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Are you like thousands of men and women who battle a bulge under the chin? Non-surgical treatment with Belkyra in Toronto is growing in popularity, for good reasons. No amount of exercise or dieting seems to get rid of stubborn, submental fat.

Do you feel self-conscious about your neck and jawline in photos? Do you go out of your way to wear scarves and high-necked clothing in an attempt to hide your double chin? Having submental fat can make a person appear overweight or older than they are. It’s amazing what a slim, youthful jawline can do. Imagine getting rid of that unwanted fat without any incisions, sutures or scars. There’s a surgery-free solution in Belkyra, the ground-breaking, injectable fat-destroyer.

After just a few treatments you can be rid of that bulge forever. That’s right- unlike diets and workouts that shrink fat cells temporarily after much hard work, this injectable destroys the fat cells, so they’re not just temporarily shrunk, but permanently eliminated.

We’re going to explain how this incredible solution works and why it could be a game-changer for you too.learn more.

Belkyra in Toronto

Belkyra in Toronto- How do doctors remove fat without surgery?

Verso Surgery Centre is pleased to offer the medical aesthetic industry’s latest and most advanced treatments. Our clients have a wide variety of both surgical and non-surgical options available to them. For facial sculpting and fat reduction, liposuction was once the only way to reliably and permanently remove fat cells. After all, it’s difficult to affect tissue under the skin without an invasive procedure. However, today’s advancements in RF and injectable options have surpassed previous technology limitations. We can now destroy fat cells to eliminate a double chin permanently, and you don’t need liposuction surgery to achieve it.

Here’s why it works:

Belkyra, called Kybella in the US, is produced by Allergan who also brought us the world-renowned Botox and Juvederm injectable products. It’s FDA, and Health Canada approved for the treatment of submental fullness also known as subcutaneous, submental fat. It contains deoxycholic acid which is a bile salt naturally produced by your body for emulsifying fat.

Deoxycholic acid destroys adipocytes and lipocytes ( fat cells) by disrupting their cell membranes. When the cell walls are no longer intact, the free fatty acids and glycerol contained within are released into your body’s waste system to be naturally flushed out. Unlike calorie deprivation and aerobic exercise which can shrink the size of an existing fat cell, but not harm it, Belkyra in Toronto permanently destroys and removes fat from your body, all without scalpels or incisions.

Why do people develop double chins?

Medically referred to as “submental fullness,” a bulge of fat under the chin can be made from a stubborn type of fat which is resistant to the usual means of lifestyle reduction. Some people inherit theirs; others develop a pocket of fat under the chin with age. When you gain weight all over and then lose it, the laxity of facial and neck tissue may mean that you don’t lose fat pockets in these areas as you slim down elsewhere. You don’t need to be overweight or aged to have a double chin.

How long does treatment with Belkyra in Toronto take?

This non-surgical injectable treatment takes about 20 minutes on average. A grid pattern of shallow, subcutaneous injections covers the fatty area. Belkyra begins to break down fat right away, but the whole process will take a few weeks to complete. The injections can even be as fast as 15 minutes.

Is Belkyra treatment in Toronto, safe?

Over 20 clinical studies involving thousands of patients have allowed considerable research and assessment of the product’s safety profile. Belkyra is made from essentially the same natural fat busting substance your body produces to digest food. It only targets fat cells and no others. It doesn’t require incisions and the inherent risks that come with those, including possible bleeding or infection. Instead, there’s no risk of scarring and no wounds to care for.

Safe for both men and women of all ages, our experienced and medically licenced practitioners ensure your total comfort and safe treatment at Verso Surgery Centre. You’ll be given detailed information and instructions so that you know what to expect and can prepare for an excellent recovery. We’ll be in close touch with you after treatment and through subsequent sessions until it’s time to celebrate your final results.

Is Belkyra right for me?

Your Verso doctor will spend time with you privately at your free consultation. They’ll ask you questions about your goals and concerns, and they’ll assess the treatment area. Your overall health related to any medical treatment is important, so they’ll ask about prescriptions you take, potential bleeding or medical issues. Belkyra could be unsuitable if you have a skin condition or infection in the treatment area. Because the possible effects are unknown, you’ll be advised to wait until not pregnant and not breastfeeding before undergoing treatment. Like any medical procedure or medication, all the risks and considerations for treatment should be discussed with your practitioner before proceeding.

Many people ask whether Belkyra can be injected elsewhere on their body. At present, Belkyra has only been approved to treat fat under the chin.

How many Belkyra treatments will I need?

The answer to this varies somewhat between clients because everyone has a unique amount of fat and responds differently to the medication. Your Verso beauty specialist will give you an estimate for planning based on your consultation and in-person exam. For most people, more than one session will be desired to see the full extent of results. On average, 2 to 4 treatments are given, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. That allows the product to take effect and for the body to naturally flush the waste away.

No matter how many applications it takes to reduce your double chin, you’ll enjoy the outcome for years. Unlike Botox which needs reapplication every 4 months, a maintenance injection of Belkyra will only be needed every 5 years or so to account for potential new fat cells.

What will the treatment be like?

While surgical preparation including anaesthetic is required for liposuction, Belkyra in Toronto involves a little local freezing and a fast, comfortable in-office procedure. Our welcoming surgical centre has brand new, state of the art equipment and décor. We welcome and treat guests for a diverse variety of cosmetic needs and patient comfort is always top priority. For your Belkyra session, you’ll be escorted to your private treatment suite where a soft gown, a cozy bed and a blanket are provided. You’ll have a review of the treatment and what to expect again before proceeding to ensure you’re entirely comfortable.

You can rest and relax while your practitioner prepares the area with a series of small, temporary dots to map the injection zones. Your skin will be numbed, so you don’t feel the little needle pokes. The number of injections might vary between 20 to 50, depending on the size of your treatment zone.

Although the area will feel numb for a few hours, you’ll see redness and swelling develop shortly after your procedure. Because the product will be working below the surface to break down the fat cell membranes, an inflammatory response which leads to swelling is expected and will last for several days. One of the more significant drawbacks to the treatment is that there is visible swelling lasting a week or more post procedure. Your neck and chin may appear a little bullfrog-ish but wearing scarves or turtleneck tops can be a convenient way to camouflage this temporary effect.

Will my results be permanent?

Yes! At the Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto, Belkyra is very much in demand because the results are permanent, and few methods of treatment can ensure that. After the initial swelling and firmness of submental tissue soften, you’ll enjoy lasting results if you maintain reasonably stable body weight. It is technically possible to gain double chin fat again if your weight fluctuates dramatically, so we recommend you protect your investment with a regular exercise plan and limiting excess calories in your diet.

Unfortunately, this medication can’t tighten loose skin. If skin sagging and laxity bother you, our experts will be happy to recommend additional toning treatments such as Viora RF skin tightening or a neck lift procedure to smooth and firm your skin.

Could Belkyra treatment be the surgery-free solution for your double chin? Imagine taking selfies without worry about clever angles to hide your neck. Imagine wearing whatever collar or neckline you choose and showing off your slim, youthful jawline without fat in the way. Our patients are just like you, and they find compassion and effective solutions here at Verso Surgery Centre. Our team is comprised of highly experienced and dedicated professionals who can meet any aesthetic need or budget. Finally feeling great about your profile is easier than you think. We welcome you to contact us today and schedule your free consultation. We’ll create a personalized plan just for you.

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