Rhinoplasty in Toronto: How To Plan For A Summer Time Procedure


Is this an ideal time for rhinoplasty in Toronto? You may have heard that there are good and bad times to schedule a facial cosmetic procedure. The truth is the perfect time for your nose job will depend on your lifestyle and schedule.

Because many Toronto rhinoplasty patients are students, booking their nose transformation over the summer break works well for them. Even for those not enrolled in school, taking vacation time off during the summer is common and therefore planning the necessary recovery time could be convenient. There are factors to consider and questions to ask yourself before diving in.

If You Aim To Have A Summer Rhinoplasty in Toronto, When Should The Consultation Be?

This is a common question, and most often the answer is- sooner rather than later! The thing is, you can have a complete consultation, learn about your available options and pricing, then pause and wait a while before booking. Busy facial plastic surgeons do tend to be frequently booked; however, which means that it’s better to have more time to plan than risk missing your window. For instance, scheduling your first appointment in the spring, so that you can have the surgery later in the summer often works well.

At Verso Surgery Centre, our renowned plastic surgeons operate a private, level 3 OHP surgical facility complete with luxurious, fully equipped operating suites. This allows us the freedom to make scheduling more flexible and accommodating for many of our clients.

If You’re Planning To Start School in The Fall, When Should You Have Your Surgery?

Again, the answer to this can vary and will be highly personalized according to your preferences. For those who simply wish to be safe and able to attend school no matter what they look like, two weeks post-procedure would suffice. Most swelling and bruising is gone by then, but not all. There are activity restrictions in place for some time after the 2-week mark, so that will also mean avoiding sports for a set time.

Commonly referred to as a nose job, nasal surgery allows a person to change the size of their nose, change the shape of the tip or bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Dramatic improvements to facial proportion and harmony of features are achieved through meticulous and subtle adjustments. In the hands of a skilled and experienced facial cosmetic surgeon, a person’s appearance can be improved without it appearing obvious they had surgical modifications. learn more.

If you’re determined to keep your rhinoplasty in Toronto as discrete as possible, you’ll want to give yourself as much time as possible. That means booking your procedure earlier in the summer so that you feel like yourself again in September.

What About Summer Activities?

Plenty of people like to book vacations during the hottest months, and these often involve time out in the sun, socializing and lots of physical activity. The question of whether you can or can’t participate in summer plans depends on what and when they are. Within the first two weeks, your risk of bleeding or damage is the highest, as well as potential infection of not-yet-healed incisions.

For this reason, it’s not recommended that you book anything more strenuous than relaxing in a lawn chair for that early phase. You won’t be permitted to swim or play sports for a while longer. Your plastic surgeon will be happy to answer specific questions about your summer vacation plans as they relate to you healing well.

Now is a fabulous time to take the next step toward self-improvement and make a change you’ll feel good about this summer. We invite you to schedule your consultation at Verso Surgery Centre.

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