Robotic Hair Restoration – ARTAS

In Toronto, ARTAS robot transplant is at the very forefront of medical science and engineering.

Robotic Hair Restoration – ARTAS

In Toronto, ARTAS robot transplant is at the very forefront of medical science and engineering.

Robotic Hair Restoration

Dr. Jack Kolenda has devoted much of his practice focus to staying at the forefront of hair transplant technology. Because of his intensive medical research and training background, when it comes to selecting the device utilized in his surgery centre, only one device made the grade as state-of-the-art equipment that offers a truly minimally invasive way to restore a full head of hair. Verso Surgery centre is one of the few facilities in the entire country who possess this top of the line, high-end device.

What causes progressive hair loss in men and women?

Learn about hair loss

You may already know that most pattern hair loss is entirely out of your control. Androgenic alopecia is a medical term used to describe the genetically influenced, pattern hair loss that roughly 75% of all men and up to 50% of women suffer from.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Guided by Dr. Kolenda and with the robot’s rapid rate of extraction, you can have your beautiful hair back in no time, and the look of your locks will be completely natural. Read on to learn more.

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Toronto

There are other reasons for shedding and balding which can include:

Poor nutrition or crash dieting, stress, various medical conditions, medications, traction/tension on the hair, dramatic hormonal shifts, and more. If your parents and grandparents lost their hair to pattern balding, then you can expect you likely have the genetic traits to androgenetic alopecia as well. The condition describes a tendency for the follicles at the crown and hairline in men, becoming overly sensitive to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone or, DHT, an androgen sex hormone.

Men and women each manifest the signs differently, with women showing a more diffuse, overall pattern of thinning and men experiencing a receding hairline first, then balding at the crown and eventual horseshoe-shape of hair remaining. If this describes your pattern of hair loss, rest-assured- the factors controlling this widespread problem are entirely out of your control.

However, there is something you can do to fight it. Advanced hair regeneration technology exists today that gives people their confidence and control back. Hair transplant surgery is effective and permanent. Read on to find out if you may be a candidate. Verso Surgery Centre has effective and affordable solutions to help you, right here in Toronto. ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System technology is the solution you’ve been seeking.

Have you wasted money and time on hair loss products or medications that just don’t work?

If so, you’re not alone. Verso Surgery Centre is the only facility in Ontario offering the robotic hair restoration procedure, and one of only four exclusive facilities Canada-wide.

It means patients who are hoping for robotic hair transplant in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton or Kitchener have a short drive to access the best solution in hair loss treatment. It’s time to stop wasting money on temporary or wishful products. Today’s most advanced transplant methods permanently restore real, growing hair so you can get back to your life and positive outlook.

Are you ready for your closeup?

Take the first step and get in touch with us. Find out what we can do to restore your youthful appearance & confidence.

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant- why does it stand apart?

  • High-resolution digital imaging and real-time 3D analysis for consistent grafting.
  • Minimally invasive techniques mean a virtually pain-free treatment and fast recovery.
  • Low cost for a worthwhile investment- the typical patient price range is $7-$9 per follicular unit.
  • Fast and efficient- A typical procedure can take 7-9 hours (lunch provided).
  • Incredibly easy recovery- You can go back to work in about three days and expect a full recovery in 4-7 days.

Why are advanced FUE techniques taking the hair industry by storm?

While the FUT or, strip method is still useful and appropriate for many people who have limited donor hair or desire very significant graft volume, there are drawbacks for this approach which have pushed it farther back on the list of options. Medical scientists and engineers know that some of the critical disadvantages for hair transplantation in the past have been scarring, recovery time and natural quality of results.

As digital technology advances, the possibilities for hair transplant tech have virtually exploded. Not only was FUE, follicular unit extraction invented and perfected to eliminate the linear strip scar, but FUE has now advanced to the next level with robotic precision technology.

This “smart” approach to the scalp and hair analysis, graft removal, preservation and implantation is revolutionary for surgeons and patients. With Dr. Kolenda’s clinical expertise and the precision of robotic hand-held FUE, there is no visible scarring, and it is virtually pain-free.

Previous limitations of time, discomfort, scalp trauma and subtle hair density and growth angles are a breeze for the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system as it uses mathematical formulas and responsive technology to eliminate human error, fatigue and unnecessary trauma.

ARTAS is a cost-effective investment

The price per unit for this method is a little higher than some of the more basic FUE and FUT options. There are good reasons for choosing the higher-end technology for your hair transplant, however.

Let’s take a closer look at what Toronto’s, ARTAS, robotic hair transplant device offers that others simply do not:

In the past, hair surgeons divided up individual grafts by hand with a microscope and a scalpel. The manually cut hair plugs were then inserted in the recipient area with hand-cut incisions. There was little control over the depth, angle or even viability of grafts given the unregulated and vulnerable methods. Today’s most advanced robotic tech harvests follicular units with intelligent algorithms for meticulous depth and alignment.

That means a strategy to deliver precisely the right amount of hair, density and natural growth angles don’t rely solely on your surgeon’s hands and eyes. They are guided and partnered with advanced equipment that ensures the consistent delivery of your individualized hair strategy.

