Whether it’s through social media watching our latest TikTok dances & Instagram challenges, or by being a patient of Verso Surgery Centre, you have definitely had an opportunity to get to know our lovely & talented team at Verso! Our dedicated team of accredited Surgeons, trained to perform plastic surgery to the highest degree of standards, and our team of nurses and administrative staff who are there for our patients every step of the way, has made Verso Surgery Centre a beacon for facial and body plastic surgery.

But there’s one person that deserves the spotlight extra special today- the spine of the organization, the woman behind it all who worked tirelessly to make it all happen, Anne Haber. On International Women’s Day, what better way to celebrate our co-founder, Anne? It is safe to say she is the embodiment of Verso, and the brains behind the entire operation. With a Science degree from U of T, and background marketing and surgical sales, Anne understands our products, services, and clients we work with every day. From countless hours spent scoping the perfect location of the clinic, to working with different vendors and running all day-to-day operations behind the scenes, Anne built this clinic from the ground up. For the past 19 years, she continuously pours her heart and soul into developing Verso’s facial aesthetic and surgical practice, and remains just as passionate today as she was in the beginning.


On a more personal level, one of the things we love the most about Anne, is that warm welcome you get when stepping into her office. Regardless of what she is busy dealing with, Anne always has time for her team. Whether it’s talking about the business, or simply having a chat about anything and everything, Anne is always interested and involved. Often it is easy to forget you’re talking to Anne, the business Director at Verso, because it feels like you’re sitting chatting away with a long-time dear friend. When we say we are a family at Verso, we mean it.  Anne has created an environment where we are encouraged to be the best version of ourselves and for that we are so grateful. An ambitious woman herself, Anne has helped other ambitious women within the cosmetic industry make strides of their own to move forward in achieving their goals and visions in business.

Since 2003, Verso Surgery Centre has become a pillar of plastic surgery, voted the top surgery centre in Oakville 6 years in a row. Best known for promoting patient safety, satisfaction and customer service is something Anne and the entire Verso staff is exceptionally proud of. None of this could have been made possible without Anne, the woman who wears many hats, and wears them so well. Simply put, there is no Verso without Anne.

Anne Haber is the epitome of a leader. Through her dedication to the Surgery Centre and team and by ensuring she always goes above and beyond, the Verso way. 

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