Lip Lift surgery

When you hear the terms “lip augmentation” and “lip lift” in Toronto, you may be under the impression that these are the same procedures. However, these two terms describe different cosmetic alterations for the mouth. Lip augmentation can be surgical – utilizing insertion of implants to make the lips appear fuller– but commonly the term refers to a non-surgical, injectable augmentation of the lips. This is a popular method of facial enhancement for those with naturally thin, small or asymmetric mouths.

The area between the upper lip and nose can expand and elongate with age. For some people, these changes progress over time, but others are born with a particularly drooping upper lip. The facial imbalance this creates is distinctive, and thinning or sagging lips can lead to an aged appearance. The upper teeth may be hidden when smiling and speaking which also leads some people to feel self-conscious.

Youthful mouths typically reveal about 2mm of the tooth when the mouth is open. When the upper lip elongates or curls under, the effect on your whole appearance can be undesirable. If you’d like to show off your pearly whites, present a more lifted and friendly lower face, the upper lip lift in Toronto could be an ideal surgical procedure for you. We see patients young and old, both male and female who love their facial improvements after having a lip lift at Verso.

Conversely, a lip lift surgery describes a cosmetic procedure used to decrease the space between the nose and upper lip. It’s a relatively minor facial cosmetic surgery but produces dramatic, permanent results. Let’s take a closer look at the lip lifting technique and why so many patients choose it. learn more.

Why do people opt for a lip lift in Toronto?

Is a surgical solution right for you?

Sometimes non-surgical approaches can help, and when you meet with your plastic surgeon for your first consultation, they may suggest and describe more than one option. For instance, neuromodulators like Botox can be injected strategically in the upper lip to reduce the action of small, targeted muscles. More often for a drooping upper lip, dermal hyaluronic acid fillers are injected to add volume and help sculpt a more perky and upturned lip shape. These solutions carry minimal health risk and no chance of scarring. The effect may last several months but will not be permanent, so you will need to maintain the look with ongoing treatments.

Lift lip surgery may be an ideal long-term solution for those patients who require a significant change. Your facial plastic surgeon can show you what the adjustment of even just a few millimetres will do, and explain how subtle rebalancing of features significantly improves facial harmony.

Schedule your consultation to take the next step

This procedure is not as widely known as other facial surgery such as facelift or rhinoplasty. For that reason, it’s essential that you seek out a Royal College certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in the head and neck. A surgeon who dedicates their practice to cosmetic facial surgery and has regular experience with lip lifts in Toronto, will be able to ensure your best outcome.

At the Verso Surgery Centre, our specialists are renowned for skill and expertise in their surgical specialties. When you visit us for your consultation, you’ll meet with the surgeon and surgical coordinator who can answer all questions you may have. In your private meeting, you’ll be examined, and we’ll ask you some questions to understand your goals better. Depending on what you’d like to change and your expectations, your expert will offer customized feedback and potential solutions. You can count on your Verso surgeon to fully explain all the risks and considerations for a given procedure, as well as to communicate with honesty and clarity.

We believe in providing ample, transparent information about procedures, so our clients are fully informed. We also feel it’s important to be completely upfront when a chosen technique or operation is not an ideal choice, and we’ll explain why. If there is a better option for you, your surgeon will describe the benefits and provide you with all you need to make your decision.

How can you schedule your lip lift?

Our patients appreciate that this surgery comes with relatively short recovery time and low risks due to the brief time in the OR and avoidance of general anaesthetic. Booking is quick and easy too. We’ll provide a personalized surgical quote for lip lift at our Toronto surgical centre. One of the perks our patients enjoy is that we operate our own state of the art level 3 OHP surgical facility, so we can accommodate a wide array of schedules and patient needs. Our clients are never bumped for non-cosmetic cases, and we provide comprehensive care with inviting and comfortable accommodations. We also work with reputable medical financing companies to help with the booking process and will be ready to take the next steps when you are.

What can you expect during your procedure?

Your lip lift will take place in our private surgical centre. It can be done using local anaesthetic and IV sedation which means you can avoid the sometimes-dizzying effects after a general anaesthetic. Our patients can return home shortly after this surgery.

Your surgeon will show you where the incisions will be made beforehand and draw on your lip to demonstrate before you begin. You’ll be given a soft hospital gown and kept cozy with a blanket on the operating bed. You’ll be free to ask any questions you have before the procedure begins and your surgeon will explain again what will take place, before proceeding.

An incision will be made at the base of the nose and extended downward slightly onto the upper lip. An ellipse of skin only will be removed in that section; then the incision edges will be pulled upward and stitched in place at the base of the nose. The entire procedure takes only about 30 minutes. You won’t feel a thing, and you’ll likely be sleepy or drowsy throughout due to the IV sedation. These effects are temporary, and you’ll wake with a nurse at your side and be cleared to leave when you feel ready. We’ll ensure you have instructions required to care for your incision and we’ll send you home with a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication if needed.

