What do we offer our clients for high-level skin repair, refreshing and nourishing? Advanced complexion care with medical facials is an effective way to target dermatological problems and treat the skin with expert formulated ingredients.


We think one of the best things about this complexion booster is that it’s suitable for everyone. That’s right; any ethnicity or tone, sensitive skin, dry skin, acne prone skin- you name it. OxyGeneo™ is even recommended to heal and treat scarred complexions for people who must normally avoid abrasive or ablative treatments. It’s effective, yet gentle. The 3-in-1 format packs as many potent and revitalizing components into one procedure as we can fit in!

This may be a treatment your skin will love if you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following: 

Are you looking for a skin treatment that produces visible anti-ageing results?

Do you need to get down to the deeper levels of your skin where fine lines, hyperpigmentation and dryness are forming?

  • Do you find that your skin care products and makeup don’t quite glide on, soak in or have the desired effect?
  • Do you see signs of environmental and photodamage such as dullness, enlarged pores, dark spots and skin laxity?
  • Do you want a relatively quick treatment that doesn’t require time off work or downtime to heal? 

What if we told you there’s a facial treatment offered at Verso Surgery Centre that was made for you? Our patients love this fast facial because it does so much for them. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why.

Medical Grade Facial OxyGeneo

OxyGeneo™ in Toronto is a new super facial that has taken the cosmetic world by storm. This one has it all -the combination of exfoliation, microdermabrasion plus the deep infusion of essential nutrients to heal and transform skin from within. We think you’ll agree that some facials feel nice, but they don’t accomplish much that you can see. You’ll want to check this out for yourself. learn more.

Who is a good candidate for the powerful OxyGeneo™ super facial?

Here’s what you can expect from OxyGeneo™

  1. Exfoliation

 When you arrive for your treatment at Verso, we’ll escort you to your private room where you’ll have a soft gown, blanket and comfy treatment bed to relax on. Your session begins with gentle cleansing to remove any products, dirt or makeup.

We begin the treatment with exfoliation of the upper skin layer, removing dead cells and debris. Why is exfoliation such an essential element of the OxyGeneo™ facial in Toronto? As you age, your facial skin experiences atrophy in the extracellular matrix and naturally decreases its fibroblasts, collagen and elastin production. Research has shown that optimal oxygen delivery, deep into the skin, stimulates cell growth and biosynthesis. In short- healthy, plump new skin cells are encouraged to grow and replace your aged, damaged cells.

The light exfoliation provided in the initial step of your OxyGeneo™ treatment will facilitate skin permeability to improve infusion of the treatment gels containing active ingredients. The process of mechanical exfoliation also increases blood circulation and oxygenation to the treatment areas which further aids in nourishment absorption.  

The OxyGeneo™ facial in Toronto is non-invasive and non-ablative, so you won’t have any injections or other skin injuries to recover from. However, the strategic combination of lifting dull layers and stimulating the skin to maximize product effects means profound change and improvement for the cells.

  1. Infusion formulas

Next comes our favourite part. Get ready to drench your skin in the vitamins, extracts, hydrators and healing compounds it needs. The solutions you can choose between when you plan your personal OxyGeneo™ facial in Toronto are the NeoRevive™ gel for anti-ageing and rejuvenation, or NeoBright™ to brighten the complexion and improve texture.

OxyGeneo™ is the world’s first facial rejuvenation system with the capability of significantly accelerating the absorption and utilization of nutrients.  These invigorating steps produce a CO2-rich environment in the dermis and send oxygen-rich blood to the skin surface. This phenomenon amplifies the metabolism of nutrient-rich active ingredients.

Here’s what you need to know about the incredible elixirs we apply:               


The luxurious NeoRevive™ gel is perfect for skin that shows signs of ageing. Who doesn’t want to turn back the clock and restore youthful, plump resilience to their face? The problem many people have is that topical products- no matter how excellent- will not penetrate and absorb to the degree that they really need for impactful cell changes.

This anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory serum promotes collagen synthesis while repairing photodamage. Collagen is that supportive substance that contributes to firm, smooth and dewy skin. You’ll be naturally losing collagen a little more each year after age 30. Unfortunately, shortly after, the visible evidence of collagen loss starts to reveal itself in fine lines, facial sagging and wrinkles.

Punica Granatum Seed Oil, Ribose, and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 penetrate to restore cell structure and the supportive matrix that resists wrinkling. NeoRevive™ works to nourish and tone up your tired skin.


Even-toned skin seems harder to maintain as we age. Sun-damage, irritation and stress can lead to hyperpigmentation that sees blotches and spots of uneven pigment appear. Conventional ‘lightening’ creams sold in drugstores and beauty suppliers are typically ineffective, or worse- unsafe.

To safely brighten and lighten your skin, revealing an even and glowing complexion, the innovative NeoBright™ gel is a game-changer.

How can you know that OxyGeneo™ facials in Toronto with NeoBright™ are safe and effective for all skin tones? This advanced formulation is different from the rest because it works with your body’s inherent mechanisms to oxygenate the skin and lighten excess pigment deposits naturally.

NeoBright™’s gentle formula contains natural emollients, intensive vitamins and antioxidants. Azelaic and Kojic acids diminish melanin production and work to resolve hyperpigmentation. A bonus feature of this patient-favourite is its unique ability to combat acne blemishes and the signs of scarring left behind. After your relaxing, deep-cleansing and infusing facial, your skin will appear brighter, balanced and luminous.

The ideal choice for you, will be up to you. Your Verso skin care expert will help you select your customized care plan.

  1. Oxygenate

Why is oxygen such a remarkable skin fixer?

The geneO+ is a specially designed machine which both exfoliates and activates the rejuvenation serums. The concept of oxygen healing and refreshing the skin has been utilized in cosmetic treatments for many years. In the 2000s, first-generation oxygen facial machines directed a pressurized stream of oxygen into the epidermis for a fast, facial flushing glow popular with celebrities about to hit the red carpet. OxyGeneo™ is different, in that it produces CO2 bubbles which gently burst on the surface, sending oxygen-rich blood throughout the tissue layers and maximizing capillary function. The oxygenating effect happens internally.

Your practitioner will exfoliate using the device for roughly 10 minutes, during which the serum will bubble and foam. A compressed pad containing sodium bicarbonate and citric acid forms tiny carbon dioxide bubbles when in contact with the gel formulas.

Your treatment will be completed with a soothing mask tailored to your skin type and desires. After a light wash and application of SPF, you’re free to head out fresh-faced into the rest of your day. There is no particular aftercare required, and aside from a temporary pink flush, your skin won’t need any attention. Just enjoy as a brighter, smoother and softer face reveals itself over the following days and weeks.

How fast can you revitalize your look?

At Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto, the Oxygeneo™ super facial takes 30 minutes, so it’s ideal for our clients who want dramatic improvements on a tight timeline. If you’re a little too busy for lengthy recovery or time off to heal, but you want to affect visible, radiant changes in your skin, this super facial will delight you.

How often should you get an OxyGeneo™ medical facial?

We recommend that you book one of these skin cell makeovers with each change of season. If you want to see the maximum improvement for wrinkle reduction, skin brightening and youthful collagen stimulation, you can schedule sessions as often as once per month and note measurable improvements after a few applications.

We welcome you to contact the friendly staff at Verso Surgery Centre. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to reach your personal beauty goals. Whether you need intensive repair, problem prevention or relaxing care, our knowledgeable team welcomes you with a multitude of just-for-you solutions. Schedule your consultation or treatment today.

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Medical Grade Facial OxyGeneo
Medical Grade Facial OxyGeneo
Medical Grade Facial OxyGeneo
Medical Grade Facial OxyGeneo
Medical Grade Facial OxyGeneo
Medical Grade Facial OxyGeneo
Medical Grade Facial OxyGeneo
Medical Grade Facial OxyGeneo
Medical Grade Facial OxyGeneo