Everything You Need To Know About Sculptra Treatment


Maybe you already know how amazing products like Botox can be for the aging face. You might have looked into the softening, plumping effects of facial dermal fillers too. However, have you heard about Sculptra?

Facial fillers can turn back the clock through filling deep lines or restoring facial volume, and for patients of any age, they offer power to temporarily sculpt, balance and recontour facial features such as the jaw or lips. There is a limit to what hyaluronic acid fillers can do, and even their best results are temporary.

That’s where Poly-L-Lactic acid comes in. A filler like no other, those who lack facial structure and a youthful framework to build on, benefit from the skillful application of this innovative cosmetic sculptor. We’ll explain what exactly this advanced filler is and how its impressive effects work to restore and rejuvenate a person’s appearance.

What Is Sculptra?

This liquid consists of Poly-L-Lactic Acid-a synthetic form of lactic acid- which is the same substance your body produces after exercise. Formulated as an injectable filler, it’s FDA-approved and doesn’t contain any animal or human products.

How Is It Different From HA Fillers?

This material acts as a bio-activator and powerful collagen trigger through stimulating your own, natural tissue volumizing. The PLLA dissipates and disappears over time, and collagen fibres are created to take its place. The process is slow, requiring 4-6 months to appreciate full results. However, the gradual nature of this process lends to its natural appearance.

It was designed to stimulate your body’s own, innate “filling” power through stimulation of collagen. It’s an FDA- approved injectable used to target the cause of facial ageing, and results are long-lasting. Read on to learn why our clients are in love with their results. learn more.

Are You A Good Candidate?

The type of person who may be a good candidate for this treatment has experienced the development of facial hollows or sagging due to age, weight loss or other reasons. Men and women lose volume in the cheeks and even facial bone structure sometime after middle age, so they begin to look for long-term, safe options for facial restoration. People as young as 25 and well into their 70s have Sculptra treatments.

Your in-person consultation with our specialist will help determine how you might benefit.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

The frontal cheeks and temples are the most common treatment areas. However, the chin and jawline also benefit from the long-term volume-building effects of this product. The options don’t stop at the face either. Women are using these injections to smooth out wrinkles in the décolletage, and some doctors have found body contouring uses as well.

When Will You See Results, and How Long Do They Last?

It takes roughly 4-6 months for the desired effects to build up, so patience is required. However, the new volume will last 2-3 years after the first series of treatments. The price is usually a little more than HA fillers, but the longevity and natural outcomes are considered to be a worthy investment.

What Is The Treatment Like?

Just like any facial injection, the consultation and procedure take place in-office, and you’ll be free to go right after. Local freezing may be used to keep the treatment area comfortable, and most people return to regular activities right away. Your session could last between 30-60 minutes, and mild swelling may be noted for roughly 24 hours.

If you’re seeking a way to rebuild some of the youthful structure and firmness your face once had, this could be an ideal solution for you. We invite you to schedule a free consultation at Verso Surgery Centre and learn about the exciting possibilities.

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