Recovering From A Rhinoplasty in Toronto


Rhinoplasty in Toronto remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. After searching for an experienced facial plastic surgeon, your next important order of business will likely be researching to learn all you can about the recovery experience. To have a smooth and safe recovery; knowing what to expect ahead of time is essential.

At the Verso Surgery Centre, our knowledgeable facial surgery experts spend significant time before the nose job procedure explaining restrictions and the process of healing. Our patients can reach their surgeon or nurse at any time post-op with questions and concerns. Aside from specific issues requiring your surgeon’s attention, here are some general milestones and reasonable expectations for your Toronto rhinoplasty healing phase.

Immediately After Your Procedure

You may have sutures inside of your nose and soft packing in the nostrils. If so, it will be removed within the first day or two at a follow-up appointment. You can also expect to have a bandage on the outside of your nose which comes off in roughly 1 week.

Your nose and facial swelling will show up in the hours proceeding your surgery and will increase for the first day or two. You may see puffy, bruised eyes that appear as if you were in a fight. Don’t worry, black eyes are expected, and they do fade in roughly 10-14 days.

Most people describe the pain as minimal, but swelling, congestion and facial pressure are notable. For this reason, you’ll be advised to keep your head and shoulders up. You won’t be permitted to bend over or lift anything heavy, and you’ll want to prop up your shoulders with plenty of pillows when resting. Keep Chapstick and drinks with straws handy to hydrate your mouth.

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You’ll be advised to get up and walk around regularly, but slowly. No exercise, including cardio workouts, is permitted within the first 3 weeks.

You’ll have gauze placed under your nose for the first 2-3 days to absorb any reddish discharge from the nostrils. You may be tempted after a time to blow your nose, but you’ll need to resist while the delicate nasal passages heal. You’ll also be advised to avoid putting glasses on or anything that presses on the nasal bones until your surgeon clears you, usually at 4 weeks.

If you’re given an antibiotic, take it until finished as advised. You’ll be permitted to wash your face and apply makeup gently after the first week- avoiding the nose as much as possible. If you go outside in the sunshine after rhinoplasty in Toronto, wear a broad-brimmed hat and try to stay in the shade as your swollen nasal skin can have poor reactions to the sun’s rays.

You can reach the helpful, knowledgeable staff at Verso Surgery Centre for any questions or concerns you have while recovering from your rhinoplasty in Toronto. The most important instruction of all is to give yourself plenty of time to relax after surgery, and to be patient for your beautiful results.

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