What’s The Difference Between Male & Female Rhinoplasty in Toronto?


Do you have questions about the different techniques used for rhinoplasty? You may be surprised to learn the methods leading facial plastic surgeons use to carry out nasal surgeries often differ between men and women. The procedure is essentially the same, but exact tissue adjustments and aesthetic goals may be a little different.

Undoubtedly, females make up a significantly higher portion of cosmetic surgery patients, but the number of men seeking rhinoplasty and other surgery is on the rise. The key to ensuring you get what you want, and what best suits your face, is to select a highly experienced surgeon who specializes in this complex practice area.

Anatomical Differences

Male noses tend to be larger and more prominent on their faces with a higher bridge and greater width. They also have slightly thicker skin. This means that a harmonious approach to improving their entire face will not usually involve delivering a one-size-fits-all nose, but instead, an improved version of their own, masculine nose.

Women are more likely to present with a “supratip break” which is a subtle indentation and separation of the bridge and nose tip. Women’s noses tend to be slightly shorter and thinner than men’s, and their skin is more delicate, allowing for more refined definition at the tip.

Ethnic characteristics also play a significant role for either sex, and the goal with modern cosmetic rhinoplasty is usually to collaborate with the client to design an enhanced nose that fits well with their overall facial aesthetic.

Commonly referred to as a nose job, nasal surgery allows a person to change the size of their nose, change the shape of the tip or bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Dramatic improvements to facial proportion and harmony of features are achieved through meticulous and subtle adjustments. In the hands of a skilled and experienced facial cosmetic surgeon, a person’s appearance can be improved without it appearing obvious they had surgical modifications. learn more.

Surgical Goals

Men who request nose jobs do not often wish to have the tip rotated as much as women do. Women often request a thinner, narrower nose than most men will, and they will often have an upturned tip which is a typically feminine look.

To balance the proportion of the nose with other features like the chin, a facial plastic surgeon takes into account the measurements of each. For men, a larger, squared and prominent chin can be more desirable, so in many cases, rather than reducing the nose size, chin augmentation brings balance and masculine strength desired.

Women who feel their nose is too prominent can also balance with a chin implant but are more likely to keep both smaller chin and nose proportions.

How Can You Select The Best Surgeon For Your Procedure?

Ideally, your chosen specialist should be able to show you pictures of work they’ve done for both men and women. For instance, if you’re male, meet for a consultation with surgeons who regularly work on male patients and understand the differences in both anatomy and aesthetic goals. Ultimately, your personal choices for surgical improvement are up to you, and you’ll need to explain what you like, what bothers you and what changes you’d like to see. An experienced surgeon will be able to guide you.

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