Skin Tightening — ReAction by Viora

As we age, our bodies all undergo changes we may not like. Life-long exposure to sun, a decrease in the skin’s ability to produce collagen or elastin, and loss of hydration result in signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Of course, many people want to fight back by taking control of their youthfulness, and we can help.

At Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto, skin tightening treatments using the Viora ReAction can firm up your body contours and turn back the clock on your complexion. We’re pleased to offer a breakthrough, advanced technology which effectively fights the appearance of aging.

At Verso Surgery Centre, our clients can achieve healthier and younger-looking skin with state-of-the-art Viora ReAction treatments. Let’s take a closer look at how it works. learn more.

Viora ReAction for skin tightening in Toronto

Our team at the Verso Surgery Centre values each of our clients’ individual needs. When men and women visit us to address skin sagginess, wrinkles and fine lines, they often want a quick, non-invasive option to avoid surgery and recovery time. In addition to natural-looking results for a more youthful appearance, the Viora ReAction system comes with plenty of other benefits that make it a favourite for skin tightening.

Viora ReAction features the latest technology for improved skin strength, thickness and tone. This system has been clinically proven effective and safe for all skin types. Furthermore, the process is entirely painless because it is non-invasive. We don’t utilize any injections, scalpels or stitches to dramatically tighten your skin using this technology.

Concerned about risks? Unlike some laser wavelengths, our patients don’t need to worry about damage to darker skin tones as the heat energy emitted by ReAction works safely beneath the surface and is unaffected by pigment. Since the Viora ReAction is non-invasive treatment, there’s also no risk of infection or scarring.

We are continually complimenting our services with innovative and smart products that will further benefit you. Viora is steadily improving on existing technologies in response to market demands and offers a wide selection of products that work in conjunction with ReAction skin tightening in Toronto.

How does the Viora ReAction work to tighten your skin?

To understand the science behind ReAction skin tightening, it’s essential to understand the skin itself. As a vital organ that serves as a barrier to protect your body, the skin consists of three distinct layers:

  • Epidermis: This is the outermost skin layer, on the surface and visible
  • Dermis: This layer sits below the epidermis, and it is rich in collagen
  • Subcutaneous layer: This is the innermost skin layer, sometimes known as the fat layer, and it contains a web of collagen fibres

As we naturally age, the body slows the rate of desquamation, (cell turnover) and decreases the natural production of collagen and elastin. Healthy stores of skin plumping, hyaluronic acid also become increasingly depleted after the age of 30.  Exposure to UV rays, wear and tear and pollutants over the years will diminish the epidermis’s resilience and healthy appearance. Decreased tone and strength allows wrinkles to form. Atrophy of underlying muscle and fat pads further contributes to downward sagging of the facial skin.

Can skin firming lotions help?

Topical treatments that only affect the surface of the skin, or the epidermis, are typically ineffective to address deep wrinkles and sagging because they don’t restore the weakened collagen in the dermis, or subcutaneous layer of the skin. With Viora ReAction and its energy penetrating technology, we overcome barriers to get at the root of skin structure problems. Our system stimulates the production of new collagen and encourages the tightening of existing collagen fibres within the inner skin layers. This effectively eliminates wrinkles and sagging for tighter, younger-feeling skin.

The Viora ReAction harnesses channelled optimal radiofrequency energy (CORE) technology, which is an innovative approach for multiple radiofrequency treatments. RF (radio frequency) is widely known as the most focused, effective way to achieve skin tightening without surgery. CORE technology has three distinct radio frequencies that are concentrated into one pulse when delivered to the target area by an additional fourth-dimension, multi-channel mode. This technology goes beyond the limitations of typical cosmetic instruments that rely on a single-frequency. The ability to channel multi-frequencies into one pulse, combined with vacuum therapy, offers a whole new level of control and depth precision during the treatment. This is next-generation RF, and we’re pleased to provide this top-of-the-line service to Verso patients.

What happens during treatment?

Once RF energy passes through all 3 layers of skin, it instantly leads to contraction of tissue fibres that result in smoothing and tightening effects. Simultaneously, the thermal energy from the Viora ReAction stimulates your body’s response to begin restructuring neocollagenesis, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Over time, the result is stronger supportive fibres and firmer, thicker skin.

