5 Essential Questions To Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon Before Your Facelift


Do you seem perpetually tired? Does your face carry a frustrated or angry expression, no matter how you feel?

Visible signs of aging that prompt people to seek a facelift include the deep brow furrows or smile lines which set in. As our skin loses elasticity and collagen with age, the muscles and fat layers underneath will also atrophy, resulting in sagging. This process can begin as early as age 30, though many people will feel that it’s time to surgically intervene closer to age 50.

No matter your age or gender, if you’re interested in facial rejuvenation surgery, there are essential questions to ask your surgeon and ensure you’re on the right track.

What Is The Purpose Of My Facelift?

The surest way to be satisfied with your procedure is to have a realistic, clear picture of the goals beforehand. Desiring a refreshed appearance and turning back the clock somewhat on problem areas like the neck or midface, can be very rewarding. It’s not possible to make you look exactly like you did at 25 again. It’s also not possible to undergo a procedure that will cause you to look like someone else. Luckily, most people who seek facial lifting surgery want to look very much like themselves, but better. Your facial plastic surgeon will discuss the goals and expected outcomes with you, so you are well-prepared and excited for your results.

What Are The Options?

There are a wide variety of facelift methods available today. Your surgeon may focus on your brow and eye area, your midface, or neck and jowls. The ability to customize and personalize this procedure makes the result more reliably natural than ever before.

Over time, our facial skin loses its natural elasticity, collagen and hydration capabilities. The first signs may be fine lines around the eyes or mouth, thinning lips, hollowing cheeks or frown lines. Find out more about facelifts.

Am I The Right Age?

The concern that a person may be either too young or too old for any given cosmetic procedure is often unfounded. The key to your candidacy will have much to do with your overall health, and what your surgeon feels is achievable for you.

How Long Will My Results Last?

A full deep plane approach will create dramatic and long-lasting changes in multiple layers of facial tissue. This allows you to age gracefully, but not to halt aging altogether. Most people can expect to reverse roughly 5-10 years from their appearance and maintain that younger, vibrant look with consistent sun protection, a healthy lifestyle, and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

What Can I Expect From Recovery?

It’s essential to give yourself ample time to recover in privacy after the procedure. While facial surgery is often quite tolerable and not described as painful, the swelling and bruising involved will be unavoidable. You’ll need to take it easy for roughly two weeks. Your surgeon will let you know what to expect at each stage of healing.

If you have questions about this or other cosmetic procedures, we’d be happy to speak with you or meet you in person for a free consultation.

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