Toronto Festoon treatment solutions

You may be seeking treatment for festoons in Toronto. If you’ve been told that this is the issue you present with, you might be curious to know what exactly these facial contour irregularities are, and how do we treat them?

Toronto Festoon treatment solutions

You may be seeking treatment for festoons in Toronto. If you’ve been told that this is the issue you present with, you might be curious to know what exactly these facial contour irregularities are, and how do we treat them? There are a few ways to go about it and deliver excellent results. Many people have a hard time differentiating whether their “puffy eyes” problem is related to the lower eyelid, or classified as festoons. Here, we’ll explain how to tell these two conditions apart and more importantly, what you can do about them.

Lower Lid Rejuvenation

What are festoons and why do they form?

This term might be unfamiliar to you. In Toronto, festoons are less talked about than eyelid bags, but many people have this issue. It describes a condition wherein the attenuated orbicularis muscle combined with sagging, stretched skin forms a protruding drape of edematous excess skin, below the lower eyelid. It typically overlies the malar mounds. (cheekbone) Multiple factors might contribute to your formation of festoons. These include chronic soft tissue inflammation, sagging skin and orbicularis structures related to age, and severe lower lid dermatochalasis (LED). A lymphatic imbalance may also increase the size and visibility of your festoons. learn more.


Other factors that contribute to festoon development include water retention due to allergies or health conditions. The injection of hyaluronic acid fillers near the area can make the problem worse as HA is hydrophilic and will pull more fluid to the region. That’s why it’s essential that anyone seeking to camouflage eyelid bags or festoons only meet with exceptionally skilled facial surgeons for injectable filler treatment.

Festoons in Toronto- what’s the difference between lower eyelid bags and festoons?

The terms used to describe various, undesirable eyelid conditions are sometimes used interchangeably, so it’s understandable when patients are confused. Do you have dark circles? Puffy eyes? Festoons, or something else?

Festoons are caused by a medical condition which combines the damage of lower eyelid and cheek tissue with excess fluid and fat retention in the area.  These typically appear in older individuals and those with naturally lighter, thinner skin.

When lower eyelid bags and festoons co-exist, they may be considered the same problem. However, they are technically separate structures and conditions, though both are age-related in most cases. When only the lower eyelid is corrected, festoons- located below the lid- may appear more severe instead of improved. That’s why only an experienced, facial surgeon who specializes in the intricacies of the head and neck can be trusted to choose the right approach. Intimate knowledge of the delicate structures involved will allow a correction that genuinely helps the client feel better about their appearance.  At Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto, festoon treatment is part of our extensive suite of services designed to transform and rejuvenate the face.

Lower eyelid bags- These are often age-related fat deposits protruding around the eye due to lax muscles and skin.  The weakening of the structures that previously held fat in firmly will contribute to its appearance. For some people, the under-eye bags show up much earlier in life simply because of hereditary traits.

There is a marked difference in where these two conditions form on the face. Festoons are located lower than eyebags, and found on the upper cheek.  They will typically appear as a separate protrusion. The under-eye bags, in contrast, are found directly under the eyeball, beginning at the lower lash line. When a person looks up, the bag prominence increases, whereas a festoon remains unchanged no matter what position the eyeballs are in.  

A third difference that is useful to tell the two apart is how they feel to the touch. Festoons are almost always soft and pillowy feeling because they are mostly fluid based and contained under thin skin. Their volume can be easily moved. Lower eyelid bags will usually feel firmer to the touch because they are located deeper under the skin and other structures.

Dark under-eye circles

Even small children can present with this aesthetic issue, though its onset is usually post-puberty. It’s commonly an inherited trait, but the causes are complex and varied. Melanin deposits, venous stasis, thin skin and a lack of fat in the area may all contribute to what is often nicknamed, “raccoon eyes.”  The issue is one of hollows, shadow, visible veins or hyperpigmentation. It is not a matter of excess fat or fluid, so it’s entirely different from festoons or eye bags.

To treat dark circles, cosmetic professionals will often suggest pigmented concealers, bleaching creams, lasers, chemical peels, or fillers. Recently, platelet-rich plasma, (PRP) injections are proving useful to even the tone and texture of this delicate skin. Also, nano fat injections can be a reliable therapy option. A private consultation to explore the possible treatments and develop a personalized plan is recommended.

Treating festoons in Toronto- how is it done?

Many people seeking lower eye bag reduction (blepharoplasty) also need to address festoons, and they may not realize it. If one is corrected and not the other, festoons could appear more prominent after.

Post-blepharoplasty swelling and lymphatic imbalance can increase the size of festoons as well. The most effective treatment options for festoons at Verso Surgery Centre have been developed and improved by innovative, expert facial plastic surgeons. Our unique approach and targeted focus mean that we deliver highly satisfying solutions for this common issue.

Treatment options include laser therapy, direct excision (creating a small incision to remove the festoon contents), and a midface lift in more severe cases where excess skin is problematic.   

Fat grafting

The nano-fat injection can be done as a stand-alone procedure or combined with a facelift for those who want to refresh their appearance completely. At Verso, fat injection is a complex and specialized treatment consisting of a few different elements: administration of structural fat, micro fat and nano fat. Structural fat grafting is explicitly designed to correct and augment volume in the area. This approach layers fat into the deeper facial planes.

Conversely, micro fat injections are utilized for the superficial layers like the tear troughs and infraorbital sulcus. The nano fat is used to add resilience and healthy luminosity to the skin with a very superficial injection technique. It can be combined with mesotherapy to infuse the skin with nutrition and strength as well. The three-part combination of fat components delivers the most comprehensive, natural results and addresses all the ageing changes associated with volume loss, skin thinning and festoon formation.

Ablation, peels and injection

Direct treatment for festoon reduction at Verso will often blend more than one treatment element. Use of chemical peels can be beneficial to tone and refresh the skin in the area.  Fractionated laser treatments deliver microscopic injuries that stimulate natural strength-building collagen and elastin to tighten skin. Direct surgical excision, including eyelid surgery, can dramatically improve the malar contour.  

Here at Verso, we’ve been successful in treating festoons with chemical ablation that introduces a sclerosing agent to reduce the malar bags through a simple injection. This can be repeated over 2-3 sessions to build a gradual reductive result.


A facelift to correct midface atrophy is ideally combined with fat injection. The facelift procedure allows the surgeon to lift and reposition underlying structures while replacing depleted facial volume. They can then redrape the facial skin in a smooth, tension-free manner. Because the problem of festoons in Toronto often affects the cheek/midface area, a holistic approach to rejuvenate multiple facial factors will usually provide the most complete, dramatic results.

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Lower Lid Rejuvenation
Lower Lid Rejuvenation
Lower Lid Rejuvenation
Lower Lid Rejuvenation
Lower Lid Rejuvenation
Lower Lid Rejuvenation
Lower Lid Rejuvenation
Lower Lid Rejuvenation
Lower Lid Rejuvenation