Rhinoplasty is one of the most requested facial cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Kolenda focuses a large part of his practice on this transformative procedure.


Dr. Kolenda is a leader in this field. He’s widely known for his advanced reconstructive skills and is one of a few facial plastic surgeons to have completed the fellowship program of Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery. Having attended the most prestigious universities for advanced surgical training around the world, his patients enjoy the peace of mind that he offers the highest-level quality of care. Dr. Kolenda is also a motivated innovator and pioneer of leading-edge techniques which makes him a valuable instructor and advisor for other surgeons.

Toronto rhinoplasty – what are the variations?

Many people who have breathing issues such as snoring or nostril occlusion are told that they have a deviated septum. When internal structures of the nose including bone and cartilage are not centred or positioned correctly, a person’s nose will not function ideally and may appear crooked or imbalanced. The surgical method developed to correct deviated septum specifically is called a septoplasty. Those who are born with these structural anomalies or who damage the nose through injury are often candidates. A septoplasty aims to improve nasal function, rather than to change the appearance of the nose.


Commonly referred to as a nose job, nasal surgery allows a person to change the size of their nose, change the shape of the tip or bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Dramatic improvements to facial proportion and harmony of features are achieved through meticulous and subtle adjustments. In the hands of a skilled and experienced facial cosmetic surgeon, a person’s appearance can be improved without it appearing obvious they had surgical modifications. learn more.

Rhinoplasty in Toronto

Rhinoplasty describes a cosmetic procedure designed to change the nose’s appearance, whether through tip or nostril adjustment, straightening the bridge or other alterations. For many people, the characteristics of their nose are a daily source of frustration or self-consciousness even when the perceived defect is small. Because the nose is central on one’s face, it isn’t possible to cover up and detract from it the way that other physical features may be downplayed. One may inherit hereditary features that they aren’t comfortable with, or sustain a nasal trauma playing sports. A slight hump on the nose, droopy or bulbous tip may be a feature that draws a patient’s focus each day. Rhinoplasty in Toronto offers a permanent and effective solution to a variety of nasal aesthetic issues.

Septorhinoplasty is an ideal choice for patients who not only desire a functional improvement but also wish to change the appearance of their nose. A person can improve the function of their nose while bringing into balance the size or projection, so that it better compliments other features.

Good Candidates for Rhinoplasty

If you are in good health and want to improve the appearance of your nose, you may be a candidate for rhinoplasty. While there is no upper age limit for having a nose job, younger patients may be advised to wait until they are 14 or 15 (when the nose is fully developed) before going ahead.

Dr. Kolenda takes ample time discussing the process and listening to each client’s goals and concerns. He believes that a person who is well-informed and has realistic expectations will ultimately be the happiest with their outcome. It is vital that anyone considering elective procedures be emotionally and mentally stable, fully aware of the limitations and risks involved, and understand what to expect from the recovery and long-term results. Good candidates wish to change or improve something about their nasal appearance, not to improve their lives, relationships or to look like someone else. Come and talk with us about your goals, we’re happy to plan with you.

What should I expect when I plan my rhinoplasty in Toronto?

During your consultation

After you’ve taken the first step to contact Verso Surgery centre and plan a meeting with Dr. Kolenda, you’re ready for a consultation. Patients should get ready for this appointment by preparing a list of questions if they have them, as well as any examples of noses and results that appeal to them or apply to their situation. Of course, your facial surgeon will describe the options, the technique to be used and the considerations for you in detail, but many people find it less stressful to make a checklist ahead of time. 

Once you’ve been examined and possible surgical corrections discussed, you’ll meet with our experienced surgical consultant who’s been working with Dr. Kolenda for 10 years.  Our helpful medical staff will guide you through the pre-operative tests and instructions, and we’ll continue communication to guide you through your journey. We’ll provide a comprehensive surgical quote and private, financial resources to help ensure you have all the support you need.

Rhinoplasty consultations with Dr. Kolenda include a facial morphing tool which he uses to show patients what surgical alterations are possible to match their goals. Many of our patients choose to stay overnight after their procedure in our luxurious guest suites. The day of your consultation, we’ll make you sure have all the details you need to plan your rhinoplasty with us.

Why do people choose to undergo their Toronto rhinoplasty with us?

Today’s cosmetic clients spend considerable time researching their prospective surgeon and rhinoplasty clinic online before making their choice. We recommend paying attention to recommendations from friends and past clients, and many of our new patients come to us this way. Aside from excellent education and practice credentials, the specific rhinoplasty-related experience a facial surgeon has makes a big difference to their ability. Board and Royal College certification are essential to ensure you’re working with a very well-trained surgeon; however, the number of these surgeries performed each year will significantly affect a surgeon’s ability to deliver incredible results. Dr. Kolenda double board-certified, trained in facial plastic surgery, reconstruction and otolaryngology (head and neck surgery). Rhinoplasty is a complex subspecialty of facial surgery requiring extensive knowledge of functional, reconstructive and cosmetic techniques. Only an expert who has devoted years of their education and practice to this particular area can be trusted entirely with your nose.

Our surgeons believe in open communication and are devoted follow up care. Our on-call Registered Nurse is available for all after-hour inquiries or concerns and patients are always free to call or schedule additional appointments free of charge to discuss progress with Dr. Kolenda or a Registered Nurse.

During your follow up appointments, we’ll offer you treatments and advice to improve or reduce downtime. 

We’ll make you feel at home!

At Verso Surgery, our facilities are designed to keep safety standards paramount, while making client comfort central to everything we do. We want to relieve apprehension and empower patients whether they’re booking a minor medical procedure, skin care, hair transplant or facial cosmetic surgery. We are pleased to offer the very latest in medically advanced equipment and operating facilities. We’re fully accredited and more than meet health and safety standards, so our operating suites are outfitted with superior equipment, highly trained and licensed medical staff, and designed with your comfort in mind. Typical hospitals may feel sterile or uninviting. We want to turn what you know about hospitals around and show you that undergoing a procedure with us can be a luxurious and relaxing experience. Our patients enjoy fast and accommodating booking times because we have our own, private facility.

What are the considerations for results and recovery?

Any surgical treatment comes with inherent risks and requires patience during the healing phase. Selecting an expert rhinoplasty surgeon is the best way to ensure you minimize risks such as bleeding, scarring, infection or undesirable results. Each patient must be fully informed and aware of the potential for these problems, however. Your surgeon will discuss the possible outcomes and risks for your procedure.

How long does it take to see results after nose surgery?

Initially, you will see swelling and possible bruising appear in the facial region the day after your surgery. That typically peaks around day 2-3, then begins to subside with the majority resolved by the 14-day mark.

Most patients report very little pain during recovery, but a sensation of pressure due to the swelling and congestion of delicate mucosal tissue. The nostrils will typically have soft breathing tubes inserted to help keep patients breathing freely while the nasal passages are swollen. You’ll be advised as to how to eat, position yourself and conduct daily activities as comfortably as possible. The incisions are located inside the nasal passages or just at the base of the columella, which means they will heal to be invisible or barely perceptible to the naked eye. Incisions are usually closed within two weeks, and you’ll receive instructions regarding protection from the risk of infection or scarring.

In a few weeks, most inflammation and bruises are gone, and the nose will begin to reveal its new shape. Some people see exciting results immediately even though there is still plenty of change to undergo. The residual swelling which persists in nasal tissue can linger for six months or longer. While you will look great and see much of the improvement you anticipate sooner than that, we encourage rhinoplasty patients to wait until the one-year mark to see their fully settled new look.

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