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At Verso Surgery Centre, we strive not only to lead the way with advanced cosmetic surgery, laser and injectable treatments, but we drew on our expertise to curate the very best medical grade skin care products for our clients as well. Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto was the 1st SkinCeuticals flagship location in Ontario, in 2014.


The best compliment to your regular facial treatments with our talented aestheticians will be a focused regimen of products to use at home that deliver the highest-grade nourishment, antioxidants and potent anti-ageing.

Because we care about the whole picture of each treatment, product and patient, the mission of SkinCeuticals speaks to us at Verso: improve skin health. We’re dedicated to this same purpose. Providing advanced skincare backed by science, their powerful formulas were born out of decades of cancer research conducted to repair and protect skin cells. 

The whole product line is manufactured in the USA and is enthusiastically endorsed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the world.  

SkinCeuticals in Toronto – We understand your skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and its multiple critical roles in health are indispensable. We’re not all created the same, and your skin care approach shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all either. Instead, in-depth knowledge of the subtle characteristics, needs and unique beauty of your skin will allow you to give it exactly what it wants for optimal health and beauty.

Do you know how to recognize skin damage? Your skin has multiple layers and vital components such as structural proteins that maintain its health. This permeable, living, protective layer responds to its environment, both within and outside of it.

As this incredible product line expands to include customizable and targeted therapy for a multitude of complexion concerns, we’re proud to offer the complete range of products and make truly comprehensive, top of the line skincare available for our clients. learn more.

SkinCeuticals in Toronto

The exfoliation of old dead cells is necessary to reveal healthy new ones beneath. However, your ability to renew and turnover skin cells slows as you age. Also, the natural hyaluronic acid content in your tissue which keeps your face supple and luminous will fade, along with less collagen and elastin formation. The internal structure of skin changes with age and the surface begins to show hyperpigmentation, age spots, rough, uneven texture and dryness. This breakdown leads to the accelerated formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

What are cosmeceuticals?

Doctors and skin care experts typically define cosmeceuticals as those specialized products that exist between cosmetics and pharmaceutical. The advanced, active ingredients are held to high standards and clinically proven to benefit the skin. SkinCeuticals are much more than regular skin care. Our formulas are exceptionally well-researched, effective and powerful complexion changers.

When faced with the problem of premature skin aging and damage, our customers want targeted and effective treatments. Wasting time and money on skincare with low quality or poorly developed ingredients leads to frustration. Cosmeceutical skin care is designed to affect real skin improvements you can see and feel.

The problem of atmospheric ageing

The cause of atmospheric skin ageing is environmental aggressors, including UV light, infrared radiation (IRA), and air pollution. Our many serums, moisturizers, cleansers, masks and emulsions are designed to heal and protect your skin from the inside out. The regular exposure and lifestyle factors which generate damaging free radicals can prematurely age your skin. SkinCeuticals in Toronto are leaders in providing advanced environmental and antioxidant protection. These ingredients are extensively tested and clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dull skin, and discolouration. 

Available at the top skin care clinics in Toronto, SkinCeuticals is on a mission to improve skin health, not just its appearance. There is a product line and individual treatment suited to just about any skin type. The following is a list of formulation types:

  • Exfoliants
  • Masks
  • Toners
  • Specialized eyecare
  • Lip care
  • Body care
  • Cleansers
  • Moisturizers

Each of these is designed to prevent, protect and correct your complexion concerns.

Our products cater to all types of complexions, including: 

  • Normal/combination skin
  • Oily skin
  • Blemish-prone skin
  • Dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Mature skin

Acne control products

Excess sebum production, poor desquamation (exfoliation), hormonal influences, stress and food sensitivities can all play a role in causing acne breakouts.  SkinCeuticals patients in Toronto who suffer from acne typically want to decrease their excess oil, reduce clogged pores and dead cell buildup, and soothe their inflamed, sensitive skin. We’ve customized an entire line designed to gently clarify and control the cycle of skin blemishes without harsh ingredients to strip and dry out the skin. When you meet with one of the caring skin experts at Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto, your SkinCeuticals product regimen will be customized to treat your issues after a thorough assessment and consultation.

