Facelift in Toronto: 4 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Results


At Verso Surgery Centre, we know that many Toronto facelift patients want to achieve and maintain overall health and beauty, for years to come. Aside from researching the best surgeon and procedure for you, it’s worthwhile to consider steps you can take toward vibrant, youthful skin. After investing in a facelift procedure, the longevity of your results will depend somewhat on your maintenance. We’re going to share a few of the easy ways you can ensure long-term satisfaction with your smoother, firmer skin.

Environmental factors

Toronto facelift patients who are still happy with their results five- and ten-years following surgery will have made an effort to protect their skin from sun damage and pollution. Aging is inevitable, but high-quality skin care products and sun block can help reduce the dehydration, hyperpigmentation, and break down of skin cell health. We recommend you protect your investment by avoiding tanning beds or sun exposure without sun block.


The adage that you are what you eat has some truth to it, which is revealed in a glowing complexion. Drinking lots of clear water helps flush toxins from your system, hydrate from the inside out, and maintain healthy circulation. As well, consuming whole foods including bright fruits and veggies, protein and healthy fats will keep skin and underlying tissue supple and strong.

Over time, our facial skin loses its natural elasticity, collagen and hydration capabilities. The first signs may be fine lines around the eyes or mouth, thinning lips, hollowing cheeks or frown lines. Find out more about facelifts.

Avoid smoking and second-hand smoke

Just like other air pollutants, cigarette smoke negatively affects the skin, but smoking also does damage from the inside out. Those who smoke heal more slowly and see the results of poor circulation in a dull, grey complexion. Cigarette smoking is also dehydrating.

Choose an expert Toronto facelift surgeon

Those who focus on facial cosmetic surgeries regularly have developed innovative and advanced approaches to customize natural looking results. Clients from all backgrounds with varying needs, can undergo facelift surgery and achieve custom benefits when choosing a specialized surgeon. For longevity of outcomes, the underlying layers in your face, besides skin, will need to be repositioned and lifted as a foundation for rejuvenation. The skin is never to be pulled tight, and incisions can be placed discretely with no distortion to expand their scars. The “pulled” look isn’t desirable for most people and despite what you may believe, increased skin tension won’t make a facelift last longer. A multi-layered approach for lasting change can be carried out by an experienced facial plastic surgeon.

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If you’re ready to meet with a facelift surgeon to discuss goals and possibilities, we’ll be pleased to book your appointment. During your consultation, the surgeon will examine your skin and facial structure, talk with you about what a Toronto facelift involves, and present other possibilities for treatment too. Sometimes people opt for facial fillers, laser skin tightening, and chemical peels when their complexion needs a boost or volume. Where excess skin or sagging is an issue, the surgical approach delivers more satisfying results. Whatever your preference, we can help you look and feel refreshed.

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