Recovery after a lip lift

Most of our Toronto lip lift patients take a few days off work. Pain and swelling are expected and can be well-managed with medication taken as directed. We’ll also advise you to avoid strenuous activity that could raise your blood pressure, or bending over which also increases pressure in the face. You’ll be encouraged to eat a soft food diet for a week and not open your mouth wide or overuse the area. You’ll need to minimize talking, so it’s a great time to catch up on TV and movie binges. You will be able to return to work if you choose within 5 to 7 days. However, your dissolvable sutures may be in place and apparent for up to two weeks. We’ll invite you to return to us for a check-up within the first week after surgery, and again a few months later, however you’ll be free to contact us any time you need, and we can arrange appointments at your request. For your peace of mind and safety, we always supply our surgical patients with the personal contact information of their surgeon in case they need anything after hours throughout the first few days.

Your incisions will likely be completely closed at two weeks, and you’ll have no restrictions after that. However, it is essential that you avoid exposing your scar to the sun. We recommend that you apply a good sunblock daily, especially outside, and reapply often. Incisions and subsequent scars have a tendency to develop darkened pigment in reaction to tanning.

Results – what can you expect?

The aim of a lip lift surgery is to achieve a more youthful appearance, a more feminine look, or to balance facial features. You’ll see a significant improvement right away, even as swelling persists for roughly two weeks. Your mouth will have a shorter upper lip, and more of the upper teeth will show when you speak or smile. The upper lip will be turned a little outward, which can also result in a slightly fuller pout. Eventually, your scar will be so faint and well-hidden at the natural nostril edges that it isn’t visible to most people. If treatment to minimize scar appearance is needed, Verso skin care experts will be happy to offer solutions.

Does your upper lip bother you? You may not have realized that there is a straightforward, safe and effective surgical option to improve it. We invite you to contact our friendly team at Verso Surgery Centre and let us book a consultation for you. Sometimes a simple procedure to rebalance the face can have an incredible, positive impact. We enjoy being a part of the transformation journey for each client and watching them become more confident and pleased with their appearance. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Benefits of Submuscular Breast Implant Placement

  • Covering and hiding the implant in thin-skinned or small-breasted women

  • Reducing the chance of visible rippling
  • May reduce the likelihood of developing capsular contracture (excessive formation and tightening of scar tissue)

Benefits of Submammary Breast Implant Placement

  • May fill out and perk up deflated breasts more effectively
  • May feel softer
  • Avoids animation deformity (visible muscle contraction over the implant when flexing)

Not sure which one is best for you? Don’t worry- our experienced medical staff is trained to assess your anatomy, skin type, proportions, and existing tissue. They’ll listen to your goals and expectations, then recommend the method of augmentation and placement which is likely to deliver your desired look and suit your lifestyle. There is no right or wrong answer, but the consultation is an excellent time to ask questions and learn about the approach that will match your goals.

Are you a good candidate for a Breast Augmentation in Toronto?

Here’s a simple checklist that can help you determine if this is the right procedure for you. If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, give us a call- we’d love to talk about your body transformation.

  • Do you want larger breasts?
  • Do you want to fit your clothes, lingerie or swimwear better?
  • Do you have uneven breast sizes?
  • Did your breasts change over time due to weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding or age?
  • Are you in good, overall health?
  • Did your breasts not develop, or not grow evenly throughout puberty?
  • If you breastfed, have you stopped for at least four months?

Not sure?

Perhaps you’re still not sure if this is the correct procedure for you- we welcome you to reach out and set up a private consultation. Your plastic surgeon will listen to you and assess your breasts and skin then let you know how we can help you feel better about your figure. Often, our clients aren’t quite sure what they need, but they’re unsatisfied with their breasts- and that’s ok! We have multiple, customized approaches to enhancement for all body types, shapes and sizes. You can decide when you’re ready to choose what works for you.

What kind of breast implants can you choose?

We offer both silicone and saline breast implants. Our clients typically choose cohesive silicone gel implants; however, saline is still popular and provides a few benefits. Below, we’ll outline important characteristics for both options.

Saline Breast Implants

These are constructed from a soft, silicone shell which is filled with sterile, saline IV fluid once they are in the implant pocket. There is a small, self-sealing port on each saline implant which allows it to be filled by the plastic surgeon during the surgery. This feature also makes it possible to insert the empty saline implant through a tiny incision and will result in minimal scar visibility once healed.

Saline implants tend to be less expensive than silicone gel, but they may feel and appear slightly less natural than silicone as well. Very thin, small-breasted patients will be less likely to achieve excellent aesthetic results through the use of saline implants because the shell can ripple visibly, and water doesn’t move the way denser tissue does. This unnatural movement and shell contouring may be visible through the thin skin.

Silicone cohesive gel implants

The newest generation of silicone implants are all cohesive. The firmer of these are often referred to as “Gummy Bear” because the consistency of the gel is similar to the gummy candies. The more reactive, softer varieties are still semi-solid and not liquid, which dramatically reduces the risk of silicone moving out of the implant pocket in the case of a rupture. If you were to cut an implant in half, you’d see the cohesive gel stay in place, within the implant shell. While this is excellent for safety and longevity of silicone implants, it is recommended that you have regular breast exams because the rare event of a breach would be difficult to notice. Breast imaging such as ultrasound and MRI are helpful to assess an implant shell and pocket.

