Focusing on safety through precision, The SONOINJECT™ is the latest in advanced cosmetic treatment upgrades that keep our practice ahead of the curve.


For over a decade, Dr. Kolenda has been pioneering methods for minimizing discomfort, scarring, and procedure downtimes. Now, he’s bringing assistive technology to facial dermal filler treatments with the SONOINJECT™. It’s revolutionizing the way this cosmetic treatment is done and allowing even safety and artistry through precision. It can be applied to any facial treatment including nose, cheeks, eyes, forehead, etc.

People from all over the GTA and Ontario visit Verso Surgery Centre’s beautiful facility for a multitude of medical and cosmetic treatments. Dr. Jack Kolenda provides expert facial plastic surgery and injectable facial services. With extensive medical training and experience, he chose Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery as his specialty, and he’s passionate about leading modern medical trends in aesthetic medicine. The complexities of head and neck anatomy mean that advanced safety protocols and knowledge are not only required to perform facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, but necessary to inform facial injection practices too.


SONOINJECT™ utilizes the non-invasive power of ultrasound to map the vascular pathways of the face. Your face has abundant blood vessels to support your healthy complexion. That’s why invasive facial cosmetic procedures can lead to temporary swelling and bruising in some cases. Knowing where those pathways are, ensures safe dermal filler injection. The device optimizes the facial filler injection process to combine decades of experience and skill with the real-time ability to visualize under your skin’s surface. The technique reduces risk of vascular injury immensely and provides safety through precision.

Dr. Kolenda and Verso Surgery Centre are pleased to stay at the forefront of aesthetic medicine with continual innovation and technology upgrades. Read on to learn more.

SONOINJECT™ in Toronto

Ultrasound for filler- Why is it safer?

Orthopedic surgeons who commonly inject medications like cortisone and local anesthetics to various body areas have a very narrow margin or error. Ultrasound-guided injections, similar to SONOINJECT™, have been used in different medical fields for many years with great success.

The substantial research and practice which has advanced this technology are essential for safe injection of hyaluronic acid or analgesics. For instance, when targeting the joint space of a person’s limb, it’s imperative the physician place medication within that space and not the surrounding soft tissue. Drugs administered to a tendon sheath have a tiny, precise target as well. Regarding facial anatomy, your intended zones for volumizing dermal filler are also surrounded by blood vessels and nerves to be avoided.

Traditional, “blind,” injections require a doctor to have a high degree of experience, and anatomical knowledge. While specialists like Dr. Kolenda have honed these skills, even the best facial plastic surgeons prefer to see under the surface in real-time high detail with ultrasound assistance.

SONOINJECT™ in Toronto- how is it changing dermal filler procedures?

This technological advancement has been extremely beneficial to physicians and patients. It’s easy to see this will become absolutely standard soon because there are no drawbacks for the client and countless benefits.

The goal of the ultrasound-guided injection is to improve the safety profile of facial dermal filler injections and allow an “inside look” to image existing filler materials in various layers of facial tissue. This gives the physician a much greater understanding of the unique anatomy and situation of each client they treat. Ultimately, the SONOINJECT™ is able to deliver a higher level of safety through precision.

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Can your facial cosmetic surgeon see the fillers you already have?

There are other benefits to using this assistive technology for dermal filler treatment. Many of today’s patients have come from another clinic or had previous treatments, yet they’re not sure what they had injected, where, or when. If significant time passed since your last facial filler session, the product may be gone, or not. If you’ve developed any hardened areas or granulomas from a permanent or semi-permanent product, your surgeon will want to visualize the material for proper assessment. Now, with SONOINJECT™ that’s not only possible but a standard part of your treatment. During your facial injection appointment, your practitioner can quickly and gently scan your facial tissue to identify any remaining, underlying areas where products are still in place.

Facial fillers tend to have hydrophilic or hydrophobic characteristics, and all hyaluronic acid fillers bind water, making them hydrophilic. Water content doesn’t reflect sound waves from the handpiece; therefore, it appears black or dark grey on the imaging screen.

