Vascular Therapy

We all want the smooth, even-toned skin of youth. If you’re embarrassed by unsightly veins on your face, you can take your confidence back with Cutera CoolGlide laser therapy.

Vascular Therapy

We all want the smooth, even-toned skin of youth. If you’re embarrassed by unsightly veins on your face or legs, you can take your confidence back with Cutera CoolGlide laser therapy.

Spider Veins Therapy

We all want the smooth, even-toned skin of youth. If you’re embarrassed by unsightly veins on your face, you can take your confidence back with Cutera CoolGlide laser therapy. This modern approach is safe and effective for removing tiny superficial capillaries as well as deeper blue veins on patients of all skin types, and it’s less painful than previous methods to treat spider veins in Toronto.

Why trust Cutera CoolGlide to treat spider veins in Toronto?

A tangle of reddish lines appearing on one’s face and body has long been one of the visible drawbacks of ageing, but past solutions were painful or came with risks like blistering from lasers.

Compared to other procedures that can minimize visible blood vessels, CoolGlide by Cutera is ideal because it provides a longer laser wavelength, which is safe for use on all shades of skin. You’ll also benefit from the hand laser’s innovative cooling design, and the most flexible parameters for vascular therapy. We’re pleased that whether the vessels in question are large or small, and regardless of skin tone, all our patients can look forward to outstanding, permanent results.

The benefits of spider vein treatment

When seeking a vein clinic, Toronto’s Verso Surgery Centre offers men and women with spider veins, the best solution. Cutera CoolGlide has flexible wavelength parameters to deliver effective vascular treatment. It can diminish the appearance of vessels ranging from tiny spider veins (broken capillaries) to the blueish, larger veins. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top benefits available with treatment at our Toronto vein clinic.

Cutera- comprehensive treatment at Toronto vein clinics

One of the leading benefits of Cutera’s technology is that patients with dark or tanned skin are considered safe for treatment. Some laser wavelengths are risky for darker skin tones and not advised for those who are tanned. However, patients with all skin tones can undergo targeted, safe vein therapy without harming their surface skin. The CoolGlide system is non-surgical. Vein treatment is achieved through the delivery of light pulses beneath the skin’s surface, which coagulates blood within the vein. Eventually blood flow is redirected, and the body reabsorbs the vein. No incisions or scars result.

Cutera CoolGlide is used by Toronto vein clinics to diminish the appearance of veins all over the body. Small facial veins (telangiectasia) can be treated in seconds and rarely result in bruising or visible damage. Spider veins also respond instantly to the laser. Knotted varicose veins are not appropriate for laser therapy, so patients should undergo an in-personal assessment with their physician to determine which of their veins can be treated.

The laser option versus sclerotherapy allows patients to avoid painful injections.

CoolGlide also treats numerous vascular abnormalities such as blood blisters (hemangiomas.) Port-wine stains are typically large, reddish birthmarks that respond very well to laser light therapy with Cutera CoolGlide. Consult with your physician to consider this non-invasive treatment for any vascular lesions you have. You may need only one or two visits to our vein clinic in Toronto. That’s because laser light therapy often erases the look of targeted veins instantly. The number of treatments you’ll need will depend on the amount, colour and size of vessels you wish to treat.

No anaesthesia is required. People report a zapping sensation but often find that it is quite tolerable, without any pain medication or injected anaesthetic. Topical numbing creams help keep patients comfortable throughout vein treatment.

Leg vein results often require several weeks to develop. That’s because bruising may appear after the initial treatment of deeper veins, and the vessel, along with surrounding bruise, will take time to reabsorb gradually. Your physician may advise compression stockings to be worn throughout the recovery to help decrease inflammation and keep pressure on collapsed vessels. Without any incisions to care for, at-home maintenance of results involves nothing more than stockings in most cases. Any veins which reappear over time can be treated again with Cutera.

Have you struggled to find makeup that will camouflage your problem? Men and women alike enjoy a greater sense of freedom once they no longer have to worry about covering up or hiding broken capillaries on their face. Let us share with you how we do it.

Vascular Therapy with Cool Glide by Cutera Toronto

How does it work?

The Cutera CoolGlide is a state-of-the-art hand laser attachment. Our expert medical aestheticians use the device to deliver targeted pulses of painless light energy to erase visible veins and capillaries near the surface of the skin.