Proven to be clinically safe and effective, Viora ReAction balances the need for frequency, intensity and an integrated skin cooling system in its treatments.

Even delicate skin areas can benefit!

Furthermore, the targeted technology allows for the treatment of thinner, sensitive areas such as the periorbital space (around the eyes) and forehead, with minimal discomfort. Conversely, thicker regions like the cheeks or abdomen can be effectively treated with lower or multi-channel modes.  Our skin experts appreciate the versatility of this adaptable machine to address all types of skin and aesthetic goals.


Will I be a suitable candidate for Viora ReAction?

Since the Viora ReAction is a non-invasive procedure, it’s much safer than other cosmetic treatments that carry some level of invasiveness. It’s suitable for use on any skin type or colour to tone and smooth away damage and laxity.  The Viora ReAction is a fantastic solution for clients that want to avoid having any downtime because it doesn’t cause injury, redness or swelling and doesn’t require time off to recover. If you want fast, natural treatments that feel comfortable, you’ll likely appreciate the outstanding benefits of this treatment.  

Ideally, the Viora ReAction is for clients who are in their early 30s and up to 65 years of age. It works most effectively on skin that demonstrates mild to moderate laxity and wrinkles. This technology can also compliment the results of plastic surgery, including skin post-facelift, eyelift or liposuction.

Which body areas can you treat with the Viora ReAction?

Unlike other cosmetic treatments, the ReAction is useful for improving the skin condition of the entire face. It can also work well for the body on areas such as the inner and outer thighs, arms, knees, buttocks and abdomen.

Many of our clients at the Verso Surgery Centre see dramatic, visible improvements when treating skin on their belly, abdomen, thighs and arms.

What can I expect from my skin tightening treatment at the Verso Surgery Centre?

Your initial appointment will be a private consultation with our Cosmetic Consultant about your body concerns. We’ll listen and offer potential strategies to address them. When you feel comfortable with the plan, we’ll move ahead with booking your first session of skin tightening in Toronto.

Upon arrival, you’ll be checked in and greeted by our friendly staff, who will offer a beverage and sweet to enjoy while you fill out a brief patient intake and consent form. Next, our skin care specialists will take you into the procedure room to explain what you can expect. You can ask any questions you have, and we’ll ensure you’re comfortable on the treatment bed in your private room with a cozy blanket.

The procedure itself and the time needed varies slightly depending on the treatment site and size. For most areas of the face, a handpiece contacts the skin and delivers a cooling sensation. that protects the epidermis while the heat energy passes through, deep into the subcutaneous layer. Our specialist will deliver 4-6 brief pulses of radiofrequency energy.  

When treating the body, the radiofrequency energy is delivered through the handpiece, but the application device also serves as a vacuum. That customized benefit increases the depth to which heat can penetrate in more substantial, thicker regions. Its action even helps mobilize triglycerides to improve body contouring. During any ReAction session, we apply a light layer of gel or glycerin oil to help your skin remain cool and supple.

What will treatment feel like?

The great news is that this therapy is pain-free, and patients describe it as comfortable in most cases. When energy is applied, you may feel a brief warming sensation to indicate that cellular stimulation is taking place. It’s often compared with a hot stone massage, and you’ll be able to request an adjustment if the feeling becomes too warm for your comfort.

Once the procedure is complete, you’ll be free to return to your normal routine with no restrictions. We will also provide you with any relevant homecare instructions.

Achieve the optimal effects

For best results using skin tightening treatments, we recommend a series of 4-8 sessions that are scheduled 2-3 weeks apart. The intervals allow for biological processes of collagen creation and cell growth which continue to unfold under the surface after you leave the office. The recommended number of sessions can change depending on the level of correction each patient wants for the desired outcomes. Maintenance sessions every 4-6 months keep the skin looking its best after treatment.

If you’ve worked hard to get fit, but age, weight loss, pregnancy and other natural processes have left you with unwanted sagging skin, contact us to learn more about the surgery-free solutions.

Viora ReAction at the Verso Surgery Centre in Toronto for skin tightening is one of our most in-demand procedures because it allows patients to affect real, measurable skin changes without an operation.  Our expert, caring clinical staff works to empower men and women who want to improve their appearance, and their confidence. Verso is committed to making each person who walks through our doors feel seen, appreciated and heard. We never offer one-size-fits-all answers, or upsell a service you don’t need.