We’ve created luxurious serums designed to correct

SkinCeuticals corrective serums are highly concentrated and targeted formulations created to prevent the appearance of skin conditions and damage. Depending on the product you choose, your serum can treat pigmentation problems, fine lines, acne, oiliness and more. They’re light and easy for anyone to apply morning or night, alone or with makeup. Many of them are oil-free, and while they’re profoundly nourishing and transformative for the skin, they don’t clog pores or make the skin feel greasy. The corrective serums are designed to be absorbed fast and sink in deep to correct damage in the dermis while protecting the surface.  

You can defend your skin from the damage of photoaging

You know you need a daily sunscreen, but many cause problems with blending, skin sensitivity or visibility of the product. SkinCeuticals daily sunscreen delivers effective photoaging protection. With a high level of broad-spectrum, chemical-free UV filters, our products are safe and available in a variety of formulations suitable for everyday use. We’ve created sunscreens for any skin type as well as mineral and tinted sunscreens for a care-free, no-makeup feel.

Are you protecting your skin from ozone damage?

Ozone is plentiful around us, but that’s not a good thing for your skin. It’s a colourless gas present both in the upper atmosphere and down where we are. Stratospheric ozone is considered to be good and helpful because it creates a protective shield between us and damaging UV rays. Conversely, tropospheric ozone is designated as “bad” because it’s carcinogenic and aggressively attacks respiratory tissue.

So, how do we wind up with ground-level ozone affecting human health?

Tropospheric ozone is created when chemical reactions between nitrogen oxides (NOx), sunlight and volatile organic compounds (VOC) occur. A few sources of NOx are automobile emissions, power plants and industrial boilers. VOCs can be man-made and come from commercial products or household furniture and décor as well as smoke, pesticides, and emissions from gasoline.

What does this mean for the appearance and health of your skin?

Ground level ozone can cause signs of ageing on your complexion, prematurely. You may note the following:

  • Skin dehydration
  • Increased sebum production
  • Sensitive skin
  • A decrease in vitamin E

How do SkinCeuticals products in Toronto provide a comprehensive solution for the problem of ozone damage?

SkinCeuticals broad-spectrum sunscreens and antioxidants provide a combined defence and repair approach to combat ageing, damaged skin. Ask your skincare expert at Verso to help you select the most powerful protect and repair combinations for your complexion, especially if you spend a fair amount of time outdoors, enjoying the sun and exposed to environmental pollutants. The extra prevention and defence can help keep you looking young and vibrant for years to come.

The SkinCeuticals story – What our top skincare company wants you to know about them

The company was founded in 1994 and based on pivotal research conducted by Dr. Sheldon Pinnell. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate and discover breakthrough skincare solutions backed by science. The skin cancer research which led to advanced antioxidant discoveries also informs our product’s unique ability to penetrate the skin and carry high potency, pure actives down to the structural layers of the skin where transformation begins.

From the first potent serums in the late 90s to the launch of Phloretin CF Gel in 2011 which took the penetrability of antioxidants to the next level, we’re proud to lead the way in an industry which improves how people look and feel every day. We hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards, and our products are often in the media spotlight, winning awards and recommended by doctors internationally.

SkinCeuticals has a global responsibility

We’re committed to supporting medical and social initiatives which improve people’s lives.

We’ve been a Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) sponsor since 2010. This organization has awarded over 38 million dollars to 97 different research programs that advance the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of melanoma.

We strive to minimize our green footprint

SkinCeuticals believes our impact on the environment should be a positive one. We continue to reduce shipping cartons and materials used in packaging. In 2016, we upgraded our fulfilment centre to utilize wind turbines which have measurably improved our carbon neutrality.

Find out what SkinCeuticals can do to transform your skin

If you’d like to have a personalized skin assessment and product advice with our Verso team, we’d love to meet you. Just call, write or visit our Toronto clinic for SkinCeuticals product education and treatment recommendations.

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