ARTAS Technology

The ARTAS technology displays a wealth of information to the surgeon while working, including high resolution counts for previous, current and waiting for follicular units. The high-resolution cameras speak to the robotic arm to deftly maneuver precisely where it needs to be, within fractions of millimetres. The robotic arm has a full range of motion to accurately place any angle of hair insertion desired. If the patient moves, the split-second reaction is beyond human as it responds and compensates dynamically.

In the past, we relied on hair surgeons to have an incredibly intuitive and artistic eye for natural angle and pattern of hair placement. Today, the ARTAS system intelligently plans for natural results via reliable algorithms, and the combination of an extremely experienced surgeon plus advanced guidance mean you will have the very best possible results available anywhere today.

The unique ARTAS Hair Studio allows for customized planning during the consultation and a way for clients to visually step into the planning process.

ARTAS boasts intuitive physician-assisted controls

The user-friendly functionality of controls simplifies its operation, reduces the complexity of planning and execution. Crystal clear digital displays allow the transplant surgeon to eliminate guesswork and stay a step ahead. Adjustments can be made to various controls without interrupting the session.

Two Options For Operating: Patient Side Or By Keyboard

In Toronto, ARTAS technology offers micron-level precision, controlling density, angle and depth either with a keyboard or patient-side access. The dissection system is proprietary and has dramatically reduced the chance of follicle graft transection, which remains a real concern with traditional FUT and even FUE methods. Transection means to cut across the vital part of the graft root.

It’s easy to damage grafts because they are incredibly tiny, and some extraction methods actually damage grafts while they are being harvested. That is because the hair root and follicle angle within the scalp isn’t easy to visualize and when the hollow extraction punch enters the scalp at a slightly incorrect angle, it can cut off a valuable part of the root. The “take rate” for a hair surgery indicates how many of the grafts transplanted stayed to grow and thrive where placed. There is an expected percentage of damage and loss to occur as part of any transplant procedure, but the advanced robotic technology utilized by ARTAS has eliminated much of the unnecessary damage risk and significantly increased take rates.

This FDA and HPB-cleared, surgeon-assisted transplant technology provides an advanced alternative to transplant surgeries of the past. It doesn’t leave a linear scar at the back of the head, so you’ll be able to wear whatever hairstyle you wish post-procedure—even a short buzz cut.

What can ARTAS do?

ARTAS can do so much that other transplant devices just can’t, including:

  • Use Intelligent algorithms
  • Speed and accuracy beyond any manual method
  • Identify ideal hairs for selection and harvesting
  • Offer robot tech that is surgeon-assisted
  • Deliver advanced procedure information and count in real time
  • Allow for a limitless number of angles and option to match truly natural hair growth
  • Delivers high-quality grafts with a lower transection rate
  • Strategize and achieve a genuinely natural and virtually scar-free extraction and implantation
  • Ensure fast recovery- reducing your time away from work and life

What is the consultation like for ARTAS at Toronto’s Verso Surgery Centre?

Site making under Dr. Kolenda’s control is informed by your hair studio customized plan. Damage to your existing, healthy hair must be avoided at all costs, and the mathematical accuracy of this tool ensures you have a safe, atraumatic procedure. After all, your existing hair is extremely valuable, and you’ll want to preserve all of it while adding density and new growth.

ARTAS® Robotic System

The donor area is extremely essential when considering your overall, long-term results. The ARTAS® Robotic System can surpass any advanced physician’s eyes using scientific algorithms to select only the most healthy hairs and randomize their selection perfectly. That means the natural look of your donor area is preserved with no scarring visible. The problem of donor site depletion comes from removing too many hairs in a distinct pattern from one area.

Because the selection of weaker, less ideal hairs will mean a lower take rate for those, inaccurate and unscientific hair selection can mean more removal than necessary for a lower viable graft yield. Robotic tech allows your surgeon to maximize a smaller number of extractions which is a win-win situation for exceptional transplant results. This sets ARTAS apart and makes it a truly valuable investment for anyone seeking hair restoration.

Hair Restoration

Dr. Jack Kolenda is a visionary leader in the field of hair growth surgery and hair restoration. With advanced degrees and experience in head and neck surgery, his in-depth understanding of scalp and hair anatomy make him passionate about this ever-evolving area of specialty. Patients travel to see us from all over Canada and the world due to Dr. Kolenda’s reputation and the specialized technique he offers.

Minimally invasive and rapid recovery

The trend in medicine and cosmetic procedures is ever-progressing toward minimally invasive and rapid recovery techniques. Dr. Kolenda is at the forefront of developments in hair transplant technology, is an active researcher and sought-after lecturer. He is a staff member at the Department of Otolaryngology at Toronto Trafalgar Hospital and at St. Joseph’s Health Center, Toronto. Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and the medical director for ACE Academia, Dr. Kolenda has created a specialized and talented team of medical professionals here at Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto. ARTAS changes lives. If you’re interested in learning more about this system for hair restoration, we welcome you to call and schedule a consultation today. We’re happy to answer your questions and let you know how you can take the next step toward rejuvenation of your hair and feeling positive about your appearance again.
Robotic Hair Transplant
Robotic Hair Transplant
Robotic Hair Transplant
Robotic Hair Transplant
Robotic Hair Transplant
Robotic Hair Transplant
Robotic Hair Transplant
Robotic Hair Transplant
Robotic Hair Transplant