Hair Transplant Toronto: Advantages of ARTAS Robotic System for FUE


You’ll find numerous options and techniques when you begin your research of hair transplants in Toronto. Robotics and digital technology have advanced our capabilities in many industries, including surgical hair restoration. Robotic intelligence allows surgeons to transplant far more grafts in a limited amount of time and ensure their survival more successfully than ever. The ARTAS robotic system is the newest technology in the industry.

Hair transplants in Toronto- what does ARTAS bring to the table?

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. This individual graft harvest and implant method has fast become the leading choice for men and women who wish to avoid the extensive scarring related to FUT transplants of the past. FUE is generally done with a hand-held rotary punch device attached to equipment which helps track and regulate the process. Digital tools that speed up FUE still require meticulous work by hand and are only as good as the practitioner using them.

ARTAS offers robotic technology, which improves on this labour-intensive process in many ways. It not only allows doctors to increase accuracy in follicular unit harvesting but reduces the time required and improves graft survival. Advancements in all three areas have made this the superior choice for many discerning hair transplant clients.

An image-guided system can see below the surface to assess each follicle graft on the scalp and control precise graft extraction. This avoids damaging delicate structures under the surface. Typically, surgeons are limited by what they can see with the naked eye. The direction of root growth under the surface isn’t always predictable, so follicles are vulnerable to transection using manual punch tools.

With ARTAS, the follicles are harvested using random patterns, according to the area set by the surgeon. Randomized extraction makes the donor site virtually undetectable after the incisions have healed.

Guided by Dr. Kolenda and with the robot’s rapid rate of extraction, you can have your beautiful hair back in no time, and the look of your locks will be completely natural. Read on to learn more.

The physical demand of extensive transplant sessions can be strenuous on both physician and patient, but ARTAS allows for dramatic increases in the number of grafts transferred per hour. That means even mega sessions are faster and easier.

The safety profile of robotic-assisted hair transplants in Toronto is improved with the ARTAS sensors which monitor patient movements and keep the system responsive through punch force and contact adjustment. The relative comfort for this restoration is enhanced, with less scalp trauma and careful control of punch size and depth.

ARTAS studies have shown patients to require less scalp anaesthetic, have better outcomes, and a more comfortable overall experience. ARTAS robotic technology helps to reduce the element of human error, which always exists during a cosmetic procedure.

You have only one head of hair and a limited number of viable hair follicles for transplant. Make the most of what you have in the right hands, and with the right equipment. If you have questions about the ARTAS hair transplant system or other hair restoration options, please contact us for a complimentary consultation today.

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