PRP injections

You might have heard about PRP (platelet-rich plasma) but do you know how many incredible things it can do? This restorative, beautifying product is continually proving useful in new and exciting treatment areas.

PRP injections

You might have heard about PRP (platelet-rich plasma) but do you know how many incredible things it can do? This restorative, beautifying product is continually proving useful in new and exciting treatment areas.

How does the treatment work?

The secret behind this powerful plasma lies in its inherent growth factors. That’s because PRP is derived from the blood and treated to isolate just the platelets, serum and some white cells. A yellowish colour, the concentrated platelet formula has 5x the usual number of platelets after being spun in a centrifuge. Your platelets contain more than 20 different growth factors which naturally heal injuries, reduce inflammation and signal tissue cells to heal and grow. The platelets arrive at the scene and send messages to the target cells which accelerate growth. They stimulate angiogenesis which creates new little blood vessels and help to form collagen and elastin structure that new tissue is built on. In a surgical or therapeutic setting, this treatment is extremely effective because it works with the body’s natural mechanisms for repair and restructuring, just faster.

The platelets are reinjected safely to the treatment area and go to work doing what they naturally do. Triggering the body’s ability to repair itself have been a game-changer in conventional medicine and you may have heard of a few celebrity athletes who swear by the power of PRP to get them back in the game.  We’re delighted that it’s proven so useful in aesthetic medicine, however, because it means our patients benefit from drug-free, surgery-free, beauty treatments.

In Toronto, PRP injections have been utilized for decades in various areas of medicine, including orthopedic and dental surgery, cardiac surgery, arthritis and joint repair treatment, sports injuries and plastic surgery. In the early 2000s, we discovered its adaptability for beautifying the complexion, and it’s since gone on to prove useful for hair growth and other cosmetic improvements. What makes this remarkable product even more special for our patients is that it’s 100% natural. That’s right, it’s a potent healer and cell regenerator, but derived entirely from a person’s own blood and containing nothing synthetic, toxic or harmful. learn more.

PRP Injections in Toronto

What areas can PRP help to treat?

In Toronto, PRP injections are adept in treating skin texture irregularities, tone skin, generate new collagen fibres, diminish dark under-eye circles, fine lines and wrinkles, reduce hair loss, dry scalp and acne scars. Let’s take a closer look at this rejuvenation tool.

Wrinkle reducing facials

Also known as the vampire facial, the celebrity photos posted on social media years ago awakened some people to the possibilities of PRP for the first time. Unfortunately, they could have repelled a few people too, but we promise that complexion treatments with PRP aren’t gross and aren’t painful either.

Injected throughout the facial skin in shallow, micro-droplets, the plasma nourishes skin and stimulates collagen production which is the structural latticework of facial tissue. Tightening, smoothing and thickening the skin naturally through stimulating collagen is a healthy and subtle way to improve your appearance. If you want to minimize facial lines and wrinkles, but don’t want surgery, PRP gives you an easy alternative.

Our medical aestheticians can also apply PRP as a boost to coincide with microneedling facial treatments. Microneedling, also called collagen induction therapy, stimulates the firming and smoothing of skin texture through the creation of hundreds of tiny channels in the skin. A stamp or roller device with fine, short needles is pressed on the treatment area and the points puncture just enough to create a passage in the skin with micro-injuries. These allow the absorption of high-quality skin products or PRP and close shortly after treatment with no bleeding, scabbing or scarring. In fact, downtime after microneedling is minimal because the punctures are genuinely tiny.

At Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto, our PRP injection gun is designed to quickly deliver multiple points of injection and improve treatment comfort. We can rapidly treat the face, neck and other areas; then you can resume your daily activities directly after.

Our doctors sometimes utilize the unique healing power of PRP to help reduce the appearance of ‘raccoon eyes” or other skin irregularities. It helps to smooth textural issues because of the way that it stimulates collagen. That makes PRP an effective spot treatment for acne scarring and enlarged pores.

