7 Things To Avoid Following Your Rhinoplasty in Toronto


When you finally take the exciting step to go ahead with your rhinoplasty in Toronto, you’ll want to do everything in your power to ensure you love the results and avoid potential problems. Knowing what to expect, and what to avoid, are essential. The team at Verso Surgery Centre has gathered a list of things to stay away from after your nose job.

Avoid Exerting Yourself

Sometimes, Toronto rhinoplasty patients are so pleased that they feel minimal pain; they try to take care of household tasks or return to work and exercise sooner than they should. There will be some activity restrictions in place after your surgery, and it’s essential that you adhere to them.

These Include

Bending over, cardio workouts, lifting anything substantial, swimming, and other activity which raises blood pressure.

Increasing blood flow to your face could cause unwanted bleeding and will undoubtedly increase facial swelling. This, in turn, will make you far more uncomfortable and prolong healing.

Sweating or participating in any aggressive activity further puts your nose and incisions at risk.
As frustrating as it may feel to pause your gym membership, it’s essential.

Wear Sun Protection

You may be aware that UV exposure can darken scars permanently. Aside from that concern, any tissue which is inflamed can burn and create hyperpigmentation when exposed to the sun’s rays. During the first few weeks after rhinoplasty in Toronto, be sure to cover up with a brimmed hat and stay in the shade to protect your nose. In the long run, you will still need to be vigilant about applying sunblock.

A Hat, not Sunglasses

Along with regular eyeglasses, sunglasses are not permitted to be worn within the first month of your surgery. The pressure on your bridge can cause indentations or the potential for damage — instead, contact lenses and other forms of shade when outside are best.

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Avoid Contact Activities

It’s normal to compulsively touch where you’ve sustained an injury. The tip of your nose may feel temporarily numb, and you’ll be tempted to press on it, but you shouldn’t. As well, playing any sports, spending time in crowded, active places like dance clubs or concerts will all be off limits too. Where people are moving unpredictably, the risk to your nose is just too high, because you might get an elbow or a ball in the face. In the first few weeks after rhinoplasty in Toronto, even clothes that pull over your head aren’t advised. Instead, stock up on button and zip up tops to avoid injuring yourself. If you do accidentally bonk your nose, let your surgeon know just in case there’s an issue.

Don’t Lay Down Flat

Not on your back, side or front. The effects of gravity on swelling and pressure make it far worse. If you fall asleep laying down flat, you may wake to find you’re more swollen and far more uncomfortable than previously. It can be helpful to elevate the entire top of your mattress to roughly a 35-degree angle, then use firm cushions and even an airline pillow to help support neck and shoulders.

Don’t Smoke or Drink

At least within the first week and as long as you’re taking pain medications, alcohol isn’t advised. That’s because it can have a blood thinning effect which makes you more prone to bleeding, and it may interact with your medications. Nicotine constricts blood circulation, and it’s essential to have good, healthy blood flow while you heal.

Don’t Judge Results Too Soon

It takes up to a year to see your full, final results after the procedure. The wait is tough for many people. You’ll see most of your swelling disappear within the first month or two, so it may seem like you’re done at that time. Keep in mind that residual swelling in the delicate tip and nasal soft tissues persists for several months. You’ll have a beautiful before and after to celebrate when your surgeon gives you the all-clear.

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