Am I A Candidate For A Facelift Surgery in Toronto?


How do you know if a facelift is the right choice for you? If you’re interested in reversing some of the ravages of time, but not sure where to start, we recommend an in-person consultation with a skilled expert. You might be surprised by what variety of techniques are available and your suitability for facial surgery.

Seeing a Royal College certified facial plastic surgeon is the best way to have a personalized assessment, but the following tips and guidelines can help you prepare with a good idea of where you stand.

Are You In Good Overall Health?

Any elective surgery requires a person to weigh the pros and cons and consider their health before going ahead. In the hands of well-trained and experienced surgeons, cosmetic surgery like facelifts can be very safe. Your surgeon will ask you about pre-existing medical conditions and whether you take any prescription medication. Your circulation, cardiac health and ability to heal well are all important.

What Is Your Skin Condition?

It’s an unavoidable fact of aging that we all lose elasticity and collagen through the years. The natural ability skin has to “bounce back” helps create smooth outcomes. Aging skin heals more slowly and may not retract to conform to underlying structures as easily. In this way, your specific skin quality could affect your result.

Does Your Bone Structure Need Help?

Your facial surgeon may recommend a facial implant or other changes to ensure the underlying support structures of your face are in balanced harmony and able to provide long-lasting structure for facial tissue.

Over time, our facial skin loses its natural elasticity, collagen and hydration capabilities. The first signs may be fine lines around the eyes or mouth, thinning lips, hollowing cheeks or frown lines. Find out more about facelifts.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations?

While the anticipation of smoother contours and a younger appearance is exciting, those who are most satisfied with their procedure will be people who have realistic expectations going into it.

You can shave 5- 10 years off the apparent age of your face, but today’s highly personalized and precise techniques are designed to correct specific problem areas and to ensure graceful aging. When you select a facial surgery expert, you can expect to look younger and healthier than you would have for years to come but aiming to get back the face of your 20s, or stop aging altogether, is not realistic. Your surgeon will help you understand what adjustments and improvements you can count on.

Should You Try Non-Surgical Methods Instead?

Before you decide to proceed with cosmetic surgery, you might consider options such as a soft lift. This technique, also called a liquid facelift, utilizes injectable dermal fillers and neuromodulators to relax muscles that form lines and restore volume. Incredible recontouring, softening and smoothing can be achieved using this method.

Your surgeon can even build up support structure such as cheekbones, temporarily. The benefits of this option include minimal downtime and risk, scarless approach, and instant results. However, Injectable facial lifting cannot reduce excess, sagging skin and will not last longer than roughly 9 to 12 months.

Do you need expert guidance to decide what’s right for you? We’re happy to help. Call Verso Surgery Centre today and arrange your complimentary consultation.

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