Cosmelan Peel

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Discover the Cosmelan peel

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel represents the power of a multi-ingredient, unique chemical peel designed to treat skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation. All skin types contain melanin in various degrees, and this is the pigment responsible for skin shade and even tone. It often presents in uneven distribution or darker, blotchy deposits to skin injury or various triggers. The Cosmelan Peel decreases natural melanin production through the inhibition of an enzyme called Tyrosinase, responsible for melanin production. By slowing the melanin production, dark spots will soon fade.

The result is a brighter or more even-toned complexion and uniform melanin pigment. A person’s natural glow and beautiful skin tone can be revised and create a clear, even canvass for their facial features.

Cosmelan Peel

A Cosmelan Peel is suitable for use not only on the face but the abdomen, back, legs, hands and chest/décolletage. The areas of your body that suffer sun exposure most often may include the arms and shoulders where spots and freckles appear. As well, the chest, face and back often develop acne scarring for those who’ve suffered from breakouts.

Many people have a skin type that reacts to scarring by creating darker pigmented marks. Discoloration from a condition known as Melasma (can appear as darker patches of skin over a significant portion of the face. Melasma and chloasma (the mask of pregnancy) are often the result of pregnancy and other hormonal shifts. While this skin darkening can fade over time on its own, usually, clients often need the help of a specialized depigmentation peel like Cosmelan in Toronto.

Cosmelan Chemical Peel

for various skin types and conditions, Verso Surgery Centre is pleased to offer customized options.One of our favourite peels is the Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel. This treatment is so effective for managing hyperpigmentation, melasma and visible signs of skin damage that it’s an indispensable tool in our kit. We’ll outline why it works so well and what it could do for you.

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What are the benefits of a Cosmelan chemical peel?

At verso Surgery Centre, our knowledgeable skin experts love offering this effective treatment because so many of our patients suffer from a variety of dark spots and scars that make them feel self-conscious. If you’re embarrassed by skin discolouration and unevenness, you’ll be relieved to hear, just like other Verso clients, that there are effective treatments. Here’s what this popular chemical peel does for our patients:

  • Reduce darkened skin spots, age and sun spots
  • Minimize the appearance of their acne scars and other pigmented scars
  • Effectively treat chloasma and melasma
  • Increase the natural, luminous glow of healthy skin colour and tone
  • Even skin pigment distribution
  • Painlessly resurface and freshen the complexion

Is the Cosmelan peel in Toronto, safe for everyone?

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel is appropriate for all skin types and ethnicities, men and women. Individual assessment with a skincare expert is a crucial part of the planning process and will ensure you’re receiving exactly the right kind of complexion treatment for you.

The ideal candidate for this skin tone reset understands what to expect from the process of treatment and aftercare. They should be in excellent health with no existing dermatological conditions that could impair healing and have realistic expectations for treatment results.

Our patients often experience beautiful improvements after their initial peel, yet a series of customized peels designed to address each person’s specific needs will be planned. Your optimal result and goals met may require more than one treatment.

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What will your consultation and treatment be like?

When you visit the lovely, state-of-the-art premises at the Verso Surgical Centre, we’ll welcome you with a beverage and sweet in our elegant lounge area. There you’ll fill out a patient intake form if it’s your first time visiting us, and we may require you to read and sign a treatment consent form.

On the day that you undergo your treatment, your practitioner will discuss the details again with you in your private treatment room, and you can feel free to ask any questions you may have before getting started. We’ll offer you a gown and cozy blanket before you lay on the treatment table to begin.

Step 1

The Cosmelan peel in Toronto is a two-step process. You’ll have your face gently cleansed first to remove all traces of makeup or dirt before beginning. You won’t require any anaesthetic or numbing treatment ahead of time, and the procedure will be completely non-invasive.

The application of a thick, stimulating mask in office is the first part of the Cosmelan peel, and this is applied by your practitioner. The solution is designed to stay on for some hours- usually between 6 to 12, which means that you’ll remove it later at your home. The sensation when it is initially applied is described as tingly or mildly stinging in some cases, but this fades quickly, and the feeling of wearing the mask will be quite tolerable. Typically, the application appointment is less than one hour.

Step 2

We will provide you with an after-care kit which constitutes step 2 of the Cosmelan treatment.
The home care regimen will include a gentle cleanser, and we’ll advise you about the simple removal of the mask when the right time is reached. The solution is washed away and the next step for your follow up care can be applied.

Mesoetetic Hydra-Vital Factor K (contained in your kit) should be applied immediately and will not only comfort the skin but infuse moisture and protect. Your at home care package will also include a Cosmelan II cream which you’ll apply 2 to 3 times per day, throughout the next two weeks. Active peeling of the skin is expected, and a desired component of the process. The uppermost epidermis layers containing excess pigment deposits and damaged cells will be dried up and gently slough off.

You’ll have access to contact information for our Verso skin experts, so if you have questions or concerns at any point, you can reach us and receive guidance or encouragement. Aside from the patience required throughout the peeling process, the Cosmelan peel in Toronto isn’t described as painful or difficult during recovery. People do take a week off on average, when possible, to allow for privacy when skin peeling is the most active.

Timeline for results

Within just one week, our Cosmelan patients begin to see spots fade and skin tone appears more even. After 2 weeks, the skin is more luminous and healthier looking with minimized pores, fresh colour and less dullness. The full benefits and reduction of hyperpigmentation are enjoyed over the following weeks as new skin cells surface and reveal an even complexion.

Enjoy long-lasting results after your Cosmelan Peel

Committing to the daily, advanced skin care routine recommended by your Verso skin expert will help ensure you enjoy long-lasting results. Your skin will feel somewhat sensitive and delicate for the first few weeks, and vigilant sunblock and protection are advised.

What are the risks and considerations?

There will be some mild redness and discomfort similar to a sunburn after your peel. It’s also common for freshly treated skin to feel tight or itchy before the surface layer sheds. Using a well-qualified and trained medical skin care expert in Toronto for Cosmelan peel procedures will help reduce any risk of skin damage due to improper use or sensitivities. Our Verso Surgery Centre experts take great care to individually assess each client and their skin which ensures appropriate, safe and effective treatment.

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel is a medium strength chemical treatment which typically requires at least a few days off when redness and peeling are most significant. It is not painful. However, those who are pregnant, or nursing are advised to wait before scheduling this therapy. As well, if you have taken Accutane in the last 6 months, or if you experience active rosacea, your practitioner will advise you to wait and let you know when you’re cleared to proceed with a Cosmelan peel in Toronto.

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Cosmelan Chemical Peel
Cosmelan Chemical Peel
Cosmelan Chemical Peel
Cosmelan Chemical Peel
Cosmelan Chemical Peel
Cosmelan Chemical Peel
Cosmelan Chemical Peel
Cosmelan Chemical Peel
Cosmelan Chemical Peel