At Verso Surgery Centre, our hair restoration experts feel it’s important to approach our treatment plans holistically with a broad spectrum of technology and methods available.


At Verso Surgery Centre, our hair restoration experts feel it’s important to approach our treatment plans holistically with a broad spectrum of technology and methods available.

Hair Restoration

When you decide it’s time to take charge of thinning and balding through a hair restoration procedure, your first step may be to head over to online forums. There’s a wealth of information available today so people can independently learn about various hair transplant procedures. At Verso Surgery Centre, our hair restoration experts feel it’s important to approach our treatment plans holistically with a broad spectrum of technology and methods available. That means we carry the latest, most advanced robotic equipment in the unique ARTAS system, and we also employ meticulous traditional methods when they suit the client best. FUT, also known as the strip method, stands for follicular unit extraction. It may be the right route to go when you decide to schedule your surgery.

FUT in Toronto- what’s involved?

Our clients seek us out because we offer an entirely up to date medical facility with advanced equipment and a stellar level 3 OHP surgical centre. We’re also home to a family of dedicated and highly experienced cosmetic surgery experts. When it comes to hair transplantation, we believe that tried and true methods are sometimes just as valuable as leading-edge innovations. Some of our clients will choose to restore their hair using a combination of effective treatments, and FUT may be a part of that plan. Here’s what this method involves:

FUT utilizes a donor scalp strip which is a thin, linear piece of the scalp excised and removed for dissection. Stereo-microscopes help to carefully isolate hair follicles with their surrounding protective tissue and guide the surgeon to create multiple, separate grafts. Clinical assistants can be utilized, and thousands of high-quality grafts are created by hand with this method.

FUT in Toronto is still a sought-after and effective method to use for many clients. The popular literature will sometimes steer away from it, but the pros and cons are worth weighing in each case. Read on to learn more.

Find out more about FUT in Toronto

Regardless of the approach used, the quality of follicular unit grafts affects the success of subsequent implants. The follicles will be harvested from the back of the head in an area where hair growth is dense and resistant to DHT. The extremely localized DHT resistant zone strips come from versus a more dispersed FUE donor region can be beneficial for graft survival rates. The protective dermis surrounding each delicate cluster of hair roots prevents mechanical injury during transfer and insertion.

The excellent visibility also allows the surgeon to dissect with minimal graft transection (cutting through the follicle accidentally.) After the strip has been excised, the incision is carefully stitched up, and the patient will have a roughly 2-week healing period, followed by a linear scar at the back of the head.

In some cases, multiple sessions are performed with 6 months of healing time between. This results in numerous scar lines. The only way to hide those scars is through a tattoo, FUE hair transplant in the scar, or growing the hair long enough to cover them.

Why do people choose FUT?

Toronto FUT patients typically go this route because the yield of hair grafts will be higher in a single session. For those who want significant coverage and redistribution of their hair, roughly 3000 grafts could be created and transferred using FUT. It is possible, and not uncommon, to use a combination of approaches when helping a client reach their goals. For instance, Once the strip method has been carried out and the scalp becomes a little tighter, the FUE (follicular unit excision) method may be the next best option.

FUE utilizes a small rotary punch which is manually or robotically operated. This removes single grafts, one at a time, and allows the surgeon to implant them elsewhere. The punches leave only micro scalp injuries–less than 1 mm–which heal to be nearly invisible. This method is helpful in conjunction with FUT if further hairline or crown filling is desired after the first treatment, or if the FUT scar becomes apparent and widened under tension. FUE allows the implantation of active hair follicles into scar tissue, effectively hiding it.

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Which method is best for you?

The ideal place to begin your research and planning is with an experienced hair transplant surgeon at your side. That’s because choosing between FUE or FUT in Toronto without a personal assessment means you might not know which choice can give you your personal best result. The specialists at Verso Surgery begin the consulting and planning process with a thorough evaluation of your existing hair loss, the pattern and progression of it, the density and availability of donor hair, and of course, in-depth discussion of your desires.

Your age, health and multiple other factors inform suitability for a hair transplant, and it’s essential that you meet with practitioners who are both skilled and experienced. Both FUE and FUT can be excellent techniques depending on the clinical indications. In the right hands, either can be done exceptionally well and yield very natural-looking results. The rate of new hair growth at the recipient site will be the same in either case; from roughly 4-9 months, and fullest at 1 year.


Through either method, the implanted hair will grow permanently where it’s placed. The transfer of grafts to the recipient site will be the same for each technique, and your choice of an artistic and qualified expert will affect the look of your new hairline and aesthetic outcomes.

At Verso, we believe that to offer clients the best of all options and truly customize an individual solution, hair restoration surgeons should possess expertise in each technique, and decide along with the client, which to use.


When you first visit our surgery centre, we’ll welcome you with a beverage and sweet to enjoy while you fill out a patient intake form. You’ll be escorted to a private lounge area where you’ll meet your surgeon and discuss your goals. This is an excellent time to ask questions and learn about the various hair transplantation techniques available. Your surgeon will examine you and talk about your particular hair loss to determine the next best steps.

There will be pros and cons for each surgery type explained to you. For example, FUE can deliver beautiful hair transplant results with minimal scarring or downtime. Many people find this to be a natural looking and convenient option. However, there are limitations as to how many grafts can be transferred in one session using this labour-intensive method.

FUT will allow for high volumes and to treat those who have more extensive hair loss. The visible scar that results and slightly longer recovery time may be considered cons but are worthwhile trade-offs for many people.

Follicular unit transplantation typically gives the highest yield of follicle grafts. If your primary goal for the procedure is to achieve the most dramatic restoration of hair that you can, you’ll likely want to discuss FUT with your doctor.

FUE methods have quickly grown popular in recent years with more automated and assistive technology developed. The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System, which we are pleased to utilize at Verso, is considered the gold standard of this new technology. However, as each patient’s needs and desires differ, we still find that the FUT hair transplant technique meets the needs for specific clientele and provides excellent outcomes.

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We believe that skill and experience combine to result in optimal patient satisfaction, and hair restoration expert, Dr. Jack Kolenda sees patients from all over the world who are seeking the best.

FUT in Toronto

Dr. Kolenda is a renowned leader in the field of hair restoration surgery. He has advanced degrees in head and neck surgery, and in-depth knowledge of hair and scalp anatomy. This means he is always at the forefront of medical science in this area. He’s earned a reputation as the hair transplant surgeon who can deliver specialized and personalized solutions for every client, helping them restore their youthful, vibrant hair fullness and confidence.

Whether you’re a man or woman, early in your career, or back on the dating scene again in mid-life, there are a hundred different reasons people seek the experts and practical solutions at Verso. Our patients find that restoring hairlines, even in subtle ways, can have an incredibly positive impact on their self-confidence and outlook.

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