The laser causes blood to coagulate within the veins, shutting down the vessels, so the body reabsorbs them. Blood flow is redirected to deeper veins where it belongs, and there won’t be any trace of the procedure once you’ve entirely healed – just clear, healthy skin! The effects sometimes look like magic, and the results feel life-changing. Appointments are fast so you can schedule your session on a lunch break, before or after work, or any time that works for you.

Am I a good candidate?

Any man or woman who suffers from spider veins in Toronto can consider simple, straightforward vascular therapy. The licensed medical aestheticians at Verso Surgery Centre partner with the advanced technology of Cutera CoolGlide for optimal results. Remarkably, this laser’s unique design offers a long wavelength making it safe for use on all shades of skin, including patients who are heavily tanned and darker skin tones.

Anyone who undergoes cosmetic procedures should be in good general health, but our specialists will discuss your personal needs and any considerations you may have. Our clients range in age and lifestyle, and they come from all over the GTA and beyond. Our consultation and care are welcoming and professional. Our team values patient education, so we always ensure clients have a good understanding of the risks and benefits of any procedure.

The process

How do Toronto vein clinics eliminate unsightly spider veins and blue leg veins? We’ll explain how this laser light technology works to safely remove the veins you don’t want, without surgery.

Toronto vein clinics offer alternatives to sclerotherapy

For some people, the injection solution is a preferred choice, but Cutera’s advanced CoolGlide system allows for injection-free, safe and effective light therapy that treats numerous vascular lesions. Without incisions or needles, its light penetrates skin harmlessly and coagulates the blood underneath.

Patients are offered a free consultation at Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto. Vein clinic visits begin with an examination to determine the type of vessels to be treated. If you have blood blisters or “hemangiomas” they may respond very well to laser light therapy by Cutera. Often, dramatic reduction and fading of vascular lesions is achieved after just one treatment.

How many treatments do most people need?

The number of veins, their size and colour affect the recommendation for treatments you’ll receive from our Verso medical aesthetic experts.

What do Toronto vein clinic treatments feel like?

Most people describe a stinging sensation while the handpiece delivers light energy pulses. No injected anaesthetic or pain medication is required, but you may prefer to use topical numbing cream on the treatment area for increased comfort.

During and after treatment

During the treatment, light energy waves pass harmlessly through your skin to target the blood in veins near the surface. Circulation quickly reroutes to other, deeper vessels, and because you have so many, the reduction of visible surface veins doesn’t harm your blood flow in any way.

Following treatment, you may see some redness or bruising at the treatment site. Temporary inflammation and sensitivity usually resolve within 24 hours. This is typically the case for larger leg veins rather than small capillaries. You may note a brownish pigment at the treatment site for a few months following laser therapy, and wear compression stockings to help improve results.

What restrictions can you expect following vein treatment?

Patients generally resume normal activities the same day but will be advised to avoid aerobic exercise for 24 hours. If you’ve had treatment on areas exposed to the sun, wear sunblock to protect your sensitive, healing tissue.

Results post-treatment at Toronto vein clinics

If you’re treating spider veins and delicate facial veins, you’ll likely enjoy immediate improvement, with no downtime. For larger lesions, the gradual breakdown and reabsorption of vessels will take a few months. Where possible, wear compression hose consistently to apply gentle pressure and speed up the process. Once you evaluate results a few months after treatment, you and your physician can determine if additional sessions to target remaining veins are required.

Are you ready for your closeup?

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What types of veins can we treat?

  • If you have small, visible facial veins, our specialized laser can quickly erase any sign of them without the need for downtime or damage to your skin.
  • For patients with blood blisters or “hemangiomas,” this treatment is also beneficial and may only require a single visit.
  • Vascular lesions, including port wine stains, can also be treated successfully with this versatile laser.
  • If the blood vessels you want to treat are knotty varicose veins, alternative options will be more suitable.

Our medical experts can assess your suitability for any therapy, and your consultation with our team will include a thorough evaluation of the available options to reach your aesthetic goals.

Where will my procedure take place?

We welcome you to our elegant and fully accredited cosmetic surgical centre in Toronto, Ontario. We’ll greet you with coffee, water, tea or Perrier, and even a sweet treat while you relax in our lounge. Your practitioner will ask a few questions and have you fill out our intake form so we can get to know you better. Your treatment takes place in a private suite, and we’ll tell you what to expect before you begin.

