Otoplasty in Toronto is also known as ear reshaping surgery or, pinnaplasty.


In the world of elective, cosmetic surgery, certain procedures tend to grab the most attention and are in vogue depending on fashion and beauty trends, but one which is consistently in demand and often overlooked is corrective ear surgery.

Though not considered to be medically necessary, the surgical reshaping of ears can be very desirable for both children and adults who suffer embarrassment and self-esteem issues due to protruding ears. Feeling self-conscious about this condition from a young age can lead to life-long difficulties affecting confidence and self-image. Many people develop ’tricks’ to cope with what they perceive to be unattractive ears such as wearing long hair or hats and hiding them as often as possible.

What causes the ears to protrude?

The aesthetic problem of protruding ears usually presents from a young age, in two common variations: effacement of the antihelical fold, or a deep conchal bowl. An ear has multiple folds, both firm cartilage and soft tissue. There are proportionately optimal ways for each of these ear features to develop and usually, the ear will stand out less than 2 cm from the head.

When a deep conchal bowl develops, the ear stands out farther. This is referred to as a hypertrophic conchal bowl. The inner bowl of the ear that leads to the ear canal, needs to be reduced to allow the rest of the ear to sit closer to the head.

A poorly developed antihelical fold is also called lop-ear deformity and describes the upper ear cartilage being flat where it should fold, and bring the ear back toward the head. Without the necessary curve in the upper helix, ears can be prominent and appear large.


At Verso Surgery centre, our expert facial plastic surgeons can treat the problem of protruding, malformed or large ears. Through a variety of standard, proven techniques, the correct balance, and proportion of ears are achieved and their projection from the head, set at an ideal measurement. Read on to learn more.

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What is pinnaplasty?

Otoplasty in Toronto describes surgery that permanently changes the appearance of the ears. One of the methods used to do so is called pinnaplasty. The procedure will treat the outer ear cartilage to reform and construct it. The technique doesn’t merely ‘pin’ the ear to the head but reconstructs cartilage and tissue to create an improved ear form.

That does not affect a person’s hearing as it doesn’t involve any internal changes and is entirely cosmetic. Pinnaplasty can also be called, setback otoplasty, because the goal is to set the ear back against the head and reduce outward prominence.

Today there’s more than one method for ear reshaping, and the best option depends on the patient and their assessment and discussion with the otoplasty surgeon. Incisionless techniques can be done relatively quickly on an outpatient basis with only local anaesthetic. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for this less invasive approach, but the results can be very satisfying and preferable for some.

During the treatment, the ear shape and projection is adjusted through the placement of permanent sutures which ‘pin’ and hold the ear back. The ear cartilage is scored with a needle to create some superficial damage which heals and produces strong scar tissue. This isn’t visible to anyone else but is designed to help hold the ear in the new position. Recovery is fast with minimal downtime and only a special headband assigned to be worn for two weeks. The incisionless Otoplasty in Toronto is typically less painful and rising in popularity for those who are good candidates.

Who is a good candidate for Toronto otoplasty?

Anyone who desires a change or correction for their ear size, shape and prominence can schedule a consultation to discuss otoplasty options. Patients should be in general good health, non-smoking and have realistic expectations for the procedure outcome.

Children commonly undergo this treatment, but they should be old enough that their ears aren’t growing dramatically and the otoplasty surgeon will discuss with the parents and the child directly what their goals and expectations are to ensure it is the child’s choice.

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Why choose Otoplasty

Given the relatively quick and uncomplicated recovery process with short downtime and well-hidden scars, many young people select otoplasty to correct ears they feel uncomfortable about. Even for the more complex cases, otoplasty incisions are located in the natural crease behind the ear and very difficult to notice once healed.

What will the Initial Otoplasty Consultation be like?

Your first consultation for otoplasty in Toronto with Dr. Kolenda will take about 45 minutes, at the beautiful Verso Surgery centre. Any cosmetic or medical procedure might be cause for nervousness or anxiety which is why we always strive to make you feel completely relaxed, well-informed and listened to. You’ll never feel rushed or pressured into any procedure, and our plastic surgeons take great care to offer honest descriptions of methods and outcomes.

We want to provide a different medical clinic experience than you may be used to, and each person who walks through our doors should feel genuinely welcome and relaxed. Dr. Kolenda and a registered nurse who has worked alongside him for over 10 years will spend the time with you one-on-one during your private consultation.

The surgeon will examine your ears, and they’ll describe an effective plan, including a description of risks and considerations, then answer all of your questions so you can make an informed decision. We’ll provide a comprehensive surgical quote and make medical, financial assistance options available as well for your convenience.

What does Otoplasty surgery and recovery involve?

Those undergoing otoplasty surgery in Toronto typically spend between one to two hours in the operating room, unless they select the incisionless method, which is faster. General anaesthesia or IV sedation may be used. Incisions in the back of the ears expose the cartilage under a thin layer of skin.

This material is meticulously sculpted and reshaped with very little tissue trauma. When the necessary adjustments are completed, the ear is repositioned and sutured in place. Incisions will be covered with medical tape and bandages or padding may be placed on top. Dressings and non-dissolvable sutures can be removed after one week during a follow-up appointment at our office.

You’ll be allowed to leave with a friend or family member shortly after your procedure when you feel up to it. You may feel mild discomfort, but long-acting anaesthetic in the tissues plus a careful, atraumatic technique means that most patients complain of very little pain. There will be some swelling and pain medication is prescribed to take as needed. Our knowledgeable and caring staff will give you step by step instructions to keep the area clean, safe and comfortable while you heal at home.

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Because Verso Surgery centre is an independent, fully accredited private hospital setting, we’re pleased to accommodate guests with flexible scheduling in a warm, luxurious facility offering unparalleled safety standards. We’re a level 3 OHP surgical centre with licensed and experienced medical staff who love what they do.

What to avoid after an otoplasty

You’ll be asked to avoid strenuous activity and aerobic exercise for a couple of weeks, and during the initial healing phase, we’ll advise you to keep your head and shoulders elevated for maximum comfort and reduction of inflammation.

We provide personalized care

You may be asked to wear a headband after the first week when the sutures come out, and some additional support is required temporarily. Most of the swelling or soreness will be resolved by the two-week mark.

All of our surgical patients are given a contact phone number to reach an OR nurse directly, should they have any questions or concerns after hours. We at Verso Surgery take pleasure in providing personalized care that goes above and beyond the usual, ensuring you love your new look, and your experience with us. We’re always free to answer questions and provide clear, honest information.

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Dr. Kolenda has extensive experience in head and neck cosmetic procedures. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Otolaryngology. His additional training with prestigious medical universities worldwide has placed him in an elite class of facial plastic surgeons. He is renowned for his expertise and innovative methods in Head and Neck Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Medical Cosmetic Aesthetics, and Robotic Hair Restoration.

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