Are You A Candidate For A Hair Transplant in Toronto?


If you’re seeking ways to restore your real, healthy hair, you might ask whether you’re a good candidate for a hair transplant in Toronto. The available information online can be overwhelming, but the experts at Verso Surgery Centre want to help you cut through the clutter and understand your hair restoration options.

What Determines Candidacy For A Hair Transplant in Toronto?

Technically, an ideal candidate is anyone concerned about their appearance because of balding or thinning hair. Today, there are nearly scarless options for restoring not only the hair on your head but facial hair too. A hair transplant in Toronto is ideally suited to a wide range of ages, between roughly 18-75. As long as you have realistic expectations and are in good health, this minimally invasive surgical solution might be right for you.

The following are a list of considerations that could make you pause or reconsider and try another approach instead.

The Procedure Might Not Be Right For You If

If you are quite young and have begun to see hair loss signs, it may be too early to intervene surgically. The reason for this is you won’t have a firm understanding of hair loss progression, pattern or severity yet. For some people, genetic pattern baldness moves quickly; for others, it takes decades to lose noticeable amounts of hair. Your hairline may recede slightly and stop, or you may lose most of the hair on your crown. There will be considerations for your family history regarding baldness, and preferably, some years of progression to analyze before intervening.

In the meantime, you can use laser light therapy, platelet-rich plasma and specialized medications to help retain and thicken the hair you have.

Guided by Dr. Kolenda and with the robot’s rapid rate of extraction, you can have your beautiful hair back in no time, and the look of your locks will be completely natural. Read on to learn more.

Are You In Good Health?

If you have a dermatological condition of the scalp, immune dysfunction, take blood-thinning medications or other medical concerns, your surgeon may advise that a hair transplant surgery isn’t right for you.

Do You Have The Right Kind Of Hair Loss?

Though most clients suffer from androgenic alopecia- the hereditary, progressive form of hair loss- there are several other possibilities. People sometimes lose hair rapidly after a period of restrictive dieting. Certain medications cause temporary hair fallout. If you’ve had surgery, trauma, extreme stress or illness, this could also be the cause of your sudden shedding. It’s essential to talk with your doctor about the nature of your issue so that you can identify and treat the right condition. The good news is that in most of those cases, hair does grow back on its own.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations?

The process of hair restoration through graft transplantation isn’t instant. Sometimes research online will give the impression that you could be bald one day and have full hair the next, but only a wig accomplishes that kind of result. Instead, relocating growing hair follicles from one scalp region to another relies on the natural healing process, the growth cycle of follicles and plenty of patience.

You can expect to see new hairs come in starting at 3 months and thickening more noticeably by 8-9 months. We consider hair fully grown in at one year in most cases. If you’re ready for a time commitment, the lifetime of restored hair will be well worth the wait.

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