Verso 6-week BRIDAL BEAUTY plan

Verso 6-week

The months leading up to the big day can be very hectic and exhausting, and it’s easy to forget to plan for your beauty treatments. Not to worry, we’ve put together the ultimate last-minute wedding beauty timeline to ensure you look radiant and picture-perfect on your special day.

6 Weeks To Go
Good news! You still have plenty of time to get two of the most powerful and effective treatments:

Wrinkle-Free Treatments like Botox and Dysport. They last for many months, but do take a few days to kick in and may need to be followed in a week to ensure you get the perfect result – so now is the perfect time.

Dermal Fillers like Revanesse or Emervel can give anyone a smoother and more glamorous look. Banish deep skin folds and old scars, refine the contours of your nose and cheekbones, nix dark circles under eyes and plump your lips for the perfect pout! You can easily get both the anti-wrinkle and filler during the same appointment.

3 Weeks To Go
With less than a month to go, now is the best time to work on your glow.

A medical facial can go a long way if you act now! With deep penetrating technology, there are lots of therapeutic solutions that will actively work with the cells underneath the surface of the skin to repair, exfoliate, and increase collagen production for long-lasting glowing skin!

Professional-grade skincare regiment: If you’ve been slacking on your skincare routine, now is the time to start incorporating a stricter regimen. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize with SkinCeuticals products – and don’t forget to exfoliate. SkinCeuticals also has treatments for dark spots, etc.

Still not too late to go for anti-wrinkle injections, but you have to book an appointment right away.

1 Week To Go
We are really getting down to the wire, so here is your best bet for very last-minute skin rejuvenation.

The Royal Multivitamin Facial is the most effective last-minute solution to increase firmness and plumpness in your skin. Combining ultrasound waves and galvanic microcurrents while infusing multivitamins, this treatment gives you smooth, well-nourished skin plus extra protection against sun exposure! You know you’ll need that while you are outside getting your perfect pictures taken or away on your honeymoon!