You can feel at ease knowing our specialists have the knowledge and genuine concern for your well-being to provide you with only the best recommendations to meet your goals. Whether you’re merely curious or ready to take the next steps, we’ll be pleased to meet with you. We welcome you to call, write or come in. You can feel better about your body and take control of skin aging. We’d love to help.

Are you ready for your closeup?

Take the first step and get in touch with us. Find out what we can do to restore your youthful appearance & confidence.

Benefits of Submuscular Breast Implant Placement

  • Covering and hiding the implant in thin-skinned or small-breasted women

  • Reducing the chance of visible rippling
  • May reduce the likelihood of developing capsular contracture (excessive formation and tightening of scar tissue)

Benefits of Submammary Breast Implant Placement

  • May fill out and perk up deflated breasts more effectively
  • May feel softer
  • Avoids animation deformity (visible muscle contraction over the implant when flexing)

Not sure which one is best for you? Don’t worry- our experienced medical staff is trained to assess your anatomy, skin type, proportions, and existing tissue. They’ll listen to your goals and expectations, then recommend the method of augmentation and placement which is likely to deliver your desired look and suit your lifestyle. There is no right or wrong answer, but the consultation is an excellent time to ask questions and learn about the approach that will match your goals.

Are you a good candidate for a Breast Augmentation in Toronto?

Here’s a simple checklist that can help you determine if this is the right procedure for you. If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, give us a call- we’d love to talk about your body transformation.

  • Do you want larger breasts?
  • Do you want to fit your clothes, lingerie or swimwear better?
  • Do you have uneven breast sizes?
  • Did your breasts change over time due to weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding or age?
  • Are you in good, overall health?
  • Did your breasts not develop, or not grow evenly throughout puberty?
  • If you breastfed, have you stopped for at least four months?

Not sure?

Perhaps you’re still not sure if this is the correct procedure for you- we welcome you to reach out and set up a private consultation. Your plastic surgeon will listen to you and assess your breasts and skin then let you know how we can help you feel better about your figure. Often, our clients aren’t quite sure what they need, but they’re unsatisfied with their breasts- and that’s ok! We have multiple, customized approaches to enhancement for all body types, shapes and sizes. You can decide when you’re ready to choose what works for you.

What kind of breast implants can you choose?

We offer both silicone and saline breast implants. Our clients typically choose cohesive silicone gel implants; however, saline is still popular and provides a few benefits. Below, we’ll outline important characteristics for both options.

Saline Breast Implants

These are constructed from a soft, silicone shell which is filled with sterile, saline IV fluid once they are in the implant pocket. There is a small, self-sealing port on each saline implant which allows it to be filled by the plastic surgeon during the surgery. This feature also makes it possible to insert the empty saline implant through a tiny incision and will result in minimal scar visibility once healed.

Saline implants tend to be less expensive than silicone gel, but they may feel and appear slightly less natural than silicone as well. Very thin, small-breasted patients will be less likely to achieve excellent aesthetic results through the use of saline implants because the shell can ripple visibly, and water doesn’t move the way denser tissue does. This unnatural movement and shell contouring may be visible through the thin skin.

Silicone cohesive gel implants

The newest generation of silicone implants are all cohesive. The firmer of these are often referred to as “Gummy Bear” because the consistency of the gel is similar to the gummy candies. The more reactive, softer varieties are still semi-solid and not liquid, which dramatically reduces the risk of silicone moving out of the implant pocket in the case of a rupture. If you were to cut an implant in half, you’d see the cohesive gel stay in place, within the implant shell. While this is excellent for safety and longevity of silicone implants, it is recommended that you have regular breast exams because the rare event of a breach would be difficult to notice. Breast imaging such as ultrasound and MRI are helpful to assess an implant shell and pocket.

Silicone implants have skyrocketed in popularity since they were extensively tested, redesigned and brought to market in 2006. They move and react like real breast tissue, meaning they look and feel more natural, even under thin skin. They are less likely to show rippling than saline implants, but they do carry a slightly higher price tag. Silicone implants come pre-filled in an extensive array of sizes and projections. Whether you want a dramatic size increase or very subtle enhancement, there is a silicone gel implant suited to you and your body dimensions. They can be compressed very effectively during implantation and still only require an incision roughly 3-4 cm long.

