Growth Timeline For Your Hair Transplant in Toronto


The recovery from hair transplant in Toronto is relatively simple. Yet, the wait time to see encouraging progress and results may be longer than you anticipate. We’ve compiled a timeline guide to help make the stages of recovery clearer.

Immediately Following Hair Transplant in Toronto

On day 1: You’ll go home from the Verso Surgery Centre with a booklet of postoperative instructions and tips. You’ll be provided with a direct contact number to reach an OR nurse at any time you need as well. The initial instructions include plenty of rest, and avoiding touching, rubbing or applying anything to your scalp.

You’ll be advised to take over the counter pain medication as needed and instructed not to bend over or lower your head at first. That’s because normal swelling is expected post-op, but the pressure of gravity can make it worse. Resting in bed or on the couch at home, prop up your head and shoulders to minimize inflammation in the scalp and forehead.

For the first 5 days, you’ll see redness at the donor graft sites and the tiny recipient implant sites. These fade and forms small scabs which will slough off through gentle washing between day 5 and 10.

Week 2

The transplanted hairs will usually shed between 2-4 weeks after hair transplant in Toronto. This comes as a shock to some people but should not be cause for alarm. The little hairs which transferred over with your living follicles shed to make way for new growth. As the follicles take root and establish a blood supply in their new location, deep within the new hairs will start to grow.

Between 1-3 Months

Patients often look just like they did before surgery at this point. With incisions healed, swelling gone and the transplanted hairs fallen out, it can appear as though you’re back to square one. You’ll be able to wash and style your remaining hair normally and bolster your patience for the results that are coming.

Guided by Dr. Kolenda and with the robot’s rapid rate of extraction, you can have your beautiful hair back in no time, and the look of your locks will be completely natural. Read on to learn more.

Months 3 – 4

The exact timing of new growth varies between patients. Your initial new strands may appear very wispy and thin. They often grow straight up and look patchy. Your donor area will be healed, and hair grown back in that area.

Between 5 – 9 Months

This is the most exciting phase for Toronto hair transplant clients. You’ll see your new hair thickening, growing more densely and longer. All the treatment areas fill in closer to 8 months after surgery, and you can begin to live life as though you have a full head of hair again. You’ll be able to cut/style/groom your hair at this point.

1 – Year Post-Procedure

At the one-year mark, 80-90% of your hair growth will have come in. Throughout the following year, you’ll notice a maturation of results. While transplanted hairs may appear to be at odd angles or not as easy to style at first, they do eventually take on the characteristics of the native hair and look completely natural over time.

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