Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I'm a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?

To assess whether or not you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery would require you to come in the to clinic for a consultation or if you live out of town/country we accept photos as apart of our consultation process as well. In this stage one of our trained staff or Dr.Kolenda would address what your areas of concerns are and provide you with options to treat this area which could include surgery. After we have created a personalized treatment plan for you, you would need to get clearance for surgery from your General Practitioner to ensure there would be no medical concerns that could effect you having surgery.

What can I expect during my initial consultation?

During your initial consultation with either a trained staff member or Dr.Kolenda, we will discuss with you your areas of concern which can include issues with your skin, shape of certain structures, or changes with aging. Once we have discussed the areas needing improvement/correction, we then discuss options for treatment. Treatments can be performs all at once or in steps depending on what works for you to achieve your overall goals.

What does the word Blepharoplasty mean?

‘Blepharo’ is Latin for eyelid. A blepharoplasty means surgical correction of either the upper or lower eyelid. This is most beneficial for patients who has fullness to their lids which can make your eyes look small and heavy or for patients with lose skin which can obstruct your visual field.

What qualifies as a Revision Rhinoplasty?

A revision rhinoplasty would qualify as any subsequent cosmetic surgeries to your nose. Revision surgeries for rhinoplasty can be common if there are complications after the initial surgery or perhaps it occurred many years ago and you are looking to further improve the shape.

What is the recovery process like?

The recovery process from any surgery is typically 1-2 weeks depending on the surgery and the patient. We are very diligent in providing our patients with pre-operative and post-operative instructions that not only decreased your downtime but maximize your results. Full recovery for some surgeries can take up to a year but your physical downtown would only be 1-2 weeks.

Should I expect to have scars?

If you are having surgery then there will be incisions made during the surgery. After your surgery we use a number of treatments to improve the appearance of the scar so that it becomes nearly invisible.

How long will my cosmetic surgery results last?

This depends on what cosmetic surgery you’ve had. A rhinoplasty will last a lifetime where as a facelift will typical last 8-12 years depending on your aging process.

Will my insurance pay for my cosmetic surgery?

Some portions of your cosmetic surgery can be covered by your insurance plan but that would be something you would arrange separately as our office does not communicate with insurance companies for compensation.

Is my procedure expensive? Do you offer financing plans?

The cost of a procedure depends on what procedure(s) you are getting. For example if you are getting more than one surgery done at once (rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty) your overall surgical costs would be lower than paying for these separately. We do offer our patients financial plan information which can be discussed after you’ve been quoted a price for your procedure(s).

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