood pressure affect swelling and discomfort in the head, so elevating head and shoulders are crucial, and you’ll need to take a break from the gym. Most people take 1-2 weeks off work. You’ll be provided with a compression garment to wear around your head and neck area, so this can be one more reason to hide out at home for a little while.

You’ll see the majority of swelling or bruising resolve by two weeks, and we’ll let you know when you can return to regular life.

Vigilant skin care, proper nutrition and avoiding sun exposure go along way to protecting the natural elasticity and health of one’s skin. However, we can’t slow the march of time. When you’re ready to consider effective, permanent solutions for rejuvenating the neck, contact Verso Surgery, and we’ll be happy to talk about next steps with you.

Dr. Kolenda is a leading expert in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, including neck lift. Double board certified by not only the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, but the American Board of Otolaryngology as well, he’s completed advanced and specialized training with the best schools in the world. Patients from all around the country come to see him due to his expertise and artistic approach. With significant experience in Head and Neck Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Medical Cosmetic Aesthetics, and Robotic Hair Restoration, Dr. Kolenda is a genuinely expert choice for neck lift in Toronto.

When you’re ready to schedule a consultation or if you’d like to ask questions, we welcome your call. Talk to you soon.

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