When Can I Exercise After My Blepharoplasty in Toronto?


A Toronto blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid lift, is a relatively simple cosmetic surgery that can make a big impact on appearance. If you undergo the procedure to remove excess, sagging eyelid skin, or reduce puffy under eyes, you’ll count on a few weeks of healing time before you look and feel like yourself again, (but better!)

Because our cosmetic surgery patients range in age and backgrounds, they represent all fitness levels too. Many of our Verso Surgery Centre patients want to know how soon after a blepharoplasty they can get back to their regular exercise routine. Here we’ll look at what to expect during recovery and when you may be cleared to do all your normal activities again after surgery.

Post-operative restrictions after blepharoplasty in Toronto

Immediately after your procedure, you’ll see puffiness and even bruising around your eyes. The delicate, thin skin in this area is highly vascular and sensitive, which means even when discomfort isn’t severe; the appearance may look temporarily concerning. The normal swelling of eyelids can lead to blurry and tearing eyes for at least a week post-op. Your facial plastic surgeon will recommend cold compresses or ice to be applied intermittently during the first 3-5 days until inflammation dissipates. You may also be advised to administer an antibiotic ointment or eyedrops.

During the peak inflammation phase, you’ll be asked not to drive because your vision could be impaired. As well, any aerobic activity that elevates blood pressure will be paused too. That’s because increasing pressure to the face could lead to bleeding and make swelling more pronounced. You’ll need to rest and sleep with the head of your bed elevated, and avoid bending over or heavy lifting for the same reason.

Early Recovery

Walking is recommended right away after any cosmetic surgery, as long as you’re not elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat. Brisk walking, running, sports and swimming will all need to wait a few weeks.

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When can eyelid surgery patients go to the gym?

By the third week after surgery, you’ll be considered out of the woods in relation to bleeding, and your incisions should be well-healed. Most swelling will be resolved, although you might still see a little puffiness depending on the extent of the procedure you had. If your surgeon gives you the all-clear, you could begin working out at this point.

Because everyone heals differently, it’s essential that patients ease into their previous regimen slowly and if they prefer heavy weights, proceed with caution. Your facial surgeon will likely recommend waiting 6 weeks before strenuous workouts or powerlifting. Though the majority of visible healing takes place within the first three weeks, your tissue will still be sensitive as nerves repair, and residual inflammation remains for several weeks.

Considerations for vision impairment

The delicate apparatus of your vision is affected by even minor swelling. Your surgeon will follow up with you closely regarding any vision-related symptoms, but some blurring or distortion is expected for a time. Because of this, sports which require high visual acuity and precision eye-hand coordination may need to be put on hold. This is especially true for dangerous sports.

The caring medical staff at Verso Surgery Centre will be available to advise and guide you throughout your recovery. From the first days at home with an OR nurse on call, to your follow up assessments and the ability to ask your surgeon questions, we’ll help you get on track and back to activities you love as quickly as possible after your blepharoplasty in Toronto.

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