Scalp injection with PRP in Toronto

At Verso Surgery Centre, we’re pleased to offer the industry’s most advanced hair transplant robot; the ARTAS system. Our patients who suffer from androgenic alopecia or other forms of permanent hair loss can restore their hair, their hairline, and even facial hair using advanced FUE techniques. We find that PRP injections for the scalp compliment our hair transplant procedures exceptionally well. The growth factors and natural anti-inflammatory characteristics of platelet-rich plasma help patients to heal faster and encourage each valuable graft to take hold and establish itself permanently. Triggering the growth of new blood vessels to feed the hair roots shortly after grafting is essential to hair graft survival. A healthy body does this naturally, but PRP can amplify the process while making recovery more comfortable.

For those who are not ideal hair transplant candidates, or simply not interested, PRP injections in Toronto have proven to be a natural hair growth stimulator and a safe, uncomplicated way to keep their hair thick and lustrous. The nourishing and healing components in the product encourage healthy collagen and elastin, plus additional blood flow to the area. The effects are moisturizing and fortifying for the hair. Even better is that studies are showing PRP scalp treatments can wake up slow or dormant hair follicles and increase their growth again. We usually recommend a series of 3 treatments for optimal outcomes, but even after just one injection session, people report their hair looks denser and grows faster.

Note** It’s important to note that PRP treatment cannot grow new hair follicles where there are none alive and active. For those who’ve lost significant hair due to androgenic alopecia, PRP can help slow down further fallout, but will not restore the hair like an FUE procedure can.

What will your PRP treatment be like?

Depending on whether you have a facial, PRP in conjunction with another procedure, or treatment for your hair, you’ll have a sample of blood drawn from your arm to provide enough product for that procedure. This is typically not a lot—a couple of tablespoons is enough for most procedures and will yield 4-6 ml of PRP.

When you arrive at Verso, we’ll welcome you with a beverage, chocolate and comfortable place to lounge. We’ll ask you to fill out a patient intake form and sign a procedure consent form if it’s your first-time with us.  

You’ll be escorted to your private treatment room next, where the practitioner will explain the whole process in detail and ensure all your questions are answered before you go ahead.  We’ll have you change into a cosmetic gown and recline on a cozy bed with a blanket for your session.

Your practitioner will draw the blood and prepare it in the centrifuge quickly, then ready the product to inject or apply to the appropriate area. The treatment isn’t described as painful because injections are superficial and use of the gun helps to offset the sensation and make it more comfortable. We’re happy to apply topical numbing creams or other comfort measures for you as well. The entire process usually takes less than an hour from start to finish.

What will recovery be like after PRP injection?

One of the best-selling points for this therapy is how easy it is to incorporate into your life. It doesn’t require downtime, so you won’t need to book time off work. It’s minimally invasive, and there are no incisions or skin damage to care for after. Your skin may appear temporarily pink or feel mildly sunburned for a day. You’ll be advised about when you can apply to makeup again and whether there are any activities such as hair washing or entering hot tubs to avoid for a day or two. You can visit Verso in Toronto for PRP injection over a lunch break and return immediately to your work or regular activities. No one will know you’ve had a cosmetic procedure.

What results can you expect from PRP?

The changes unfold naturally over time after your treatment. Restructuring of the skin’s texture and building collagen takes several weeks so you’ll note improvements that continue long after your first session. We recommend a series of treatments in most cases to jumpstart the powerful remodelling effects of collagen and to gain the most benefit from your treatment plan. Results can be maintained through scheduling just one or two PRP injections per year after that.

If you’re intrigued about PRP, we’d love to tell you more!

Patients love that this is a safe, natural, drug-free approach to wellness and beauty. There’s virtually no risk of infection from foreign or synthetic materials and no allergic or product rejection issues either. This makes it a wonderful choice for men and women of all backgrounds and ages. To find out how you can harness the power of your own platelets to improve your appearance, contact us today.

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