Nipple Revision

Your breast aesthetic concern may be less about size and shape, and more about the nipples or areolas. Toronto nipple revision surgeries can take a few different forms and are designed to correct the size, shape, position or projection of the nipples.

What is nipple inversion?

Men and women may have one or both nipples affected by the appearance of flat or inverted nipples. This presents as the protruding centre of the areola either being flush with its surroundings, or indented to some degree. While the amount of inversion can be variable, the timing can as well. Some people notice their nipples protrude when stimulated by touch or cold temperatures, and remain flat at other times.  We rate inversion on a scale of 3 degrees, with 3 being the most severe.

3 grades of nipple inversion:

Grade 1: The nipple is inverted or flat but can be stimulated to protrude. Those presenting with grade 1 can usually breastfeed if they wish and the nipples may protrude more after that. As well, these patients sometimes note the issue resolves after they have a breast augmentation with implants. The nipple eversion procedure can be done to correct the mildest form of inversion if the patient feels it will be worthwhile.

Grade 2: With some difficulty, the nipple can be forcefully made to protrude, only temporarily. Eversion surgery may affect milk ducts.

Grade 3: The nipple is profoundly inverted. Surgery is designed to release and reposition the nipple outside of the areola. After these corrections, the function of nipples for the purpose of breastfeeding is not typically possible.

For those who have inverted nipples, the embarrassment can be a constant frustration and make them worry about situations where someone else could see their issue. This is the most common concern that causes people to seek nipple surgery. Although this problem doesn’t usually affect lifestyle or function, when you’re one of the 20% of women estimated to have one or more inverted nipple, it might impact your self-esteem or bother you enough to seek a solution. Verso Surgery Centre is home to caring and skilled plastic surgeons, and we’re here to help. learn more.

Toronto nipple revision surgery

How is nipple eversion surgery done?

During nipple revision in Toronto at Verso, your plastic surgeon will be able to ‘evert’ your nipple using a release and secure technique that requires only very tiny incisions. Through a small surgical opening, a precision tool is inserted at the base of the nipple and used to release or stretch the fibrous bands which attach the bottom of the nipple to the areola. Simultaneously, the nipple will be pulled out to a protruding position and secured there with a couple of sutures.

One of the reasons this procedure has a very high satisfaction rate is that scarring is virtually invisible. The incision is made on the areola, and often within a natural nipple/areola juncture. The areola pigment hides the faint scar well.  That means no one will need to know that you had corrective cosmetic surgery.

Breasts will often change in appearance over a lifetime, and while nipple inversion may be present from birth, it can also develop due to trauma or breastfeeding. It may appear during puberty as the breast tissue grows. In rare cases, a growth within the breast could pull on the nipple and cause retraction or tethering. If you notice a sudden change in the appearance of a nipple, ask your primary care physician to examine you.

Inverted nipples appear because of an imbalance in muscle pull around the nipple. The strength of the outward muscle will be weaker than inward, causing the nipple to remain pulled in. These tiny bands of tension are released during surgery.

While they don’t usually cause discomfort, many people wish to correct inverted nipples for aesthetic reasons. Luckily, the procedure designed to do this is straightforward and relatively easy.

How long will my nipple revision in Toronto take?

Verso Surgery Centre is a state-of-the-art level 3 OHP facility. That means we run our own fully equipped and accredited surgical centre to perform all manner of cosmetic procedures and services. Nipple revision is relatively fast and performed using local, injected anaesthetic. You’ll be awake during the process, and the treatment area will be kept comfortably numb. The correction typically takes less than an hour on an outpatient basis, so you’ll be able to drive home right away once finished.

What is the recovery process like after a nipple revision?

We have good news- the recovery after nipple correction is easy according to most of our patients. You’ll see the most dramatic improvements immediately as the nipples will be projecting and held in place by stitches. You may experience mild tenderness at the treatment site for a few days after. Mild swelling or bruising is expected, and this will usually disappear after 1 week. You’ll be able to place cotton padding or gauze over the nipples for a cushioning effect and return to work after roughly 2 days.

What are the risks? 

Risks and considerations are discussed thoroughly during the consultation phase, and we’ll review with you what to avoid and how to have the best recovery after surgery as well. Typical concerns inherent to any surgical procedure include infection, bruising, sensation loss, and scarring.  In some cases, diminished ability to breastfeed is a realistic expectation of the nipple eversion procedure.  At Verso Surgery Centre, we offer a variety of helpful scar treatment services to reduce the appearance of scars after surgery. In the case of nipple revision, these are rare, but if you have any concerns, we’ll be here to help.

What should nipples look like?

What we usually refer to as the ‘nipple’ may actually include the areola as well, so it’s essential to clarify what the different parts are. The areola refers to the darkly pigmented skin area surrounding the smaller, protruding part. There is no “perfect” or standard areola or nipple. Some people have very dark areolas, and for others, they’re so pale that they can hardly be distinguished from the surrounding breast. They may be small and round or spread out and oval-shaped. The areolas naturally have little bumps on them known as Montgomery’s tubercles, which are sebaceous glands. The nipples themselves may be a wide range of sizes and protrude significantly or invert. Breasts are not usually symmetric, and that means each nipple and areola may be different from each other.  In short, all types of nipple appearances are quite normal.

The term ‘nipple correction surgery’ can refer to problems associated with enlarged, asymmetric areolas, or overly large and protruding nipples as well. Both men and women may seek help to improve these characteristics if the appearance bothers them.

What type of nipple correction surgeries do people request?

Areola reduction, correction of asymmetric nipples, or reduction of nipple size and projection are all possible. Each personalized and customized treatment must be discussed and planned between the patient and plastic surgeon to address specific goals.

Nipple revision is often combined with other procedures like breast augmentation, mastopexy or breast reduction.

Nipple correction may involve the excision of a small wedge of tissue from prominent nipples. Areola reduction is more complex and is a type of breast lift. Also known as a circumareolar lift, it allows a portion of excess areola skin to be removed and the breast tissue drawn in around new, balanced, smaller areolas.  Sutures surrounding the areola like a donut are placed just under the surface and will usually be permanent to assist with maintaining that areola circumference. Even though these may all be referred to as “nipple reduction,” it’s helpful to understand that the specific methods, results and prices for each will be different too.

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Your personal consultation is the best way to share your goals and concerns, then learn about the specific approach that will get you where you want to be. When you meet with a plastic surgeon for a private discussion and exam, they’ll let you know what procedure can help you. They will also help you put your finger on just what the issue is because some people don’t quite understand what about their breast bothers them. If you feel unhappy with the size, shape or another element of your breast’s appearance, but you’re not sure why, we understand. Many people meet with our surgical experts to ask if their breasts and nipples are normal, and what could be improved. We’ll thoroughly explain the anatomical features and characteristics you have, along with the ideal solutions to help you feel better about your appearance. If you have questions about nipple revision in Toronto, we’d love to hear from you. The medical experts at Verso Surgery Centre strive to welcome each patient with understanding, honesty and caring support. We offer thorough, in-depth and informative consultations free of charge because we know people are happiest and safest when they’re fully informed about treatments.

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