Spider vein procedures, as well as other specialized services, are offered with our highest care, safety, and professionalism. You can anticipate looking your best and feeling fantastic each time you leave, whether you require only one or multiple visits for complete results.

Does it work?

Toronto vein clinic patients want to know if their laser light therapy will really work. The advanced CoolGlide system by Cutera offers an effective alternative to sclerotherapy and surgery for many patients. For those who qualify, fast, non-invasive laser treatments work incredibly well. Here’s what laser vein treatment could do for you.

Toronto vein clinic laser light therapy

The Cutera CoolGlide Vein Therapy works for all skin tones which sets it apart as a remarkable laser. That’s because many laser energy wavelengths pose a danger to darkly pigmented or tanned skin tones. Their light is attracted to melanin and may lead to burns. Conversely, the CoolGlide laser penetrates beneath the surface to the target blood vessels without causing surface damage, blisters or unwanted pigmentation effects.

The CoolGlide results are permanent. Pulses of light energy delivered by the laser with a comfortable handpiece cause the blood inside vessels to coagulate. The destroyed blood cells and vessel walls are dissolved and gradually reabsorbed by your body. Circulation is rerouted to deeper veins where it belongs as the treated veins collapse then disappear.

This system works instantly for delicate spider veins. People often see these broken capillaries on the face or the knee area. They may cause red cheeks for those who suffer with rosacea. One, fast in-office laser treatment often erases spider veins instantly.

CoolGlide can treat larger, blue veins that are sometimes painful. Depending on their size and depth, laser light therapy can effectively collapse and destroy those veins. The treatment is often accompanied by compression stockings worn for a couple months after. One or two sessions may be enough for the desired vein clearance.

You may need to wait anywhere from a few days to a few months to see your results after vein treatment, and that’s because each person’s body and their vascular lesions will respond differently. Patients who have significant port-wine marks or blood blisters also respond well to treatment, but timing of their individual results will vary. After treatment, residual brownish spots and bruises sometimes take several months to completely clear. Facial blood vessel results appear much faster due to their size and shallow depth.

Unlike some laser or chemical skin treatments, Toronto laser vein clinic treatments with Cutera tend to achieve dramatic and satisfying results after only one or two sessions.

Is laser therapy effective for treating varicose veins?

Unfortunately, treating knotty, varicose veins at Toronto vein clinics usually requires a more invasive therapy. The CoolGlide laser light treatment is not adequate for varicose and some more extensive vascular issues. The best way to determine if this treatment is suited to you is to book a free consultation and meet without experts for an in-person assessment.

How many treatments will I need?

For most patients, one or two sessions are enough. The total number of required appointments could vary depending on the number, size, and colour of the veins we want to target. For this reason, if you’re wondering how much your vein therapy will cost, count on a range of a few hundred dollars or slightly more.

By choosing Verso Surgical Centre, you’ll gain access to the best restorative technology on the market and a dedicated team, passionate about helping you achieve ideal results. Cutera CoolGlide ensures maximum effectiveness and minimal discomfort, and you can be confident you’ll receive a plan customized for your needs.

Does the procedure hurt?

Laser therapy with Cutera CoolGlide is one of the gentlest treatment options for spider veins in Toronto. Compared to alternatives like sclerotherapy, patients report less pain and discomfort throughout the procedure. There are no needles or scalpels required. Physicians prefer CoolGlide for the same reason.

While the laser directs light energy through the handpiece, many patients report a tingling or stinging sensation. Your comfort is a top priority for us, so you can opt for a topical anesthetic to reduce any discomfort. Typically, no pain medication will be needed, and discomfort should be minimal to nonexistent after your procedure is complete. You can leave and return to your day-it’s that easy!

Will it last?

You may be ready to visit a Toronto vein clinic like the Verso Surgery Centre if you have spider veins, visible leg veins, or other cosmetic vascular issues. Those with chronic venous insufficiency may wonder how long results will last after they undergo laser vein therapy.

Depending on your individual situation, the size, colour and location of your unwanted veins, you may need multiple treatments to deliver your desired results. For some delicate capillaries and larger veins, results can be dramatic and effective after only one treatment. Your private, in-person consultation with one of our aesthetic experts will help you understand what your treatment options are and what you can expect from the outcomes.

