Top 6 SkinCeutical Products You Need To Try Today!


If you haven’t tried SkinCeuticals yet, now’s the time to come into Verso Surgery Centre and find out why this high-tech medical grade skin care line is our gold standard of complexion care.
Intensely researched and science-backed formulas are designed to not only beautify the skin, but to heal, nourish and change it from the inside out. The following six specialized formulations are must-have additions to your collection.

C E Ferulic

As the number one recognized antioxidant in the global cosmetic market; this blend of ferulic acid, vitamin C and E neutralizes and protects from free radicals that damage your skin cells. C E Ferulic also builds up natural collagen and lipids to plump the skin cells and achieve a more youthful appearance.

Everyone wants to fight photodamage, chemical and environmental cell damage. The signs of aging creep up in numerous ways, but just a few drops of this daily serum targets and reverses damage.

We recommend combining it with our sunscreen for an amplified protective effect.

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF

Phloretin, vitamin C and ferulic acid combine to brighten skin and improve radiance.
Designed for daily use, the antioxidants within help to protect from free radicals, protect from oxidative stress, improve discolouration and reduce fine lines.

Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier

Nothing beats the deep hydration of natural hyaluronic acid. This hydrophilic sugar attracts and holds up to 1,000x its weight in water which restores a supple, dewy complexion. Without feeling heavy or greasy, this skin quencher soaks in and restores the health of your cells.

The serum also contains proxylane™, as well as botanical licorice root and purple rice extracts. These all work together to sustain the ongoing restoration of HA to the skin.

As this incredible product line expands to include customizable and targeted therapy for a multitude of complexion concerns, we’re proud to offer the complete range of products and make truly comprehensive, top of the line skincare available for our clients. learn more.

Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2

This SkinCeuticals favourite restores the natural fats in your skin which help promote strength, tone and resilience. Lipids are natural fats and play an essential role as part of the skin’s healthy barrier to keep hydration in and impurities out. Along with collagen and elastin loss, lipid levels decrease as we age too.

2% pure ceramides, 4% cholesterol and 2% fatty acids are the optimal ratios to restore lipids in your skin. Used as a preventative and a soothing fix for mature complexions, this is essential skin food to include in your regimen.

Resveratrol B E

Thin, maturing skin? Resveratrol is an extract of grape skin that naturally protects against UV damage and other skin stressors. Known as a “longevity molecule” and a potent anti-ager, this nighttime concentration is combined with baicalin and E to repair elasticity and skin density overnight.

Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50

No doubt you’ve heard every dermatologist and cosmetic specialist insist that sun protection is the key to preserving a youthful complexion. The UV damage our skin receives on a daily basis, no matter the season, is a constant source of aging damage.

This mineral sunscreen is a patient-favourite because it goes on light with a matte finish. Thanks to aerated silica which absorbs an incredible amount of oil, you stay shine-free even in hot, humid temperatures. Zinc oxide to block UVB, and titanium dioxide to protect from UVA rays complete this perfect daily protection.

These are just 6 of the fabulous, transformative products available in this world-class line. We invite you to come into Verso and allow our experts to recommend a personalized treatment plan just for you.

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