“Vampire Facial”

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) injections have been used for many years on athletes like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant as a therapeutic procedure for the treatment of both acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. The healing properties from these injections are so remarkable and amazing, it was only a matter of time until someone discovered the incredible benefits of using these injections for cosmetic aesthetics purposes!

PRP injections quickly gained its popularity and became known as the “vampire facial” as soon as the infamous reality TV star, Kim Kardashian-West, shared a selfie of her bloody face. While Kim K’s procedure was done with manual injections – which is exponentially more painful, Verso uses a newer, faster, and painless method!

What is it?

Using a small sample of your own blood, the platelet-rich plasma (yellow-ish fluid from your blood) gets isolated in order to be reinjected into the treatment area. This is all prepared from your own blood and is therefore considered to be a natural product, so the risk of encountering any negative side effects are minimized.

What is a Vampire Facial?

Who needs this?

The vampire facial is the perfect solution for anyone experiencing: tired/dull skin, poor overall skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and acne scars.

Who needs a Vampire Facial?

How does it work?

The state-of-the-art, France-made, U225 Needle Concept injector device is used, and is completely unique to Verso Surgery Centre. This device uses immaculate linear precision to administer the plasma and is able to complete 500 injections per minute, which allows for a painless and seamless experience.

Reinjecting plasma into the skin helps to revive everything so it becomes fuller, healthier, plumper, and more youthful. The plasma that gets extracted from your own blood, contains fresh growth factors, which essentially act as steroids for the weak and dying existing cells in your skin. So when you present the treatment area with new growth factors, they work to heal, repair, strengthen, and rejuvenate the cells which will result in a much fresher and glowing skin!

A minimum of three treatment sessions are recommended, one month apart.

There is no downtime post treatment, but keeping the plasma on for the recommended time frame of 4-5 hours could feel slightly uncomfortable. Leaving the plasma on for as long as you can is ideal in order to give the growth factors ample time to work their magic!

How does a Vampire Facial work?

Where can you get this done?

Call Verso Surgery Centre today to get your Vampire Facial!

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BOTOX® Cosmetic is the trade name for a purified protein that is used as a simple, non-surgical procedure in both men and woman of various ages. Most commonly we hear of BOTOX® Cosmetic as a wrinkle treatment, when it has actually been used for the effective treatment of many medical conditions for over 25 years. BOTOX® Cosmetic has become the most popular physician-administered cosmetic treatment in North America with an estimated 3 million treatments performed annually. In addition, it has received a 97% satisfaction rating among users.

Dr. Jack Kolenda, an Otolaryngologist practicing in Facial Plastic Surgery,  has this advice:

“People have to realize that standards for private medical facilities vary from country to country. Canadian standards are much higher than other parts of the world. Cosmetic surgery done abroad in most cases can go well. However, complications can occur with any surgical procedure. You have to be prepared for that possibility and have someone manage the complications. In general, the recommendation is for patients to see their own surgeons when complications do occur.”