What are the risks associated with breast augmentation?

Our plastic surgeons pride themselves on an honest, transparent approach that ensures our patients are well-informed and comfortable with their procedure choices. After all, your body and your health are of paramount importance for you, and us as well. We know that ultimately, each patient has a better surgical experience when they know what to expect and understand the risks and considerations related to their procedure.

No matter how routine and straightforward, every cosmetic surgery comes with inherent risks such as bleeding, infection or scarring. Some operations are more extensive, lengthy and complicated, so they may present higher risk factors. The individual patient, their health picture and influences outside the surgical centre will also influence how they heal, so it’s imperative that you have an open dialogue with your plastic surgeon about your lifestyle, medical conditions, mental and emotional health, and any medications or supplements you take.

We provide our patients with detailed instructions to guide them when recovering at home. We are also unique in that we offer 24/7 care post-operatively with the availability of overnight suites and the personal contact of an OR nurse to call on day or night. We virtually eliminate many risk factors for our patients because of the stringent surgical protocols we follow and the abundant, thorough aftercare we provide. When you’re recovering, all you need to do is relax, catch up on your reading and Netflix.

Are breast implants safe?

We believe breast augmentation in Toronto at Verso Surgery Centre, and today’s advanced medical devices are safer than ever before. However, there is always a slim possibility that a medical device can fail. In Canada, breast implants are rigorously tested and reinforced with multiple, durable shell layers to withstand impact and stress far beyond what they will encounter in most people’s bodies. Having said that, rare implant defects can occur, and trauma to the breast that damages tissue will also put the implant at risk.

The possibility of deflation or rupture increases by roughly 1% each year after the surgery, though many people will have their implants for a lifetime with no issues and no need for a replacement. There is no longer a set time for replacement and no expiry date. Most people who choose to have a second breast surgery do so for a change of size, a breast lift procedure, or to remove the implants that they’ve had for decades. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your long-term plans and expectations to help you make your decision.

Can I have any breasts that I want?

It may be hard for you to gauge just what is achievable for you. Many women considering breast augmentation in Toronto collect “wish pics” with great interest, highlighting the size, shape and breast characteristics they find the most appealing. Wish photos can be helpful to show your surgeon and describe your vision. However, they also mislead some people into thinking they can order any breasts they want, just like a product in a store. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way as we are all so unique and special in our anatomy and characteristics. You may be surprised to learn that your friend who had a BA at the same height and weight as you, had very different breasts and therefore different implants be are recommended for you. Patients often ask for a particular type of cleavage, or nipples in a specific position. Natural chest anatomy is wonderfully diverse, so we see clients with nipples far apart, low, or high. We treat women who have very little existing breast tissue and cleavage, and those who have close-set breasts. Some are perky; some naturally droop a little. Whatever the size and shape you present with, you should understand that a breast augmentation on its own will not dramatically alter your breast characteristics. If you have wide set nipples, for instance, the implants must be centred under them, and this means your breasts will remain a little far apart- without tight cleavage. Likewise, if you have minimal space on the breast under your nipples, it won’t be realistic for you to achieve full, bottom-heavy breasts with nipples that sit high on the breast mound.

Your skin elasticity, glandular tissue, nipple position and breast dimensions inform the selection of implant and the placement of its pocket. Your experienced breast augmentation plastic surgeon is a skilled artist who takes into account all your unique factors, and preferences, when creating a comprehensive surgical plan for you. They want to ensure your existing breasts look even better, and to encourage you with the real possibilities for enhancement available to you.

Let’s chat about your Toronto breast augmentation!

Communication is essential to ensure every cosmetic patient feels heard, and well-informed. We’ll never mislead or over-sell you on a procedure. You want to know what the real benefits and real limitations are when you choose cosmetic enhancements, so our experts spend considerable time discussing goals and expected outcomes with you, easing concerns and making your experience worry-free.

Our friendly staff will be happy to schedule your consultation with us. Our plastic surgeons are renowned for their innovative and advanced methods in cosmetic surgery. They partner with experienced and compassionate patient care coordinators to walk you through each step of your journey and ensure you not only look fabulous but feel great about your experience. We welcome your questions, and we look forward to meeting you.