Silicone implants have skyrocketed in popularity since they were extensively tested, redesigned and brought to market in 2006. They move and react like real breast tissue, meaning they look and feel more natural, even under thin skin. They are less likely to show rippling than saline implants, but they do carry a slightly higher price tag. Silicone implants come pre-filled in an extensive array of sizes and projections. Whether you want a dramatic size increase or very subtle enhancement, there is a silicone gel implant suited to you and your body dimensions. They can be compressed very effectively during implantation and still only require an incision roughly 3-4 cm long.

What are the risks associated with breast augmentation?

Our plastic surgeons pride themselves on an honest, transparent approach that ensures our patients are well-informed and comfortable with their procedure choices. After all, your body and your health are of paramount importance for you, and us as well. We know that ultimately, each patient has a better surgical experience when they know what to expect and understand the risks and considerations related to their procedure.

No matter how routine and straightforward, every cosmetic surgery comes with inherent risks such as bleeding, infection or scarring. Some operations are more extensive, lengthy and complicated, so they may present higher risk factors. The individual patient, their health picture and influences outside the surgical centre will also influence how they heal, so it’s imperative that you have an open dialogue with your plastic surgeon about your lifestyle, medical conditions, mental and emotional health, and any medications or supplements you take.

We provide our patients with detailed instructions to guide them when recovering at home. We are also unique in that we offer 24/7 care post-operatively with the availability of overnight suites and the personal contact of an OR nurse to call on day or night. We virtually eliminate many risk factors for our patients because of the stringent surgical protocols we follow and the abundant, thorough aftercare we provide. When you’re recovering, all you need to do is relax, catch up on your reading and Netflix.

Are breast implants safe?

We believe breast augmentation in Toronto at Verso Surgery Centre, and today’s advanced medical devices are safer than ever before. However, there is always a slim possibility that a medical device can fail. In Canada, breast implants are rigorously tested and reinforced with multiple, durable shell layers to withstand impact and stress far beyond what they will encounter in most people’s bodies. Having said that, rare implant defects can occur, and trauma to the breast that damages tissue will also put the implant at risk.

The possibility of deflation or rupture increases by roughly 1% each year after the surgery, though many people will have their implants for a lifetime with no issues and no need for a replacement. There is no longer a set time for replacement and no expiry date. Most people who choose to have a second breast surgery do so for a change of size, a breast lift procedure, or to remove the implants that they’ve had for decades. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your long-term plans and expectations to help you make your decision.

Can I have any breasts that I want?

It may be hard for you to gauge just what is achievable for you. Many women considering breast augmentation in Toronto collect “wish pics” with great interest, highlighting the size, shape and breast characteristics they find the most appealing. Wish photos can be helpful to show your surgeon and describe your vision. However, they also mislead some people into thinking they can order any breasts they want, just like a product in a store. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way as we are all so unique and special in our anatomy and characteristics. You may be surprised to learn that your friend who had a BA at the same height and weight as you, had very different breasts and therefore different implants be are recommended for you. Patients often ask for a particular type of cleavage, or nipples in a specific position. Natural chest anatomy is wonderfully diverse, so we see clients with nipples far apart, low, or high. We treat women who have very little existing breast tissue and cleavage, and those who have close-set breasts. Some are perky; some naturally droop a little. Whatever the size and shape you present with, you should understand that a breast augmentation on its own will not dramatically alter your breast characteristics. If you have wide set nipples, for instance, the implants must be centred under them, and this means your breasts will remain a little far apart- without tight cleavage. Likewise, if you have minimal space on the breast under your nipples, it won’t be realistic for you to achieve full, bottom-heavy breasts with nipples that sit high on the breast mound.

Your skin elasticity, glandular tissue, nipple position and breast dimensions inform the selection of implant and the placement of its pocket. Your experienced breast augmentation plastic surgeon is a skilled artist who takes into account all your unique factors, and preferences, when creating a comprehensive surgical plan for you. They want to ensure your existing breasts look even better, and to encourage you with the real possibilities for enhancement available to you.

Let’s chat about your Toronto breast augmentation!

Communication is essential to ensure every cosmetic patient feels heard, and well-informed. We’ll never mislead or over-sell you on a procedure. You want to know what the real benefits and real limitations are when you choose cosmetic enhancements, so our experts spend considerable time discussing goals and expected outcomes with you, easing concerns and making your experience worry-free.

Our friendly staff will be happy to schedule your consultation with us. Our plastic surgeons are renowned for their innovative and advanced methods in cosmetic surgery. They partner with experienced and compassionate patient care coordinators to walk you through each step of your journey and ensure you not only look fabulous but feel great about your experience. We welcome your questions, and we look forward to meeting you.