Clearing Up Your Skin With SkinCeuticals in Toronto


Clearing up acne in Toronto with SkinCeuticals begins with an expert assessment. If you’ve struggled with breakouts for any length of time, you’ve likely tried out all the drugstore “blemish control” products, harsh cleansers, scrubs and medications. Without taking a personalized approach that support’s your skin’s inherent healing properties, you could be wasting your money, or even making acne worse.

The cause of acne can vary between excess sebum production, inadequate desquamation, unbalanced hormones and stress. For many people, severe acne is an embarrassing part of puberty. For others, it remains a challenge well into adult years. SkinCeuticals products help fight excess oil and reduce pore-clogging buildup. Their customized formulations can not only clear away blemishes and related skin damage but will help prevent ongoing breakouts too.

SkinCeuticals – Toronto patients can clear their complexions

SkinCeuticals is a medical-grade, clinical skin care company focused on formulas backed by science to heal and protect the skin. A favourite line with dermatologists, and cosmetic surgeons, their reliable, safe and effective products target issues like acne to correct, heal and maintain clear skin. Below is a typical treatment regimen for acne-prone skin a Toronto SkinCeuticals specialist may recommend for you:

1. Serum 10

This staple antioxidant serum protects all skin types, including sensitive skin, while it reduces fine lines.

SkinCeuticals products help fight excess oil and reduce pore-clogging buildup. Read on to learn more.

2. Phloretin CF

With a patented combination of 2% phloretin, 0.5% ferulic acid and 10% pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), it wards off environmental damage and premature signs of ageing. Antioxidants protect the skin from UVA/UVB, ozone pollution (O3) and infrared radiation (IRA). This formula also helps reduce fine lines and skin discolouration.

2. Blemish & Age Defense

The go-to for acne-prone skin, Blemish + Age Defense is oil-free and ideal for adult skin which faces the challenges of ageing and breakouts. This acid blend of 2% dioic acid and alpha- and beta-hydroxy acid reduces the formation of clogged pores while protecting and balancing skin tone.

4. Metacell B3

Acne-prone skin needs moisture too. Toronto SkinCeuticals clients can count on this light, comprehensive hydration formula to correct redness and irritation while providing soothing moisture. SkinCeuticals provides a variety of moisturizing formulas that are appropriate for oily, sensitive or irritated skin. Emollience is another acne-appropriate option which has natural oils that deeply hydrate without leaving a greasy feeling.

You can finish off any skincare regimen with a high-quality sunblock. Whether you have blemishes, dry skin or anything in between, Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 is a paraben-free, water-resistant, moisturizing formula. It has a slight tint to combat that “sunscreen” look, and soaks in quickly for a silky finish.

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