What Is A Deviated Septum & Can Rhinoplasty Help?


A deviated septum describes cartilage and sometimes bone within the nose which are off-centre and occlude breathing somewhat. Sometimes people who have a deviated septum don’t experience any complications and others have severe breathing difficulty.

We often hear the term, ‘rhinoplasty’ when discussing repair of a crooked or blocked nose. Sometimes people will state, ‘I had a nose job, but just to correct breathing.’

Here’s the truth about the procedure used to correct nasal septums; it’s not what you think.

What’s The Difference Between Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty?

For purely functional nose corrections, it will be a septoplasty, rather than its more commonly known relative, that you undergo. This technique repositions cartilage and bone and may also require removal of tissue. The two nostrils are cleared to breathe freely, and the septum positioned firmly between them. Though it is possible that the appearance of the nose could change slightly after a septoplasty, this is not the intended goal, and most often, the nose appears the same once healed.

Conversely, rhinoplasty is designed to change the appearance of the nose. Whether to alter the size, shape or specific characteristics, if the goal is cosmetic, that’s the operation you want. During the procedure, small incisions are placed inside the nostrils, and a may also be required at the base of the columella between them. These typically heal to be invisible.

Septoplasty is considered to be medically necessary and typically covered by medical insurance plans, whereas a nose job done for purely aesthetic reasons will not be.

Commonly referred to as a nose job, nasal surgery allows a person to change the size of their nose, change the shape of the tip or bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Dramatic improvements to facial proportion and harmony of features are achieved through meticulous and subtle adjustments. In the hands of a skilled and experienced facial cosmetic surgeon, a person’s appearance can be improved without it appearing obvious they had surgical modifications. learn more.

Can A Person Have The Best Of Both Worlds?

Yes, they can, and often do. Luckily, there’s a procedure called septorhinoplasty which effectively addresses both surgical goals. Many people who desire a functional improvement would also like to enhance the appearance of this facial feature while they’re at it. The one-time cost of anaesthetic is lower, and a single recovery time makes the combination more convenient.

Sometimes, people who seek a rhinoplasty find out after examination that they have a deviated septum and didn’t know it.

Cases of noses with impaired function and related altered or crooked appearance are common, so ‘ functional rhinoplasties’ are as well.

Where Should You Start?

When planning your own procedure, it’s imperative that you meet with a skilled, experienced facial plastic surgeon in person to undergo a detailed examination. Leaders in this field today are adept in combinations and highly customized nasal surgery.

When you visit the experts at Verso Surgery Centre, you’ll be welcomed and escorted to a private consultation room with your surgeon and surgical coordinator. Your goals for the procedure are of primary importance, and you’ll be able to explain what bothers you, what outcome you’re dreaming of, and any concerns you may have. A personalized plan is developed for each client, and if that means combining the benefits of both septoplasty and cosmetic nose surgery for you, we’re happy to help you take the next steps.

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