Exceptional Service, Exceptional Facilities

Our facility has been created and designed to provide exceptional medical care for our patients.

Verso is a Latin term which means reverse or opposite and is a reflection of our intention to take healthcare to the next level, offering patients the ultimate in services and care. Whatever the issue, whether it be facial plastic surgery, facial cosmetic treatment, skin care or hair transplantation, we want to ‘reverse’ any feelings of apprehension, so you leave with the utmost confidence in our facility. Each patient who passes through our surgical facility receives outstanding care and a conscientious follow through, practices that validate the very core of who we are.


State of the Art Facilities

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer our patients an absolute state-of-the-art surgical facility. Our fully licenced surgical suite includes a new operating room that is equipped with general anesthesia and is built to the same standards as hospital operating rooms, an overnight stay and patient recovery area and a robotic transplant surgical suite.

Newest Technology

All of our medical and surgical equipment is of the highest possible quality and newest technology. The entire surgical center has been specifically designed with patient comfort and safety in mind.


  • Robotic hair transplant
  • Hospital grade air purification
  • Latest laser equipment


No Shortcuts on Safety

At Verso Surgery we make patient safety our first priority. Our board certified surgeons, anesthesiologists and professionally trained staff will not sacrifice on safety with unrealistic promises for your treatments.


  • Hospital grade sterilization techniques
  • Hospital grade operating room
  • Recovery area remote monitoring