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The Verso Surgery Centre beauty specialists do it all. Our clients are diverse, and they prefer bespoke solutions for a variety of complexion and body shaping needs. Do you want the latest non-surgical technology to combat sagging skin, without scalpels? Have you considered Viora RF skin tightening in Toronto?

One of our favourite laser beauty solutions is a top-requested treatment for skin tightening. What if we said, you can get the results you’ve always wanted, but without the stitches, or lengthy recovery? It’s the beautiful truth.

Toronto skin tightening with Viora RF- the most advanced system to date

We live in an instant culture, and there’s no way around the time some procedures take. However, if you can get the look you want fast- go for it! Viora technology delivers consistent results to firm and smooth the skin as an alternative to surgery. RF stands for radio frequency, and it’s both comfortable and quick. This non-invasive solution can be scheduled over a lunch break, so your busy life stays on track.

Toronto’s best skin tightening- Viora RF-provides measurable results. After treatment, you can expect improved skin tone and reduction in laxity for the jowls, cheeks, forehead, neck and décolletage. It even works around the delicate eye area.

Skin Tightening

Viora radiofrequency treatments are suitable virtually anywhere on the body where time and stress have taken a toll on your skin. Treatments are brief, and you can return to work or regular activity right after. The cellular changes ignited by Viora will go on remodelling and improving your appearance under the surface when your session is complete. learn more.

Skin Tightening Toronto

Why choose Viora RF Skin Tightening?

This is an industry-leading technology at the forefront of medical science. The experts at Verso Surgery are pleased to offer advanced devices which are proven to get results for our clients. Our fully equipped surgical centre accommodates both complex invasive and non-surgical laser treatments to rejuvenate skin and underlying tissue dramatically. Viora treatments are clinically proven, painless and safe which is essential to our clients, and to us.

While cosmetic surgery such as face lifts and tummy tucks remain valid and reliable ways to permanently and dramatically reshape the body, surgery isn’t for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a lower cost option or prefer natural, non-invasive solutions, RF is a powerful way to affect change in your skin without any incisions. The non-surgical method of skin tightening involves fewer risks and virtually no recovery time which makes it convenient for many people.

Customized laser treatments just for you

Viora has a broad range of specially designed products to offer a wide range of treatments for men and women. That means we can customize solutions for you based on your needs, your preferences and aesthetic goals.

Everybody likes fast, natural cosmetic procedures that are safe, painless, and don’t require any downtime. However, you also want technology that’s proven to work on a cellular level. RF has been utilized for non-surgical skin tightening since 2001. Radiofrequency is energy measured in wavelengths per second. How can you be sure that it’s safe?

The RF energy used for skin tightening is around 450 kilohertz, which is slow on the radiofrequency range. That means RF energy is considered to be quite calm and safe as far as electromagnetic energy goes.

How does radiofrequency tighten skin?

RF produces heat in the skin’s deeper lasers, unlike higher frequency lasers that target the skin’s surface primarily. Cell turnover and the natural rebuilding and restructuring of tissue is stimulated through heat, resulting in creation of new, healthy and firm cells as a response. Precisely targeted heat energy contracts lax tissue fibres while encouraging the production of new collagen and stimulating angiogenesis- improved blood flow.

Viora devices allow for customization and targeting exactly what you need. The range of products works along with Viora’s ST handpiece for amplified and focused effects. Amazingly, Viora’s CORE technology also works to shrink fat cell volume and enhance blood circulation in the treatment area. That accounts for the firmer, smoother and slimmer results our patients love. It’s truly an all-in-one way to get back the youthful, toned appearance you once had, on your body or your face. With Viora RF skin tightening, you’ll see vibrant, glowing skin, which is thicker, stronger and healthier. Improved collagen and elastin tighten the dermis while fighting against sagging. The surface texture appears smoother and younger.