Hyaluronic acid fillers carry the advantage of being dissolvable using an enzyme, hyaluronidase. In the case that a patient is unhappy with their filler, or if there is a complication, fast dissolution of the HA product is done by injection of hyaluronidase to the precise filler mass. If the product is deep, detection may be challenging. Rather than injecting blindly, it’s exceptionally beneficial in these cases to have the ability to map the underlying structures and see the filler clearly while applying the treatment.

How can your injector make your filler treatment safer?

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are a brilliant, instant solution with an excellent safety record and yield soft, natural-looking results. While the treatment is becoming common and socially acceptable, its “safety” depends primarily on the injector. That’s because, while it’s a helpful substance sitting in the intended location, filler injected to a blood vessel can have dire consequences.

Choosing an appropriately educated and experienced facial cosmetic surgeon to treat you is a critical step to ensure safety because these individuals have advanced, detailed knowledge of facial anatomy. There are still risks present with any treatment; however, no matter how small. Most practitioners would like to reduce the risks as much as possible for their clients. Most patients feel the same way. Possible complications using HA filler include but are not limited to:

  • Abscesses
  • Filler dislocation
  • Allergic reactions, inflammatory responses
  • Intravascular injection

Ultrasound-guided facial injection

There are dangerous zones all expert injectors know about, including the nasolabial groove area. It’s risky for injecting due to the facial artery running close to the surface. If this facial artery is occluded accidentally, damaged skin and necrosis could result around the nasolabial fold or even the nose. Your facial injector will explain the different high-risk areas and how to mitigate risks related to your treatment.

Dr. Kolenda chooses ultrasound-guided facial injection using SONOINJECT™ to combine his extensive facial anatomy knowledge with advanced imaging capability. The device shows blood flow under a patient’s skin surface on the screen in red and blue. The blood vessels are easily identified by the physician in conjunction with other critical dermal structures. Prevention of complications improves because any vascular adverse events can be seen. Using ultrasound guidance, hyaluronidase may be injected directly into a filler deposit if needed. Your dermal filler treatment will not only be safe, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your practitioner isn’t injecting blindly, but instead with impeccable precision.

Achieving the desired effect with SONOINJECT™

You’ll learn how SONOINJECT™ is improving an already in-demand treatment at Verso. Your comfort and safety are always paramount here. We welcome you to call, write or come in and learn more today.

Why do people choose hyaluronic acid dermal fillers?

Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used facial filler substance and has an exceptionally safe profile. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, millions of HA filler treatments were administered in the U.S., according to their research a few years ago, and the numbers are growing. People from all walks of life, men and women, choose fillers to restore facial volume, augment lips, and even temporarily enhance the nose.

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar-derived molecule which draws water and helps to hydrate body tissues. It’s found all over your body, in the joints, brain and skin. As you age, you’ll make less of it and the natural plumping moisturization your skin needs may suffer. When hyaluronic acid is crosslinked on a molecular level, a resilient gel is created. This hydrating, thicker product can be injected and stay where placed under the skin. Various formulations of HA possess different cohesive properties and will break down over time to be harmlessly reabsorbed. Losing hydration in your skin may lead to wrinkles and other signs of aging. At the same time, many people lose fat pads in their face with age, causing hollows and facial sagging.

How does ultrasound technology work?

The SONOINJECT™ device utilizes a non-invasive ( completely comfortable) handpiece attached to the monitoring machine. It directs a sound wave that penetrates the skin to various depths within your tissue. Sound waves become progressively weaker in strength as they’re absorbed or scattered by the materials encountered. Part of the ultrasound wave will be reflected back, received by the processor and translated into an image on a screen.

Based on echogenicity, imaging created from sound waves encountering various density and type of material is seen as hyperechoic (white on screen), hypoechoic (gray on-screen), and anechoic (black on screen). Your facial bones, muscles, existing fillers and blood vessels will all be easily identified as the handpiece gently moves over your skin’s surface.

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Cosmetic medicine is a passion for Dr. Kolenda and an ever-advancing field. He strives to offer the latest in medical equipment and procedural advances for his clients at the Verso Surgery Centre. The knowledgeable team at Verso believe those interested in looking and feeling their best should be free to gather personalized feedback without any pressure. It’s essential that you be heard, and that the advice you receive is tailored to your goals and needs. Dr. Kolenda will spend time with you one-on-one, learning about your objectives and offering detailed treatment descriptions so you can make an informed decision.

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