How Do I Sleep After My Facelift in Toronto?


After your facelift in Toronto, the way you sleep will affect your results and comfort. You’ll need to take special care when washing, avoid some activities, and sleep a little differently than usual. Your facial plastic surgeon will give your personalized instructions to follow. This is a general guide about sleeping after the procedure for optimal rest and recovery.

Preparation For Better Sleep, before Your Facelift in Toronto

Loading up on firm pillows is essential before recovery. We recommend that you set up more than one area to comfortably lounge and rest in your home. You won’t be bedridden, and in fact, you’ll be advised to walk around regularly, but you’ll want plenty of rest too. The effects of general anaesthetic can leave a person feeling dizzy, weak and tired for a couple of days. Most patients don’t describe their procedure as painful, but swelling and facial pressure can be significant.

You’ll have pain medication and antibiotics prescribed, and if you can pick these up ahead of time, that will be more convenient as well. Keep your medicine plus water, straws, and light snacks by the bedside.

After Your Procedure

Take your medication as prescribed. Many people choose to hold out as long as possible before medicating, but this strategy is a bad one for sleep. Uncomfortable sensations will tend to be amplified at night, and you’re more likely to wake up feeling poorly if you don’t take analgesics as prescribed.

Try Not To Worry

Stress can make you an insomniac. It’s tough to relax and sleep when you’re worried. You can avoid unnecessary anxiety if you prepare with as much information about recovery as possible. Know what to expect from your swollen face, bruising and activity restrictions. When informed, you won’t be as easily discouraged.

Over time, our facial skin loses its natural elasticity, collagen and hydration capabilities. The first signs may be fine lines around the eyes or mouth, thinning lips, hollowing cheeks or frown lines. Find out more about facelifts.

Also, try not to spend time online reading disturbing anecdotal tales about “surgery gone wrong.” There’s such a mix of illegitimate and contradictory information out there that you’re bound to find something which upsets you. Instead, we recommend that you contact your surgeon or nurse directly and let them know when you have concerns. Anything at all, big or small, is best shared with your surgeon so you can have peace of mind and ensure you’re receiving the right response.

Tips For Comfortable Sleeping

For the first week after your facelift in Toronto, you should sleep alone. That’s because sharing the bed with a partner, kids or pet could result in accidental facial contact.

You’ll need to keep your head and shoulders elevated, so you don’t increase pressure in your face. It’s also ideal to stay on your back, so laying body pillows at your sides might help you to keep that position and avoid turning over.

Refresh your skin safely. Your surgeon will instruct you about how to gently clean your skin without submerging your whole face.

Cold compresses can be helpful for swollen skin. You’ll be advised to avoid putting ice packs directly on your skin, but a cold cloth can be soothing just before bed.

If you have more questions about recovery from the surgery, feel free to give us a call at the Verso Surgery Centre.

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