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8 syringesAT $399 PER SYRINGE

* Has to be used in 1 session[/timed-content-rule]

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Day 2: PRP Scalp Hair Rejuvenating Treatment


* $200 OFF


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Day 3: IPL Photofacial


* Laser light treatment that targets pigment, such as brown spots, sun damage and rosacea


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Day 4: Mini Lip Plump



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Day 5: Express Glow Peel


* Improves skin texture, evens out skin tone and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


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Day 6: Botox

Botox $8Unit

Dysport $9Unit

* Minimum purchase of 20 units


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Day 7: Vampire Facial “PRP”

Botox $299 per treatment

* Your own plasma contains growth factors that help restore your youth by tightening the skin, correcting the look of pores, fines lines, and acne scarring.


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Day 8: Buy 2 get 1 free

ALL Medical Facials

* Savings of $165


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Day 9: Latisse + Hydrogel Eye Mask

$120 Treats dark circles, puffy and tired eyes

Get Your Tired Eyes + Lashes Ready For The Holiday Season


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Day 10: Micro-Needling E-Dermastamp

$299 Per Treatment

* $200 OFF. Aims to stimulate collagen production. Rejuvenates the skin and leaves it looking healthier and younger. Improves the look of dull skin, pore size, fine lines and pigmentation.


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Day 11: RF Skin Tightening Face + Neck Promo

$199 Per Treatment

RF Cellulite Treatment $99 Per Treatment

* Radio frequency stimulates collagen and elastin in the skin. Improves skin elasticity, texture and tone over time.


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Day 12: Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Buy 3 Skinceuticals Products Get 1 FREE Dermaroller

* $150 value home micro-needling roller.