Toronto vein clinic treatments- are they permanent?

There are numerous options to treat veins. Not all of them are well-suited for each client, and some are only effective for specific vascular issues. The following are conventional surgical and non-surgical treatments available at Toronto vein clinics:

  • Phlebectomy
  • Cutera Coolglide Laser Ablation
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Mechanochemical (Moca) Ablation

Many people wish to avoid surgery or invasive injection treatments with sclerotherapy. While large, complicated varicose veins can’t be treated with laser light, the CoolGlide system is appropriate for a wide variety of vascular lesions. These include port-wine birthmarks, blood blisters, rosacea, broken capillaries, and more.

Laser light therapy delivers light energy below the skin’s surface to congeal blood within unwanted vessels and collapse them. Depending on their size, they may disappear nearly instantly, or they may require several weeks and months to dissolve and fade completely.

For deeper leg veins, laser treatment often results in bruising or brownish patches, which take several months to disappear completely. Once they do, those veins are gone for good. Because their cells dissolve and are carried out of the body as waste, those particular vessels will not return. Circulation is rerouted deeper within to other veins. Over time, more visible veins could appear. There are a few ways you can help ensure your clear skin is long-lasting and prevent formation of new broken capillaries or surface veins.

Maintain vein health to limit visits to Toronto vein clinics

Venous insufficiency, also called poor circulation, contributes to the appearance of surface veins. They are known to appear for those who sit or stand still for long periods each day. Minimal physical activity means your circulation might be sluggish, and pressure may accumulate in certain areas.

Taking breaks to rest if you walk or stand a lot will help. Wearing compression stockings can also be an effective way to minimize broken and visible blood vessels, plus it will help prevent more severe varicose veins. Dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce body weight if you’re carrying extra pounds may help reduce the appearance of veins and allow you to hold on to your results longer after laser vein treatments.

Is there any downtime after the procedure?

After your spider vein procedure, you can resume most normal work or activity right away. You may see some local bruising or redness on the skin, and this is normal. It will take some time for the blood and vein tissue to break down and be reabsorbed without a trace.

Do I need to avoid exercise after my treatment?

You’re advised to avoid vigorous exercise or any other strenuous activities for the first 24 hours after your appointment to ensure best results. During the initial 24-48 hours after a vascular therapy session, sun exposure should be limited as much as possible and kept to a moderate amount even during the following days. There’s no need to hide indoors, but it’s best to use sunscreen if any treated areas are exposed to the sun.

If you’ve had larger leg veins treated, then a brownish or tan pigment may be visible for several weeks or months after your CoolGlide procedure. Again, this is not a cause for concern and is an expected part of the natural healing process. Depending on the degree of treatment you may be advised to wear support hose to compress the area and enhance the natural metabolizing of waste material- ensuring permanent results.

Are there any side effects?

Most patients experience dramatic results from their Toronto spider vein treatment with few if any side effects. The most common signs of treatment are temporary reddening of the skin or mild, local swelling. Typically, those effects will resolve within 24 hours.

It’s possible for some patients to experience bruising from this procedure, and in very rare cases blistering has been reported. Your licensed medical aesthetician will be able to provide a personalized explanation of these considerations for you, and they can happily answer any questions or concerns you have before you choose this type of therapy.

When can I expect results?

You can look forward to drastically reduced visibility of capillaries and deep blue veins within two to six weeks of treatment. Most patients are satisfied with this initial improvement, but you’ll be thrilled to see continued improvement over time as results can reveal themselves over additional weeks or months. Get ready to step into the next season with a fresh face and restored confidence.

Is Toronto spider vein therapy permanent?

Absolutely- when Cutera’s CoolGlide laser erases veins, they are removed permanently. Over time, it’s possible for new vessels to appear, but additional application removes those too. If you’ve wished for a way to turn back time and get rid of the spider veins that mark your face, there’s no reason to wait any longer for your consultation at Verso. You’ll be delighted with our warm, inviting and professional environment, and we’d love to chat with you about your aesthetic goals. Please call or write to us today for flexible scheduling and have your appointment aligned with your busy calendar.

Our plastic surgeons and medical aestheticians carry the highest certification and training available in the industry. We pride ourselves on keeping ahead of advancements and offer the very best of medical technology to our clients, all under one convenient roof. We look forward to meeting you and helping you reveal your most beautiful, confident self.

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