Viora RF Skin Tightening in Toronto- you have many options

Viora represents an innovative new approach to cosmetic body improvements. As a company which is always endeavouring to improve on existing technology, they respond to market demands and customer feedback. Patients undergoing skin tightening in Toronto with Viora RF devices for face and body have driven the need for fast, painless, smart technology.

Viora’s V-ST handpiece, ReFit, ReLift and ReVive represent a range of patient-specific ways to target sagging skin for visible improvements.

Smooth away your stretch marks

Viora is committed to advanced technologies for specific skin problems such as stretch marks post childbirth.

Many people who suffer from this embarrassing issue find that there’s little they can do on their own to reverse it. No diet, exercise, topical stretch mark cream, or even surgery can get rid of the noticeable lines. Tummy tucks pull and smooth the skin, but stretch marks often remain. You need a transformational laser solution like ReFit – designed for skin smoothing, restructuring, toning and tightening.

Many of today’s patients want an alternative to surgery if possible. When minor skin laxity and stretch marks are the issue, there’s an affordable and fast way to solve the problem. RF energy affects real change in the skin’s elasticity, to restore collagen, improve the firmness, and more. ReFit represents the aesthetic industry’s most up-to-date technology for surgery-free skin tightening.

We invite you to come in and learn more about Verso’s impressive solution for loose, sagging skin. It’s ideal after pregnancy or weight loss to firm up visible sagging.

Surgery-free facelift

Your age, gravity, environmental damage and genetics can all lead to facial sagging, wrinkles and a downward shift. Have you developed an undefined jawline, neck sagging, jowls or deep nasolabial folds? Your Viora RF skin tightening session with ReLift can be completed quickly but make a lasting change to your appearance. Viora’s ReLift is designed especially for sagging face and neck fat areas. The custom-hand piece fits in all the delicate contours of the face and delivers comfortable tightening energy to the skin and tissues underneath. You’ll experience the relaxing comfort of a warm facial. Your skin cells will experience total rejuvenation.

Non-invasive labial rejuvenation

ReVive is designed for the delicate labial tissue which can experience a loss of strength, tone or shape over time. Whether medical or cosmetic, the restorative improvements desired for feminine tissue can be achieved without scalpels or stitches. It’s suitable for all skin types and doesn’t require anaesthesia or any time off work. Viora’s CORE technology delivers non-invasive and comfortable tightening of the labia majora through collagen and elastin remodelling and thickening of the dermis. ReVive procedures feel relaxing and safeguard against any heat damage to the skin so you can have peace of mind about the outcome of your treatment and relax during the process.

Are you a good candidate for RF skin tightening?

If you’ve lost weight and notice that your skin appears loose, you may benefit from Viora’s technology. If your face looks flatter or heavier today than it did in the past, it could be a good time to consider a non-surgical lift. If you prefer natural, non-invasive and drug-free approaches to beauty and health, this treatment is perfect for you. Are you a busy professional who has no time to spare for laying low after a cosmetic procedure? We understand. Skin tightening doesn’t have to disrupt your day. Treatments last between 30 to 60 minutes on average and don’t require any aftercare. No one will even know you had a procedure done as you return to your routine.

Patients should be generally healthy. Your surgeon will ask you a few general health questions to ensure that the treatment is suitable and that you’ll see optimal results. Men or women of any age and background can benefit from RF technology.

Any skin tone can safely undergo treatment because the radiofrequency works deep under the surface to tone and regenerate cells far below pigmented surface skin. The versatility and safety profile of Viora’s RF devices are part of what makes them so appealing to our clientele.

Come meet the Verso team for your consultation

With the variety of options available to you, it helps to have specialized medical and beauty experts listen to your goals, questions and needs. We’ll help you navigate the possible solutions and customize a treatment plan you feel great about. Our practitioners give clear, personal and honest advice to ensure you get just what you want, and nothing you don’t. When it comes to skin tightening in Toronto, Viora RF treatments are an exciting solution, and we’d love to tell you more during your free consultation.

If your skin needs a refresh, the possibilities may be easier than you think. Let us help-contact Verso Surgery Centre today.

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