What’s the Average Cost of Otoplasty in Toronto?


The average cost of otoplasty in Toronto

Toronto otoplasty surgery is common for adults and children. This straightforward cosmetic procedure delivers impressive benefits and a quick recovery, along with increased self-esteem. There are a few different techniques used to correct the shape or projection of the ears. Depending on each patient’s needs, their surgical quote for otoplasty cost in Toronto will vary slightly. Let’s look at the factors that influence the pricing of this popular enhancement.

Exactly how much your otoplasty surgery costs will depend on the purpose of the procedure, and the surgeon you choose. A facial plastic surgeon with elite credentials, reputation, and in-demand geographic location may charge a higher price. Most cosmetic surgery clinics in Canada offer surgical quotes that show the total cost, including all doctor’s visits.

A cosmetic ear surgery in Canada may be done for one or more reasons:

To reduce the size of large ears

To create symmetry in size and position of ears

To reposition protruding ears closer to the head ( also known as ear-pinning)

To repair torn and stretched ear lobes

Let’s look at the factors that influence the pricing of this popular enhancement. Read on to learn more.

Reconstructive otoplasty

Reconstructive ear surgery is complicated because it’s designed to repair deformation or traumatic injury. It may require using skin and cartilage to augment the patient’s existing ear, which means longer surgery time and cost.

Standard otoplasty fees are typically $3,200 – $4,500 (+HST)

Ear lobe reduction fees $400 each (+HST)

Ear lobe hole closure fees $300 each (+HST)

Is otoplasty covered by OHIP?

Otoplasty is covered by the Ontario health insurance plan for children under 18. When possible, intervening at a young age to correct protruding ears or deformities can ensure self-consciousness is reduced or avoided earlier. Children generally heal quickly and show virtually no signs of surgery down the road.

If you’re an adult who is interested in surgical ear pinning, or repair of an aesthetic issue, it’s not too late to undergo otoplasty in Toronto. Many people wait until adulthood to finally make the physical changes they’ve always wanted to. When you meet with your surgeon to discuss your options, they’ll provide you with a personalized quote describing your plan and the price of your treatment.

To help offset the cost of cosmetic surgery, medical financing companies offer flexible payment plans. To see if you qualify, ask the Verso team to connect you with our financial partners when you visit for your consultation.

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Both children and adults can benefit in numerous ways from improving the profile and appearance of their ears. This prominent feature is highly visible, making concerns about shape or projection and emotional, social challenge. The procedure itself is often quick and can be done using local anaesthetic and IV sedation. Recovery is straightforward as well, and the results are long-lasting. If you’re considering otoplasty surgery, we’re happy to meet with you for a free consultation. Contact Verso Surgery Centre today.

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