Rhinoplasty in Toronto: 8 Necessities You Need to Have for Your Recovery


Are you nervous about recovery after your nose job? You’ll be pleased to know that there’s plenty you can do to get ready for an excellent recovery experience after rhinoplasty in Toronto. We’re going to share a few of our top tips you may not have thought of. When you ask your surgeon plenty of questions beforehand and follow these prep suggestions, you can rest easy and look forward to the big day with much less stress.

1. Medications

It’s best to have prescriptions filled ahead of time if possible. Your surgeon may prescribe strong pain medication, an antibiotic, and even recommend natural supplements to reduce bruising and swelling. You can have someone get these for you the day of surgery, but it’s preferable to have one less thing to worry about the day of your rhinoplasty in Toronto.

2. Go shopping for comfort items

You can head to the pharmacy for wet wipes, lip balm, lozenges, juice and straws.

Because you will be unable to breathe through your nose for several days post-operatively, your mouth may feel parched. Lip balm will keep your lips hydrated as you’ll likely be mouth-breathing for a time post-op. For the same reason, plenty of drinks, lozenges and candies to suck on will help keep your mouth moist.

3. Pick up an airplane pillow

You may be surprised to find out how handy this U-shaped pillow is for reclining and relaxing after rhinoplasty in Toronto. Whether propped up in bed, a chair or the couch, the pillow can help prevent developing a stiff neck.

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4. Prop up the head of your mattress

Speaking of elevating the head, you’ll need to sleep with your head a little elevated for a couple of weeks. We recommend you take care of this arrangement ahead of time so you can come home and relax. You’ll need to stack firm cushions at the mattress head or prop up the mattress by placing firm items like books or couch cushions under. A 35-45-degree elevation is ideal. Remember, you shouldn’t be lifting anything, including beds, after your procedure.

5. Get a humidifier

Congestion, dry nasal passages and inflammation are expected in the first week or two post-procedure. Your nose and lips can become quite dry, so placing a humidifier in your room helps make delicate tissues much more comfortable.

6. Soft ice packs and clean cloths

You can stock up on clean washcloths that you can use to create cold compresses applied to your cheeks and the facial area surrounding the nose. Your surgeon may permit frozen peas or ice gel packs too but not to be placed on your nose. It’s imperative that you do not touch or press anything on your nose.

7. You need snacks and prepped meals

Some people feel nauseous for a day or two after undergoing a general anaesthetic. You might not have much of an appetite, but you will need to keep up your strength and take medications with food. We recommend light snacks and easy to eat foods like pudding or yogurt. Gatorade or other juice can be sipped through a straw while in bed, and if you’ve prepared soft foods like soup or stew ahead of time, mealtimes will require minimal effort.

8. Books, magazines and binge TV

You may think your favourite TV show will sustain you after your Toronto rhinoplasty, but you could get bored surprisingly fast. You have a perfect excuse to purchase indulgent magazines, load up on books, and watch a few movies too. Many people find blogging or journaling useful when healing after cosmetic surgery. Plan to occupy yourself with a variety of entertainment ahead of time and you’ll enjoy your time off.

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